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Man sent to jail for not paying alimony

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Varun Singh (GM)     28 March 2014

Railies and Dharana by men group against such cause would only get them police ka danda on the a.s.s !

Need to explorer the possibility of : 

Hiring a seasoned lawyer

Draft a strong PIL and file it.

Support him in producing evidence on misuse of the law, some govt. statistics etc etc.

IMO, Courts does understand the situation which is prevailing in the society, where innocent husband and their family members are falsely implicated in the cases, hence making court of india understand the demand will not be a big issue.

Also, i feel if we men start talking about deleting the draconian law like 498a, dv etc from the law book, it might go against us only as several Badi Bindi Group (BBG) will come forward to do bakar bakar in court,  all we need to try is to put a penalty / punishment clause in the act if everything in the end proves to be false!

Lets take an example : its the woman who take the first step of filing case and pray for the heavy compensation, so if the case is proved false the girl side will have to compensate exactly the same to boy side.

This would be a fair demand by the men and also won't give much room to the BBG to raise objection !

This much amendment only will make a huge difference I am pretty sure !


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Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     28 March 2014

I need one answer for my knowledge, why we are demanding to change the whole law?,

why we are not demanding this to thing

1) Time limit  define by our investigation agency  for harassment or other violence happen like within 24 hrs of incident anybody can complaint after that they didn't register the complaint.

I think 95 % cases not register at this strategy and this is a easy to handle legal and other dept  


 suggestion for this point required from every one


Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     29 March 2014

@ ESIS waiting for you step or reply on this

harish (manager)     29 March 2014

with u ,lets do it ,by hook or crook

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     30 March 2014

Elemantary guys ... the motive is right ,, but the ways to achieve this wrong.. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS WITHOUT A WOMEN, SUPPORTING YOU...Women should be the fore front of this organisation .. not men... you need to rope in MIL, SIL ,all harassed women under his law, esteemed women lawyers who them selves are fighting this draconian laws with out  then in the forefront.


Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     30 March 2014

As goes a saying in HINDI .. LOHA KO LOHA hi katha hai...  try to rope in MIL and SIL and all women harassed by this law.... surely succes will be yours .. Let all of them hold placards with the case number and whether convicted or released ...a bunch of men holding placards will not help and then having a smoke in the background...


fighting back (exec)     30 March 2014

i totally agree with gautam in this regard, i had given my suggestion to ESIS too in my PM too, it is a totally valid point, but the problem is, how to rope them in for this movement? we need to have members in this forum who are ladies and are willing to convince MILS and SIL for such a movement. but this is really needed to bring a strong movement. 

D Seikhar G (self)     30 March 2014

right said by Gautam Kapoor Women should be the fore front of this organisation .. not men... you need to rope in MIL, SIL ,all harassed women under his law, esteemed women lawyers who them selves are fighting this draconian laws.ESIS had already considered this point and today I have talked with him for what to do ahead. well said by fighting back we need strong movement.We need strong supports.

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     31 March 2014

If we protest they defiantly come,  Setup one helpline no for men also, we will get members form there ,   

fighting back (exec)     31 March 2014

as suggested by members in the forum, lets begin by meeting on google hangout, created by ESIS

start sending invites to fellow members who are interested

if anyone belongs to print media or who is good in drafting skills, draft an article and start posts on facebook, the person should be good in legal knowledge skills

start a social media campaign, invite as much people as possible, and start the movement...........

lets take the first step........meet on google hangout created by ESIS.........

Gautam Kapoor (IT professional Studying Law)     31 March 2014

1.Set up a website on the lines of aap,asking for donations.Money is needed to fight.Each paisa needs to be accounted by a reputed CA.

2.Set up a national helpline (will provide more details).Splinter groups and splinter suggestions will either provide nothing or only provide medicore results.

3.Rope in social ativists,harassed MIL,SIL and other female members in this fight.THEY SHOULD BE AT THE FOREFRONT OF THIS FIGHT.

4.Fight not against 498a per se but on its wrong implementation,its nature of being non cognizable and non compoundable.The delay in the legal process of meting out justice.Avocate even stronger legislations for 498a offenders.

  Advocate 498a to be a fast track case, so that innocents do not suffer for 6-7 years to get justice.

5.No arbitarary arrests under 498a.

6.Taking and giving dowry both should be punishable.

7.With the money in the kitty get reputed lawyers (not esentially Men rights activists) who can advise/lead the fight.

8.ABSOLUTELY,No SLANG or ABUSES in this fight.This is not a gender fight but a fight for equal laws.

9.Recourse should be provided for stronger penalties and punishment for false cases.

ANY CRITICISM , Please shout.

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     31 March 2014

Agree with Mr, Gautam kapoor suggestion, but only 498A, DV act , HMA 125 ,

lets share our contact number, email id  and locations

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     31 March 2014

but not only 498A, DV act , HMA 125 ,all other female supporting law

Varun Singh (GM)     31 March 2014

I am with you guys, Who is going to take the lead?

My email ID is varun_3277@yahoo.com



Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     31 March 2014

I am trying to contact some good lawyer who help us without any motive. so that we plan accordingly. Need your support .