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Dear Sir/s,

We need to register a logo for our company. what is the procedure? Shall we ourself can do this or need consultant to organise it. With which authority does it get registered? How long does it take to get it registered and once we get, is it required to be renewed? Can i get the details?




        In India Logo is registered under Trademarks act.

1.       Person who claims to be  the proprietor of the trademark can apply for the registration of its mark for goods as well services.

2.       A person may apply for registration of a trade mark to the Trademark office under whose jurisdiction the principal place of the business of the applicant in India falls. 

3.       In case of a company about to be formed, anyone may apply in his name for subsequent assignment of the registration in the company's favor.

4.       Before making an application for registration it is sensible to conduct a trademark search in the Trademark office or online  in perspective of the already registered trademarks to ensure that registration may not be denied in view of similarity of the proposed mark to an existing one or prohibited one.

5.       A  Trademark Application can be filed online too. You can do it without help of consultant.

6.       Please visit website www. http://ipindia.nic.in/tmr_new/default.htm for more information.

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pls can u tell me the area you belong- accordingly you should approach the local trademark office. If  you are in south India -Chennai, north- Delhi, westren- Mumbai  EAST- CULCUTTA.IPR OFFICES.

EVERY THING IN online, you require digital signature class-2.

better approch an trademark attorney.


In registration process, first step is to find out your product or services belongs to which class and then file for search report in prescribed format to the concerned registry of trade mark having juridiction in which territory your registered office located.

Than you file your logo registration for on going proceeding , if there is no opposition it may take approximately two years.


Dear Anil,

Let me answer your queries seriatim: (1) procedure is lengthy - please visit www.patentoffice.nic.in for the flow-chart under Trademarks; (2) It is advisable to approach trademark attorney / trademark agent to represent you before the Registry; (3) Regarding "Authority before which it has to be registered", it is before the "REgistrar of Trade marks" and regarding "Jurisdiction",  as Mr.Reddy herein rightly said - it depends on the place of business of the Applicant.  Your Attorney/agent will assist you in this behalf. (4)  registration will usually take 1 1/2 to 2 years from the date of filing of the application, unless any opposition  proceedings come up, which will then take about 4 years; (5) Once registered, the validity period of the application is ten years from the date of filing of the application and not from the date of registration.  As such, it is mandatory to renew every 10 years; (6) please log into the official website cited hereinabove for all details pertaining to Trade mark.



Dear Anil

For the trademark registration, we have to first go for the search of trademark to know whether similar name is availble or not. If the result if negative then we will go for the registration.  You have to just give the some little information, your copies of logo and one power of attorney. It is better to do it through trademark attorney. In case of any further information, u can contact us. We are the registered trademark attorneys.





Dear Anil,

         First i need to know what  you want to register?  logo,company name or brand name, if you want to register your logo, you can  go for both thing 1- Trade mark Registration 2- Copyright Registration., and in trademark registration there are 42 classes and in particular class you have to file the application, In copyright registration there are forms like : Form 60  and From iv , if you are in to manufacture then form 60,

 if your service provider then form iv,   its depends, for more information give above details, thanking you,





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