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locking my allotted car parking gate - gate 4


As I explain, please refer to the Attachment of the plan (approx) We Live in an apartment where there are 3 blocks. I live in Block A(see Image). Gate 1 is a Common Gate where everyone can get through via the Driveway.

In Addition Builder has given Gate 2, Gate 3 and Gate 4. All the three blocks are separate, a car cannot get to Block B or Block C via Gate 4 as there are pillars in between. But a scooter can get to that point through the same gate. But this is not the Driveway.

The Parking in Block A which has Gate 4 is Our Car Parking allotted by builder. I do not have a car at present, but park my 2 scooters at the allotted place. The residents in Block B and Block C are using this as an advantage and passing through this gate 4, Inspite there is no driveway. I have locked this gate now to avoid tresspassing. Now the Block C neighbour compalins that we could not lock Gate 4. I validated my point that this is my Car Parking space and wanted to avoid vehicles going throgh the gate, which is not a driveway.

Now that the neighbour is threatening of dire consequences to Lock the Common Gate (Gate 1) since we have our gate locked up. I informed them that Gate 1 is a common gate for all the 3 blocks. Locking up can hinder all the 3 blocks. Is the owner's act justifiable? 

How can this be validated as this is a common drive way and all the other block residents use this as their Main entrance to the apartment?

Can I lock my Gate 4 (aligned to My car Park) for my safety and security of vehicle and to avoid tresspassing? Is it justifiable?

Please assist.

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