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mahendra (Auditor / Sr. Engg)     31 December 2011

Legal device

legal advice required about marriage related issue ?

A boy had arranged marriage in 2007 and had engagement 5 months before.

After engagement the after of days the boy went with the girl on first outing within in the city with parents permission , the girl during the disscussion told to leave seperately for which boy disagreed.

but still the marriage went ahead but again encountered some dates problems which wrongly decided by the girls parents without consulting with astrologer and when the boys parents came to know this and then proposed new date which was 10 days later.

This girls has been working in govt. school as almost 17 years and the husband is working outside the country.
The girl after the marriage the first day - alleged her husband for raping her and several times during the period uptill now she repeated the same word for which once the boy had hit her.

The girl has gone for couple times abroad to the place where the husband works and stayed continously for 4 to 5 months in between once had also worked in private their for couple months.

but from the day the couples went on honeymoon to outisde country the girl started habit of stealing the money and this continued on, and in the process once after A YEAR or so the hushand caught wife , in the argument the husband hit his wife which the girls parents came to know after couple days later when the boy went back spending vacation in india. Upon issue the girls parents threaten the boy/parents and used very bad language with legal and police action as their elder son is lawyer point to be noted their no dowry issue nor the boy at any time asked for which his friends are ready to vow also the boy get good renumeration.

now over period of time girl started troubling to much even the their parent to including inlaws and to the boys mother  who is more than 75 years old ( since the lady is suffering from High BP/diabetics the girl used cook food with high salts or sweeten tea or other food stuff which the old lady suffer more, due this problem the old left the home to her daughter who leaving different city.In the mean time this girl had frequent quarrel with husband and continue to steal money and upon questioning for missing money would refuse of any knowledge and she always cry for short funds though use to take of care home  and spend fully.

now after 3 years when husband started restricted money spending due home loan ,as he has bought flat and pay installments bye monthly almost roughly his 80% of his salary.

the wife started creating more problems in between 2.5 years she had been undergoing treatment to get pregnant locally and in the process lightly case is spoiled by the doctor which could not be ascertain directly
or far the girl is responsible for that.the husband after detail thought process took his wife to another Dr. in different city with his relatives help. the treatment started well and continued for 2 months and 3rd month when  the husband was required and he came down and treatment continued in the process Dr. identified that the girls cant bear child and certain harmones levels are very high due to non-prescribed drugs/medicine taken by the girl,  the dr. warned the girl , as such this girl fought/argued with Dr. left the treatment in between.
this condition of wife came know to her husband then only when he spoke to the Dr. reasons.
His wife after couple days left the place leaving husband mother their stating school requirement and she as to go and joined immediately (lately came to know that she lied to her husband (who already left for abroad finished leave ) and mother-inlaw  the period was 1st week of May.11).

Now couple months back when the husband came on vacation again they quarrel with money issue, as the husband asked detail of expenditures etc.. in the process had big argument in the night, upon she called parents and brother and came along her brothers inlaw who threaten the boy and physically assaulted to some extent and since then some arguement went on ; the husband mother couple of times earlier in last 3 years called her parents/brother and spoken about the issue and problems.

Now couple days back her behviour worsened to the extent that the food very much spicy /salted used 2 days old food kept in fridge. upon questioning the girls quarrelled in extreme and left for schoool, in the evening after arriving from school also came her parents including brother and almost man handle the boys mother and gave warning of dir-conquence and also warned if any one came to their house will be prosicuted and jailed - for harsment/mental torture and dowry alegation, now the girl as left and staying with parents in the their house.

 the boy was told about this issue couple days back, as he is abroad.

Now please help my friend - what action he has to take in this regard.

also what grounds the girls parent will take action against the boy,( here I can asure that boy totally teetolar and innocent )   






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mahendra (Auditor / Sr. Engg)     02 January 2012

D shaildra thks for the reponse, as you have said if not seperation here to her brother is also a lawyer who has already threaten with the boy/parent with Dowry alegation and mental torture and some kind recorded proof may be through mobile which could have been recorded during arguements or conservation plus some emails. From boy point of view could you tell and under what section in-case they go court. In such case will the boy as to surender or police can confisticate his passport for totally baseless charges pressed on the boy by the girls parents. Appreciate your response sooner.

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