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There are thousand of research going around world wide, which are not know to a common man. Some of these technologies are being used by the
intelligence. Some time few of them are being missed used. Since there is no evidence of such technologies, because it is use by intelligence. And most legal formalities will not fight against them until unless someone has very strong motive against it or proof against it. So it became hard to fight against them. So i am looking for a legal method to find out such
technologies and the people behind it who use them, so we can take legal
action in case it is being used in a illegal methods. No matter it is
used by intelligence in a very secret way. Because everyone has right to
live his life in his own way.

am looking for bran mapping device which I believe is mostly use by the
intelligence bureau. The device is strong enough that it can completely
controls the human mind, read your brain and changes your thought,
attitude and lot more things which could not be explained in simple
words. Every thing is done remotely. This device is being operated
through satellites as the victim is being observed at every place he
goes. Such a strong network is not used by some common group without the
knowledge of any legal government authorities.
device i am talking about can make any human body behave exactly in a
same manner, like a robot working from a remote device. But no
information is available to prove it or to prove that such things does exist.

device is been used on a victim from last 5 years. And he is been
harassed and tortured publically.  Things are hard to explain but his
thoughts are shared to people around him who take the charge of mentally
harassing the victim. And it is being happening around the clock i.e.
24/7 on the victim. The victim is threatened in many different ways to
remain quit and not to speak about it or to take any action about it. If
he does so, the result would be deadly. His life was threatened. And he
't have any evidence to support such things until unless he will proof that such things do exists.

the victim wants to know that who are these people who use such device
and what can be done to stop such thing. What kind of legal action can
we take to people around him who are torturing him. The victim have no
evidence to proof any thing. Until unless he will proof that such thing
do exists and are being used.

So, the very first thing we find to start with is to look for people who develop such thing and use such devices.
As far as our knowledge that these people are from intelligence bureau
and there is no information available on such mind controlling thing to
that such thing do exist. So what can be done? How can we get the
information of thing which are not available for general public? How to
get information on technologies which are used by intelligence secretly.
How can we proceed with such issue Legally.

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