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****Ammu**** (student)     16 November 2013

Lawyers/advocates pls reply

How to bring my husband(A1) to India and get justice to me?
Look out circular given by SP sir to CID office in 498A, 420,506IPC and 3&4 DP. Will that (LOC) be sufficient for Police officers to enter into USA and arrest him?

Looking forward your valuable suggestions.


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karthik (divorce applicant)     16 November 2013

LOC can be used to arrest person when they are leaving out of country, if he is already out of country and in US it is not possible using LOC, that too who will go to US to arrest your husband, in my case they didn't crossed state to arrest A2-A5, how come they got to united states?

****Ammu**** (student)     16 November 2013

Thank you karthik.

NBW issued by honorable magistrate. So how does it help to arrest him from USA?

Reformist !!! (Other)     19 November 2013

No Ammu, MEA or Police officials cant go to USA to arrest him. If this cud have been possible, then Osama and D company and many more to name cud have been caught.................And this 498a is too small and even US has issued advisory for US citizens to not marry with INDIAN girls because of gross misuse of 498a ........so US is also aware of this misused law of INDIA.

No one can catch him ie ur husband till he comes back to India.

Till then keep praying for his visit in INDIA !!

****Ammu**** (student)     19 November 2013

Hi Reformist,

He is not US Citizen. He is Indian. His parents & relatives are living in India only.

Is there any way to cancel his passport & visa with the help of arrest warrant?

If yes what is the procedure?

Looking forward to see valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.

2BHelpfull (Other)     19 November 2013

as he is not the US citizen he will come to India Sooner or later.


if arrest warrent is issued then after some time tell judge to make him proclaimed offender . thereby if he has any property in india it can be confisticated/attached .n he will be arrested anytime he reaches/Found in India.


No police officer can go to US and arrest any person.

a person who is in US can be extradited to INDIA on basis of arrest warrent if n only if it has Extraditory treaty signed with India Gov't and not otherwise. but i donnot think for small crime as 498a extradition will be done .so Wait for him to return to India

Deeply Hurt (PM)     19 November 2013

You've stated in your profile that you gave huge dowry to get married to him? Are you aware that giving dowry is equally punishable under law as taking dowry?


However, by what you've stated in your profile, your case looks like you got cheated with a guy whose social habits you were not aware of before you got married to him who has also abandoned you for no fault of yours.


If you've really been ill-treated by your H during your stay with him, you can do the following:

  1. Lure him somehow to come to India and then get him arrested citing 498a.
  2. Employ a detective agency to find out when he's coming back to India. Surely he cant be staying put there forever as he's not a US citizen.


But think twice as to what you wanna do. Do you really want to get back with him, even after all the ill-treatment you received from him? If No is the answer, try to get MCD. Once you come out of this relationship either live your life alone & carefree or get married to someone who will take care of you well.

****Ammu**** (student)     20 November 2013

Yes they demanded dowry and our parents sold one plot and gave him. But we are not aware of that it is a crime. What our parents thought my life will be good with him, so my parents & me blindly said ok for that marriage because he studied masters and got job there itself. My dad is a farmer and he is very hard worker. My father-in-law is a retired principal. So what we thought in well educated family, they will treat me good and life will be fruitful.

He came from US in the month of November 2009 middle. November ending we got engagement. Only we have one week time gap for engagement and marriage. And again December ending we went to US.

Even at P.S. when they asked me what you want? I said I have younger sister if they change and treat me ok atleast. I said ok( just keeping in mind about my sister). But now my sister and my parents they are not agreeing for that because of so much mental & physical harassment I took from them. Even I don't get good sleep. Anyways I learnt many things and leaving it to destiny.

can you please let me know what do you mean abandoned you?( meaning & in what way)

Also tell me about detective agency.

MCD means?

I know only Telugu & little English. Because in this forum people are giving suggestions in Hindi also.

Thanks you.

fighting for my brother (HR)     20 November 2013


MCD=mutual consent divorce

Even we hired one detective agency.. they took money.. did nothing...so we had bad exp.. so if you looking for any.. go for some reliable one.

Otherwise is just waste of money..

my personal opinion wud be.. is same to go for MCD... otherwise its just waste of time n money.. of yours and your parents.. unless you have strong evidence to prove.


A sister

karthik (divorce applicant)     29 November 2013

detective will provide you the information what you already know, so don't trust them they will eat put the remaining bank balance left with you.

karthik (divorce applicant)     03 December 2013

check your personal message in inbox

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