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Surendera M. Bhanot (CEO)     10 January 2011


Fellow professionals,
As you may aware, there are situations in which private employers (by mistake or otherwise) put employees out of livelihood without the due and fair process. We have @10 million well educated folks working in the private industry (India), who are not protected by any laws/statutes. In the last few months I have learned many horror stories and thus have decided to do something to help....I actually started a google forum ForumOfPrivateEmployees where I have tried to get professionals come together to do something...

I think we are at a juncture where we need to do something to bring about laws that is prevalent in countries like Canada and others... To this end I have drafted a petition for PM and Govt of A.P. and attached it here... The plan is this... We will file this petition with the PM/CM etc and give a reminder. Then approach a court to press upon the government to enact some laws or issue G.O....

If you are willing to help, then here is what you can do. Please print multiple copies of the last page (form meant for signatures) of the attached petition and get signatures in two sets of form (one for PM and another for CM) and send it to me (I will give you my address once you got it ready)...

All I need is few hundred signatures and I am all set after that. I will take care of the rest on my own and keep you all posted on the progress... I encourage you all to help here... we owe it to the hard working professionals and I hope many of you will share this view...

I also welcome your constructive thoughts on the contents of the petition and the approach.

Members are requested that they should share their real time experiences and the legal experts may suggest the various laws that may be attracted in such a petition. I think we should look for a Regulatory Authority / Ombudsman in this regard, who may exercise control over the implementation of the law, and to review of the questionable decision of the Mighty employers, for providing speedy relief to the victims.


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jikku George Jacob (In house Counsel)     10 January 2011


                          I see no attachment here.



Surendera M. Bhanot (CEO)     10 January 2011

Opps. I regret I forgot to attach. Here it is.

Attached File : 28 28 petition to goivernment of india pm 1.doc downloaded: 124 times

Shafiq (Asstt. Manager (P&A))     13 January 2011

Its really a good initiative. highly appriciable. such horrendous exploitaton by the employer is also found in PSU/ PSEs.  

to be in brief i am employed in a state PSU as an Asstt. Manager. I had to sign a service bond when joining. Its a 4 yr. contract (1 yr training + 3 yrs service). During training period if I leave i have to pay 1 lakh plus all the salary i ve drawn.  If I leave later then I have to pay 1 Lakh + 3 months notice or money in lieu of that. During the period of contract of 4 yrs present orgzn. will not give NOC. that means my present orgz. will not allow me to try for any other better org. It hapened so that I got a better oppurtunity in another PSU but due to these constraints I cannot leave my present org. Its a horrifying experience for me. Now if I wait to complete the bond period I will become over aged to apply in almost all good organozations ie. the maximum age limit for applying at entry levels in other orgzns will be crossed and I will not be able to apply there any more .

I had to join this orgzn. only because i had no other option but to get a job. and once i ve joined i am stuck. my freedom for shaping my career is crubbed. This is a hopless orgz. I do not wish to stay here. I ve the potential to switch to other good central PSUs/ other govt. jobs. But that my present org. will not give me NOC and that if I dont inform my present org. that i am applying in other org. that wil be suppression of facts. If I go to other Govt PSUs/ Govt. jobs they will always ask for NOC and release letter.  Thus the service bond has become a shackle in my legs. I am suffocating in this present org. and I cannot leave rather.  Such incidents happen with many many young budding employees like me. The bonds are entirely one sided and blood sucking.

I appeal to all those who have power to take the matter to the appropiate authority and get these blood suckers punished. they are destroing the budding talents. they are devoiding us of Natural justice, our right which is ensured by the Constitution of India. Please look into the matter seriously.





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