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Dr.Chandran Peechulli (Chief Consultants)     12 December 2011

Land grabbing-encouraging criminals. liberal adjournments.


LAND GRABBING.  Detailed complaint in brief: e.g. Family PARTITION-SUIT O.S. 341/2004 with Bangalore City Civil - Court. Land-grabbing case. Self, purchased 2 plots for my two sons, of the 32 plots formed in a layout of one acre and 20 Guntas,in 1983. Signatories of Vendors were three members (Karthas for the ancestoral property) the grandsons of Sri. Eeraiah. No.1 Mr. Krishnappa son of Eeranna totally left out from the suit and the other two signatories 2. Mr.Thamayanna and 3. Mr. Eranna (No.2 & 3 are sons of Sri.Kempiah-these two parties though made a party, not attending the court but for submitting the vakalat by their advocate,which is  Suppression of unlawful Act. Neither objection nor evidence filed till to date by the member No.2 or 3.

Please note self, P.K.Chandran alone made a party in their Family Partition Suit O.S.341/ 2004, amongst the 32 plot owners of a layout, self discriminated being a non-local, since residing in Chennai port City, having taken subsequent profession at sea, in the merchant navy, as a bread-winner to my wife and two young sons and my parents. O.S.341/2004, Family Partition- Suit by the appellant, was to harass and humiliate. After 21 long years, younger relative members of vendors family (miscreants) goons taking law into their hands, owing to the increased land-prices (caused by modernisation of urban land by highways, bridges, and bye-pass roads), RAMA and LAXMANA, twins (miscreants) encroached my land and removed the barbed wire fencing connected to the stone pillars erected on the boundary line, by putting  up a KATCHA SHED on my land to knock of my hard-earned property of mine, an ex-serviceman( who once came forward to join the Indian Army to lay his life for safeguarding the nation from external threats). Promptly, reported to all Civil Authorities of Law & Order and Bangalore City Police Commissioner who referred me to the then Police IGP, Bangalore Rural, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, I.P.S., who arranged to chase the encroachers, who were erecting a KATCHA SHED, which was left in incomplete condition, thereby advising me to approach the CIVIL COURT for justice, hence the suit O.S.365/2004, filed by me, against miscreants. The numbering of my case-file was deliberately delayed, shunting me to CHENNAI to bring and submit all the original land documents to the C.C.C. (City Civil Court) Bangalore, for accepting my case submitted, in the Junior Division Rural, hence the case delayed and numbered as O.S.365/2004. While, in the meanwhile, miscreants filed a partition-suit which was numbered earlier as (O.S.341/2004) in Sr.Divn. of Bangalore C.C.C. Heartlessly and mercilessly my case filed O.S.365/2004, was dismissed twice saying they (miscreants) are in possession "though in forceful possession illegally", speaks of the poor Law and Order, and my plight for fairness and justice.  The truth falsified in favour of the miscreants, hence these days, criminals are encouraged to grow in our country. With the money and muscle-power, the miscreants went ahead in converting the katcha-shed, as a residential with ventilation opening and fitting window, and obtaining electrical connection during the pendency of the case and status quo, which is a violation of court-order and contempt of court. Forcefully occupying illegally thereafter. They then threatened the neighbourhood not to support or cooperate with me(resident of chennai) with the result even the neighbour who signed the registered Sale Deed as my witness, was warned of dire- consequence if he stands as witness and hence over the telephone conveyed his plight since his daughters and son may be harmed, therefore he keeping aloof without appearing as witness in my favour, to my case O.S.365/2004.

In 1983, I have paid the full sales consideration to the vendors directly, as they were illiterate they had engaged a local medical practitioner (Dr. Narasimhamurthy), to assist the vendors in interpreting Kannada language into English language to those prospective buyers, who were not proficient in Kannada. I am in legal- possession, by virtue of irrevocable GPA and Affidavit (for the delivery of possession transferred to me), same as those of others who purchased in 1983, while registration were stopped. Why this awakening after 21 long years by the youngsters in the family of Mr. Kempiah, who were minors in 1983 and harming me alone. Heartlessly and mercilessly the case O.S.341/2004, with Senior Division, Bangalore  (Rural), City Civil Court being adjourned again on 14th October 2011 to 24th November 2011, now again to 4th January 2012. The Honourable Courts have not taken into consideration, the hurt sentiments of an aggrieved ex-serviceman and senior citizen aged 64 years old, coming to attend court from Chennai to Bangalore and back, since the year 2004, Now, 8th year, incurring time, effort and money during my retired life, for no fault of mine, having not considered an interim relief at least.  Is there, a human soul in our country, to come to my rescue and instil justice of mankind, thereby cleansing of the existing system.

Everything is said and documented in the Code of Judicial Conduct but who is to check, as to whether the said is put into practice. Has the Government earmarked someone to keep a check for its implementation?  Hence, Every enlightened citizen in the local region, practically coming up, as the Rights & Social- Activist, locally voicing citizen's right, same put forward in the common interest, to the Local and Corporate Centres for their attention, to improve the citizen services and instil fairness, truth & justice, through Parliament or Lokpal.     

Please note: Particularly last three-hearings of their PARTITION SUIT were unreasonably adjourned for longer periods while I was prepared to be cross-examined. *  the evidence, submitted in the beginning of the year, * travelled from Chennai though sick, and being 65 yrs. old. (w/B.P. hyper-tension and diabetic).

Rightly said by Justice Dhingra and as well as Ace criminal lawyer Ram Jetmalini Re-TOI Chennai Edn. Dt. 30-11-2011. A Case study (O.S.341/2004) in Sr.Divn. of Bangalore City Civil Court LAND GRAB CASE. Local land-grabbers liberally given adjournments, while the aggrieved litigant resident of Chennai, (Senior Citizen and Ex-serviceman) though long prepared for the cross-examination, is totally harassed and humiliated by returning the said senior citizen back to Chennai with repeated liberal adjournments. Need for better regulatory- mechanism, in the administration of Law in our country, to in still fairness and justice in courts irrespective of the class of courts whether Lower or Higher Court. Re-piling-up of cases and dragged delays with unreasonable adjournments, liberal to the influenced and the mighty, making the innocent litigant to suffer and give up. SHOULD THIS NOT BE PROBED BY THE INDEPENDANT CBI OR THE LOKAYUTH? THE POOR COMMON MAN SUFFERS WITH SLOW DEATH.  ACCUSED BEING ENCOURAGED GOING UNPUNISHED.            


 2 Replies

Peechulli Krishnan Chandran (Chief Engineer - Retired )     13 October 2013

Justice delayed. Reflects on the poor governance of the Centre and the State. More particularly the Judicial Administration at the state and Centre(Apex - Supreme Court.). Though advocacy is a noble profession the senior citizen and ex-serviceman suffers a silent death, to the circumstances of the corrupted web.                     Dr. Chandran Peechulli,Krishnan

Peechulli Krishnan Chandran (Chief Engineer - Retired )     05 November 2013

 Independence and Accountability “ goes hand in hand. As humans, "Judges" mindsets vary to conditional situations.  I am of the opinion that the “autonomous bodies in public services” including the “Judiciary” needs to be very much though monitored, be watched as “err is human” or else the performance efficiency expected, will obviously drop, their accountability and responsibility held  should stand good, for their conscience to prick,  while deviating from the standard norms of good-working practice and thus have the fear of the almighty god at least, for betraying the public, in public services.Such of those highly placed personalities, be in par of the Union Secretary, of the Union Ministry, Government of India, and can protect themselves with accessibility to the highest office of the nation, President of India, and the Chief Justice of India, Supreme Court respectively. Could this delayed justice be denied justice for law abiding Ex-serviceman's land be grabbed and encouraging the criminals to grow in the country and the innocent law abiding ex-serviceman's family to suffer, with harassment and humiliation in this country? High time his hard-arned land is restored to the XMN.

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