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Hi All, I am planing to purchase a land and i need your opinion on the below:


Mr X has expired without writing a WILL. At the time of his death he was having a mother, wife, two daughters and one son. I beleive all these are his legal heirs.

1.Unfortunately, four of his legal heirs[wife, two sisters and one son] has gone for a property partition deed among four of them leaving Mr X's mother as she was not available at the time of partition

​2. Mother of X is aware of this and since she is one of the legal heir, instead of going for a cancellation of a partition and writing a fresh partition including her, she has written a registered WILL stating that

​She is aware that four of the remaining heirs have made the partition and she is fine with that and want her 1/5th share to be transffered to his grandson[who is one of the legal heir of Mr X]

​3. Mother of X is no more currently and her WILL comes in to force now

Now my question is

1. Can i purchase the land if the remaining legal heirs of Mr X agrees to sign

2. Or Do i need to get the signatures of Mr X's Mother's legal heirs too?[Mr X is having two sisters]

Please advise. I appreciate your help on this.


Similar query is posted by author @ Kumar at;




Is querist @Kumar and @ Vandu same?

In which thread we should post this one or other one?

Have you consulted a very able counsel specializing in revenue/property/civil matters?

What is the opinion of your own counsel?


'Buyer Beware' is applicable to property deals.


In the other thread querist @ Kumar is posing as buyer.

In another thread same situation querist @ Kumar is son of Mr.A (dad).




What exactly is the requirement?

How is querist related with the matter?





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