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Shilpa Mani (Administrative Secretary)     01 December 2014

Judgement copy

Dear All,

I hail from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. I was married in 2011 and after greater struggle i received divorce in Nov 2014. It was a mutual case filed under my opponent's lawyer. The case was disposed and the judgement orders was passed on 7 nov 2014. Since the orders were postponed to be passed in evening the lawyer said he will collect it and hand it over the next day. But when i asked the next day, he demanded Rs.20000 for giving the order copy. I do not wanted to spent 20k for getting the order.

Can any one suggest me if there is any way i can collect a copy from the court or how far the judgement copy is required.

If it can be collected from the court what will be the procedure and how much will it cost. 

The court involved is Family court, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu




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Appear as party in person [PIP] give copy memo [50 paise] form asking copy or orders in copying section of court, pay Rs 50/- and get receipt and in a week you will get certified copies.  You save 20,000/-.  Now click on the thumbsup button below my ID, I just made you save 20k.  All the best.

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dr g balakrishnan (advocate/counsel supreme court)     01 December 2014

do one thing report to CBCID they would give you marked currency and when you give they would catch the man, after all judgement copy is a must that need to be given free of charge, if judgement is not ready possibly judgement is undergoing a change one can presume, there is nothing wrong judge changes his view finally when he  makes final judgement in black and white,


obviously i believe  probably judgement is not done by the relevant judge.

Sandy (AST)     01 December 2014

File RTI...u can get the copy...Helping hand is right
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498 A fighter (Advocate)     01 December 2014

Helping hand not mentioned about RTI in court read correctly what he say-

go to copy section of your court.

fill the form for judgemnt copy memo it cost approx 50 paisa

after some days about 10,20 but within one month you get copies,cost depending upon pages.per page cost is 2RS only give bribe of 100 RS the clerk of copy section will guide you,

if want urgent give bribe upto 300 Rs by this method you can get any copy of any court in india even by sitting from one part India  you can get the same from other part,

depneding on page you have to pay, courier cost you have to bear, if you appoint any person or lawyer his fees will be upto  500 so over all within 1000 Rs you can get copies upto 50 pages .

best luck

ramesh (software engineer)     02 December 2014

@ helping hand,

Can a representative appear as a party in person for the respondent to ask a copy in court? or should it be the respondent ? 


Anand Bali Adv. (Advocate Solicitor & Consultant)     02 December 2014

Dear Ramesh only the listed Advocate of the case and the either party in person are authorised to take a verified copy of the Judgement Order from the court by applying with a requisite nominal fee.@ Sandy, No one through RTI can get the order copy from the court.

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Ajay (engineer)     03 December 2014

@ Mr. Anand Bali,

If the listed advocate is demanding more money to provide the certified copies which I am not willing and if I am in a foreign country, what are my options? Can I have my dad as a representative  or can I have a different advocate make a request for the copy? Is it possible? Please advice.


498 A fighter (Advocate)     03 December 2014

DO one thing RTI cost 10 rupees only just follow this

also use another method

by either method you save you money instead of paying 20000RS.

and you get an idea which was correct.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     03 December 2014

@Querist: In your case the opponent lawyer had handled the mutual consent divorce case for both parties on the arrangement of opponent party, so if that was the agreement between you and the opponent, the lawyer fee to be paid by the opponent alone, the lawyer's demand for fee from you is not at all justifiable, you can very well contact the opponent directly to supply a copy after she/he had got one; or you may appear as party in person, submit a copy application before the court seeking a copy of the judgment/decreetal order or you may give vakalat to another lawyer for this purpose alone and an affidavit along with an application seeking the said copies from court. You cannot authorise anyone through GPA or any mode to apply for copies on your behalf. Consult another lawyer in the local, who may charge you lesser fee say it should be around Rs. 1000/-
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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     03 December 2014

as explained above the judgement or the order copy cannot be get through RTI 

as only administrative documents can be had from the office and no judgement copies can be had and in your case may be your lawyer is demanding additional fees for the case which was ordered and for that judgement copy you can had from the same court section in person 

you will get an application to be filled by you and sign it alongwith a fees to be paid in the section and submit within say 5 days as explained by helping hand you will get the certified order copy in other words certified document (CD) from the dispatch section 

Mr Ajay

for you on your behalf your representative can apply in person and pay as said above in your case your father can apply and get the certified copy for you,.

and some courts will display the judgement copies in their website but that copies are not certified and cannot be used for further appeal and only a certified copies can be used for further action 

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Ajay (engineer)     04 December 2014

@Adv k . mahesh,

Thanks for the clarification.

Sundar   29 November 2015

Thank you Sirs for guiding us. You tips are of immense help to us all. I too have a situation. I live in Vellore district, TN.  Regarding a dispute over land the court ruled in our family's favour. But the lawyer has with held the judgement copy and is demanding a hefty Rs 3,00,000 which we are in no position to pay even though we have paid Rs15000 or Rs10000 as and when he demanded during the course of proceedings. The copies are lying with him for more than a year. Can I also follow the same procedure as mentioned above? Thanks a lot in advance.

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