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srini (engineer)     12 December 2009

Is separate state of telengana required?

I do agree that there should be development in telangana region.
Ya TELANGANA people need to say JAI TELANGANA only when people fight for getting nice polices for the region, they should make list of what needs to be devoloped in the region & then Fight for allocation of resources & funds for the development of needful & much needed projects like irrigation projects, that help the people of  the region to live up to the standards rather than fighting for a split. Because the only people who benfit from the split are politcal leaders & naxals. Who never care for common people. People of telangana should fight & protest for polocies. Put pressure on center for allocation of needful resources. But in the ongoing protests people have forgotten the cause they are fighting for, & blindliy following the political leaders who never care for people. So we need to fight to get to an end to the dirty & cheap politics.

Breaking the state in 3 to 4 parts is not at all a solutuion. If AP gets divided in to 3-4 pieces thier will be no devolopment in any parts & all the industrial ventures, Projects & investment will go to other states like Tamil Nadu, Madhya pradesh. If split happens its a loss for all telugu speaking people. Their will be no development, instead thier will be more political parties & more corruption by poltical leaders. People wake up,  think & fight for right cause which is developemnt of telangana region, not disintegration/split of the state.


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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     12 December 2009

Formation of Telangana as well as smaller states in other regions of the country is in the larger interest of this Nation.

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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     12 December 2009

Itz a political issue now.  Politicians will get full time job for their individual development.  Itz a chance to those politicians to develop themselves and to devlop their family.

Cong I thought it is good for them, it will be  a positive point to them in the elections, they don't need the development of the country.  

It leads to demand for more states.

Rathnakar P V (civil engineer)     12 December 2009

Itz sad state of affairs. Itz is SHOCKING to see, Intellegentia comming to FISTS and at a such a "PLACE". What message these people are giving to NEXT GENERATION?



Srini ji,

Who said Telanagana having naxals? This is wrong. Andhra region people propagated and stamped that Telangana is naxals area. It is a fact Nallamalla forest, srikakulam, vijayanagaram, prakasam district having Naxals shelters. Andhra people they don't speak about these areas but speak about Telangana is a naxals area. This is wrong.

Telangana region have vast natural resources. During Nizam's rule several developments took place. For example one Textile mill named Azam Jahi Mills established in Warangal during nizam rule and giving livlihood to about 15000 people in Warangal but Andhra people made it handicap and during YSR regim it was sold to real estate. Now housing colony is under construction.this is only a ample example.

Why people always think negative way about smaller states formation. Every states have allocation of funds. Definately it will develop. Corrupted political leaders are every where in the world.  Industrilaists always think about industries, political leaders think about politics like every profession people think about their profession only. If they don't work they don't get food to eat.

In view several reasons formation of Telangana is necessary. Telangana movement is not a new one. Movement started from the day A.P.formation i.e since 1956.

srini (engineer)     12 December 2009

I am not saying that telengana is naxals area.  My point is that if state gets split in to3-4 regions  state will become smaller & thus weaker . So anti social elements will gainstrenght & thus the region people can easily targeted. Naxals want this split to be happen.So that they can easily do thier trading. Because its the states which are now becoming smaller but the number of naxals reamin the same. With Andhra state united say if thier are10,000 naxals its hard for them to concuer as a whole state. Now if states are divided the number of naxals are same i.e. 10,000 & since the unity & strenth is lost now they all can target the one smaller state easily. Because thier will be split in police forces so now thier are less number of police to protect the naxals, & thus it will be hard to protect.

Dont you think Naxals are also involved in the ongoing protests? Also other states are also demanding smaller states where will this end?. One day it will tend to Division of India in to two counties & if this happens pakistan,  china & other countries will attak our smaller countries.   I am asking people to think about this in boader prespective. Strenght is in being united, the more smaller pieces we become the more easy targets we will be.

So we need to think of ways in which telangana region gets developed But by staying united.SO do protests & rallies & bandh for the allocation of needed resources & projects. Becuase now the woes of telangana people are heard by whole of our nation. So now if people unitedly demand for nice polocies & projects the center will grant & all Mla's & MP's will support. Since the platform is now formed raise voices for devlopment rather than split.  Because I think the intent is telangana region development & if their is a way to get it by staying united why dont we move forward in positive direction.

srini (engineer)     12 December 2009

 Other states are also demanding smaller states where will this end?. One day it will tend to Division of India in to two counties & if this happens pakistan,  china & other countries will attak our smaller countries.   I am asking people to think about this in boader prespective. Strenght is in being united, the more smaller pieces we become the more easy targets we will be.

Too many small states will become a problem to maintain & then the split of the country is inevitable. So please think about it.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     16 December 2009

The Union Home Minister’s hasty announcement of the decision to initiate the process of creating a separate State of Telangana has caused widespread chaos in Andhra Pradesh. The creation of one more state will only stretch the ability of our security forces which are already overstretched in Kashmir, Chhattisgarh, some parts of Assam and other regions of the northeast, apart from some areas of Jharkhand.

The point is the Army, which is supposed to maintain tranquillity along our nation’s borders, is increasingly being drawn into maintaining law and order. The creation of Telangana will give a fillip to the ultras in that State, who have been effectively contained in Andhra Pradesh. The best thing to do would be to announce a proposal for regional autonomy, which will go a long way in assuaging the feelings of all concerned.

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     16 December 2009

The Telangana movement has 60 years of struggle behind it. When Andhra Pradesh was formed, an assurance was given that Telangana could be separated any time, if the people of the region so desired. The protest for an Integrated Andhra Pradesh in Rayalaseema and the Andhra regions is a political drama. The sentiment does not come from people’s hearts. It is a move engineered by vested interests. Politicians who have business interests in Hyderabad are behind it.

Why andhra region people are behind Telangana region people? Once seperated from Telangana they don't get bread and butter as today they are getting from Telangana region. Eventhough vast natural resources in Telangana region why it is backward? Since 1956 always Telangana region people are becomming scapegoats in all fields nhot only in the state but also in their own Telangana region. Belive it or not. It is 100% correct.

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     26 December 2009

Dear All,

Why AP-Region people are against Telengana ?? today 80% of the students , employees , settlers are there in Telengana region...what is the problem to give telengana back to Tigers of Telengana...clearly shows they will be on roads if T-State is given.

If AP-Region people thinks that they are very much genius let them develop their region why only targetting telengana ?

Telengana is the right of telengana people and no one can stop that...





Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     28 December 2009

The demand of telangana is not a political issue now and it is the voice of hearts of the residents of this area. No power can deny the demand of hearts till a long period.


Why Andhra region people fought for seperate Andhra State from Madras Presidency ?

Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     31 December 2009

Dear Sir - Raj Kumar Makkad Ji I agree with

Telangana_commonMan (SoftwareEng)     01 January 2010

) People Need and want Telangana state for their development and self governance but nothing against to any body.
2) In smaller states, Government can focus issues closly compare to larger states. (if this is not correct, we can make only one state in India)
3) I do agree for "Language based" states but it does not mean only one language- one state.Whats wrong if Telugu people have two states?
4) Many Seema & Andhra People have concern about Hyderabad and Kirshan-Godavari water.
   a) Hyderabad-->Any body can stay any where in India. It won't be any difference between current hyderabad and "Telangana-Hyderabad".
   b) Water--> Water distribution has to happen based on Tribunal-LAWs, Every region should get their water,its their right. Whats wrong and why Telangana region should not get water?

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