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shujahath   23 June 2017

Is hiring a private detective legal

I would like to know if its is legal to hire a private detective for post marital problems created by my wife and her family, Its been just 5 months since our marriage and she is complaining frequently and acting wierd at times she even slapped me once. She is now at her parents place for the past 2 months and now her parents are blaming me for all her troubles. Now they want me to live along with them or else they want us to separate. 


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Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     24 June 2017

You  call on your wife , her parents and other well wishers/elders from your wife's side and gather your parents and elders on other side and hold  meeting  of mediation and counselling   and try to resolve  the marital disharmony amicably.  90i% it may work out.Is she educated and earning and  mature mentally?If so she wil have some sense  to frequently enter into quarrels over trifles and behaving in a weird manner. If she agrees to join with you in happy matrimony your problem is solved. You find out  from her what exactly she wants.Does  she have love for you or not etc  and what exactly  she wants from you. If it is more love and affection you asssure her that you've plenty of such feelings for her. But  if she wants to reciprocate her similar  felings towards you  She should fcully  understand you and be prepared to adjust with you in her matrimonial home  maintaining    good relations  with everyone around.Give  her sometime to decide  whether to live with you or not?If she agrees  your problem is solved If she doesn't agree you can think of Divorce.There is nothing illegal in hiring  a private detective for post matrimonial problems.They  will find out your wife's back ground. Then based om her back ground you can understand her more and the  reasons for her weird behaviour and can take a decision. regarding your wife.

shujahath   24 June 2017


This was the exact issue that happened. Kindly give your suggestions on this:
I got married on January 2017 as per Musilim Customs. Before marriage i wasnt allowed to speak or meet with the girl in person. Although she was working as a lecturer, her dad told that as per customs boy and girl shouldnt talk before marriage. After Marriage slowly problems started as she began to find fault with me in all things that I should change my job, get house, increase my earnings and stop contacts with my friends. I was resistant to all these issues as i had explained my position clearly to the girl's parents before marriage. From february onwards she started creating big problems from small issues that i was coming home early from work and not working with a job as per my qualification. Since i was doing  joint business with my friend, even she complained that i am coming home late after meeting my friend. I explained clearly that since it was a joint business i have to discuss my business with friend. In March she suddenly said she wanted to join IAS coaching, my dad joined her in an institute and within a week of the class she started complaining that she is feeling stressful and wants to go to a psychiatrist, I suggested a pyschiatrist, suddenly she told she was not willing to come with me. All of a sudden one day his dad wanted to meet my friend , they met and he explained our position clealy and her dad was convinced about my position and he counselled her. Everything went fine for 2 days and when i touched her suddenly she slapped me and when i told this to her dad, he said she would have done it by accident. After a few days she said she was having stomach cramps and wanted to go to a doctor. I took her to the doctor where she told me to wait outside as its a womens issue. I waited outside and the very next day she told her dad to come and pick her up to stay at her home for a week. I told okay and after she reached home i called her after 2 days to enquire of her health and when to pick her back home, suddenly her mom started shouting at me saying ..what have you done to my daughter, her condition is severe due to some blood deficiency, when i asked her mom whats her health issue she wasnt telling anything. When i called my wife she told she is tired and whatever from here on you come with your parents and discuss with my parents and i am not interested to come there anymore. After one day she came with her dad and took all her belongings including the jewels i have put and stayed at her parents house for a month. Suddenly after one month her whole family came to my house and created a big commotion saying their daughters life has been spoiled because of me and her daughter is complaining that i am impotent, not taking care of her and i have added some poision which created her health problem and they are demanding that the only way is for me to come to their house and stay with their daughter or give divorce. I told them clearly that i cant come and stay at their house as my entire business will get spoiled due to the location of their resience far away from the city. Now they started complaining that i was having a homos*xual affair with my friend and sharing all my family issues with him. I was shell shocked by the complaint and they used vulgar words against my father. We filed a CSR at a womens police station stating that she has been at her parents house for a month and i want to live with my wife again. their family came with a lawyer and the girl told the inspector that i am impotent and im a homos*xual. I will not live with this person anymore as he and his friend will make me commit suicide. and they filed a CSR. After 4 days i got a call from a musilim organisation saying things can be sorted out by speaking, i however took a medical test and the test was normal and i submitted my report to the head office of that organisation along with the complaint letter. They said they will counsel the matter after ramzan month. I want to live with her again but i dont know whats her exact problem and why her parents are forcing me to live at their house, i suspect that she is having some psychological problem. My concern now is will they file divorce or 498a Case citing harassment and try to get compensation stating false reasons and how will i have to deal with this issue further. Kindly suggest


G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     24 June 2017

This is your query:    Is hiring a private detective legal ?


The precise answer is:  Yes.  Consulting any organisation that undertakes legal activities  is legal and valid.

Ms.Usha Kapoor (CEO)     24 June 2017

Private detective agencies would find out every detail of the person for  whom their services are hired which would be helpful  in a legal way in resolving an issue be it matrimonial, business etc.Hence hiring private detectives  for a good cause or legal cause  is very nuch legal.

          Aft3er reading your follow up story It shows she and her parents are absolutely hostile and antagonistic towards you. You better think of MCD.If she agsain changes her  true colors and refuses to go for MCD file Contested Divorce on the grounds of desertion and cruelty.

P. Venu (Advocate)     24 June 2017

It may be legal, but less than ethical.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     24 June 2017

Yes it is legal.

Born Fighter (xxx)     25 June 2017

most probably ur wife has some mental issues. She wants a safe environment where she can do whatever she wants and would have her parents by her side to fulfill her agenda. Her parents will always side by her as she is their daughter and also they would not want to admit the shortcomings of their daughter.

Be careful in this situation.

The problem is ur too emotional and far from understanding who is misleading/manipulating you. 


What ur wife is doing to you is unethical and illegal and ur wasting ur time asking whether you should hire a detective to protect urself ??

Ajaz Khan (Zonal Head)     04 June 2024

As of 2024, hiring a Private Detective in India is not illegal.

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