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irctc says we have refunded, bank says no, need your help

Respected Sirs and Madams,

This is Haider, I want an advice from your good self. First let me explain my case to you. I have booked a ticked from IRCTC in the month of Oct 2015 for Feb 2016 (dates I don't want to disclose). But after some days my plan changed and I cancelled my ticket, it's more than 15 days since I have cancelled it, but I have not received funds in my bank account. When I tried to contact the IRCTC customer care, they said that we have refunded the amount and gave me all details with PNR No., Transaction Id and Actual Refund Date. I send the same details to my bank to verify whether I have received funds. They are saying to me today that no we have not received any funds in your bank account. I have all proofs on bank pass book as well as railway website irctc.


Now my first question to you people is that I want to file a case against these two big giants and I am common man. I don't know who is at fault, but when I file a case against both these companies I want the company who is at fault to compensate me either it may be bank or it may be irctc.


My second question is that what amount I can ask for compensation apart from ticket refund charges + legal charges and wastage of my time for all this stuff because one party is telling me a lie whoever it may be, so do you think it's a case of cheating or is there any other section which comes under effect here in my case.


My request to all respected lawyers is to help me in this as I have no knowledge of law and give me guidance so that I can proceed and make my case even more stronger and show this strong giant companies the power of a common man.




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There is no case. Please write to higher authorities and follow up with IRCTC. Their service is good. Sometimes delay does take place. They will recheck and get needful done.

Retired employee.

Please file a Consumer complaint on both the giants for deficiency of services and harassment.

For that first you have to issue Registered notice to IRCTC issuing Bank Confirmation that amount was nevaear received and hence not credited and to Bank stating that amount sent by IRCTC sent amount was not credited.

Before that if you have not received information corrrectly file RTI Applications to both authorities to equip yourself with facts as record. Use following format for RTI.

Application dt..seeking information under RTI Act.

CPIO:..........................(for IRCTC and Bank separately)

RTI Fee: Rs.10/- Indian Postal order (For IRCTC fvg. Accounts officer for Bank name of the Bank)

Appplicant:................Full;; postal address.

Information solicited (IRCTC)

1)Please provide full details of amount refunded through credit for cancellation of ticket no...with PNR No.....(Xerox copy of details submitted)

Information solicited (for Bank)

1)Please provide me the date of the credit  of Rs....refunded to my account No....by IRCTC with transaction No....


(Send applications by post and also registered notice (Regd Post)

Step by step:

First step: one Regd. Notice + RTI Application (Both to IRCTC and Bank)

second step after 45 days: filing complaint before District Consumer forum.

I am sure that you will receive refund maximum within a month from date of receipt by IRCTC/Bank. More focus should be on IRCTC.



Did you record the call?

Narrate the representation/discussion in writing under proepr acknowledgment:

---to IRCTC and demand to supply in writing that why such false information was passed on you, and demand apology and compensation of Rs................within say 3days..............

---to bank to state in writing that as on dated.....................no credit from IRCTC was recieved in your SB a/c no:..................

You can pull IRCTC to DCDRF and make bank  a party.



It is most possibly the banking giant who is erring here. Irctc have a prompt refund service they even send sms and email whenever refund is initiated. The banks often dont know in which particular ledger money is lying until monthly or quarterly inspection reveals an unclaimed amount. Amount comes not directly to your account but something called a suspense account. Bank them releases it to the beneficiary. This is a normal problem. Push the bank not irctc.

But all of you have not answered my second question that what will be the compensation amount maximum I can claim for. I am not talking about the ticket refund charges + whatever legal charges & other charges will be indulged in this. I am talking about the lie which one party is telling to me.

Please answer this and give your guidance for me in this maximum compensation matter.




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Your legal notice is enough

Mr Haider if you are planning a consumer forum case it is not going to be that easy. Evidently you have no proof that bank has said so. Better send a strongly worded notice to branch head, with a copy to circle head and chairman/ceo. You will get your money in 3-4 days. Else you will come to know the one who is lying. Thereafter you may proceed with case filing.
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Have you still not received the money? If not please PM me your transaction details . I will give details to PS of Railway Minister and get your refund arranged.



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