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Indian Parents Spoil Their Own Daughter's Life

Page no : 3

kumar101 (clerk)     26 March 2012

Looks like wive's want husband and his family's property but don't want to take care of MIL/FIL.

kumar101 (clerk)     26 March 2012

If u wanted ur husband to leave his parents then u should have told before marriage itself instead u artificially leave ur parents house and want their day to day monitoring.

Why did u take his last name instead of ur parents last name after marriage

Prashanth (SSE)     24 June 2013

WOW...women want husband but not their parents, want property of mother inlaw but not mother inlaw. Do you know why your parents are still in bond of relation , or do you know why our ealder peoples were  together for whole life??????

They respected their ealders, That women was different, she was the one who once got married she accepted that her mother inlaw as her mother and her motherinlaws home as her family. she served them with love. not like todays women. She was kind hearted, todays women are spoiled influienced by foriegn culture. Todays women even after getting freedome they dont satisfy with that. They want everything in their command. They want to take controle over husband. Once you realise that what ever you are doing for your motherinlaw is just paying respect to them, when you feel responcible then you will understand how happy life will be. But  most of educated women in todays world  especially in india, think that they are doing so much work. but fact is you never did even 1 % of what your mother inlaw did for her family.   you are more concerned about wearing jeans than taking care of family. thats your poblem. Open your mind and see it, its your family, they too are your parents, If they scold you just because they dont want you to be in wrong direction. But modren women changed the fate of marriage in these days. Thats the only reason number of divorces  increased. Leavind no happiness for anybody.  Dont spoil life  for things which are duties of women. If they threatened you, if they are beating you then I will accept that you should act but not for all silly reasons....



Its been always like this.

Ask any man who has filed a divorce petition, he will surely tell, its because of interference of the MIL in their lives which led to filing of divorce petition.  The wife wont use brain until a divorce petition is filed, will always keep listening to mother, and act accordingly, ask separate house, put N number of conditions.  I have seen many a case, where mother will instruct the daughter not to have s*x with husband unless until husband will dance to the tunes of the MIL [through wife].

What a shame, they wont understand until they have tasted dirt.

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Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     25 June 2013

it is to be know from different angles why the wife is listeinig to mother in all aspects and in some points it will fail and the marriage will be broke for the pretext of mother involving inthe matrimonial life of the children

1. in lot of the cases i had were we see that wifes mother is struggled and came to that position will attempt that her daughter should not face the same troubles and will use her brain to white wash her daugter life and uses new techniqs to solve the married life 

2. but some times it will bounce back to the daughter married life and ends up to disaster and leads to divorce, 498a, dv etc.,

3. here no one sees what is going wrong as wife mother is god to her because her mother who has taken care since her birth and came tothis stage and wife thinks that her mother knows every thing and no one is not equal to her mother 

4. after marriage wife has to settle to the different atmosphere and the culture of there in laws and should change her behaovrial because she come from one family to another and also husband has to cooperate to change her wife and also husband family has to give her freedom to maintain herself free and understand everyone and make her confortable and then the picture will be 100%

priti (nothing)     25 June 2013

when a girl can leave her parents being the only kid of her parents,why its not imposed on boys?for boys it cumes parents r responsibilities and for girls ??????? its always the boys mother who spoil the married life only in greed of money because before marriage every single penny he earns belongs to mother.he even listens to whatever mother says but after marriage he has his own family to take care of, his wife kids so from that earning a big share is spent on wife n kids.And here the MIL has a gr8 objection.she has forgotten the tym wen she was also a bahu and her saas never did that with her so y is she doing this with her bahu? she forgets KYUKI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI....she wants her husband should only listen her take care of her then why not her son can do the same with her wife too.

Tanny050 (NA)     25 June 2013

100% true, I have faced the brunt of my married life with the interference of the demon called Mother in law. She ran away from her MIL and made sure that both her daughters do the same thing.

Even after careful teaching by elders didn't help. Now getting ready for seperation. she proudly says that i will file a case against you.

Shame on such parents who never learn things.

Dev (IT Professional)     25 June 2013

Sir, this is what exactly happening in my case. My mother-in-law is suffocating her own daughter's marrid life and mine as well.

Dev (IT Professional)     25 June 2013

My God! My MIL also did the same thing to my me and my wife. My wife did not allow me to have physical relationship with her. After 40 days she went to her parents with her father and it has been 4 months she has not come back. 


On the 30th May, a summon was sent to them. I filed an RCR. But I am struggling to get her back because my wife just does not know what she is doing.

Dev (IT Professional)     25 June 2013



You are being senseless and irrational or just bias. It is agreed that in-laws of a married woman often make her life miserable because of greed or money but can't a wife convince her husband to support her in the times of her being tortured by her in-laws? If you want to blame someone in such situations then I being a husband would say that blame a husband and not his parents. Because it is the duty of the husband to support his wife if she is right and to maintain her self-respect as it is a basic requirement of any human beings.

Alwin (PM)     01 July 2013

To be precisse "Its Indian Mothers" who spoil her daughter's life and most of the time I personaly feel these typical mothers smile inside when seeing her daughter's life collapsed. A set of mothers are there who can't accept that her daughter is living a good life with a man. There could be many reasons including s*xual disatisfaction in their own married life.  Something like "try to deny to others what I did not enjoyed"


very correct

Harsh (Manager)     01 July 2013


you are right, such errant mothers are jealous of their own daughters. they are referred to as

'witch mothers' in medical community. and because they are mothers, it is difficult to believe such people exist.

bad fathers - there are many in society.

Varinder Aggarwal   11 April 2022

True. It is very worst situation in life when your wife and child leave your home and you and  not able to figure out solution to stop them.

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