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Indian Brides- Hang Up to Save Your Marriage

Indian Brides: "Hang Up to Save Your Marriage"


Indian Brides: "Hang Up to Save Your Marriage"

Newly married Punjabi brides were warned today that excessive cell phone use could ruin marriages, in a clash between traditional culture and new technology in India.


In an official statement by the Punjabi State Commission for Women, or PSCW, asked new brides to cut down on cell phone conversations to save their marriages. The Commission says more than 40 percent of women who consider divorce do so because their husbands or in-laws suspect them of having an affair if they talk too much on the phone.

Women's reactions to this advice have been mixed, highlighting a gulf between older and younger generations as well as a divide in comfort over technology.

"Talking over mobile is a very serious issue," said Gurdev Kaur Sangha of the PSCW. "Many cases have come to me where boy and his family members think that the girl is talking to another man over the phone and they want divorce. This also led to domestic violence."

On the other hand, younger generation women find the advisory problematic. "This advisory is a big joke, simply glorifying male chauvinism," said Pankhuri Bhalla, a writer for a fashion magazine. "Every day I have to call at least seven to eight people in connection with my stories, but it does not imply that I am having an affair with someone."

In India parents often still arrange marriages without giving their children much choice in a partner, so many couples come to marriage having had to cut ties with secret boyfriends or girlfriends.

This reality spurs fear from spouses and families that such ties might still exist, prompting them to keep close watch on phone-toting brides in a society that is still highly patriarchal.

Also, in traditional society women go to live with their husband's family after marriage, but now the advent of cell phones threatens this ancient pattern of life. Where beforehand women would have great difficulty traveling home, and thus be forced to bond closely with their new family, they can now keep up strong connections with their parents via mobile phones.

But even maintaining familial connections can prove problematic in a new marriage, as women in traditional homes are expected to rear children and maintain the house. This new role as a married woman may prompt them to express frustrations to their own families rather than discuss problems with husbands and in-laws, weakening already tenuous emotional connections and in some cases leading to abuse.

As technology reaches further and further into India -- the country now boasts just over 800 million phone subscribers and growing -- clashes like these are sure to continue.


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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     11 May 2011

 wife use to talk contineously with some body in cell p hone when her husband goes office.  When husband came to know this he advised but she didn't stop.  When husband got the call details he wondered and wondered that she used to talk with 3  boy frnds hourly, husand shown his wife, she tried to commit sucidie and returned to her mother's house and filed a 498A, DV Act and maintenance case against the husband and his mother, who is old lady.  Wife admitted her guilty that it is her mistake before the police but continued her cases. 
This is effect of the cell fone.  It is good if it is used for good purpose .


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Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     11 May 2011

yes u r right.i agree.


not just wives,every person needs to restrain its use,atleast he is at home.It's better used only when outside the house.


i agree that its excessive usage leads to quarrels.same goes for internet.people can partners even when they make internet friends


we indians are fools to copy the west blindly.Not everything that is foreign is good for us.


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irrespective of hubby /wife both should be loyal to the marriage.Because it is an institution.So only preventing women from talking in mobile.....kuch hazam nejhi huwa...

Krishna Kumar (Business)     17 May 2011





Talking with another guy by wife (or by husband with another girl) is becoming issue only when it goes more than a limit. Sending SMS secretly, calling boy/girl friend when spouse not present,  deleting the SMS and call logs before reaching house etc., will not be taken easily if other spouse come to know it.

Suspect will arise only when other spouse is tempted to hide something. If everything is open to spouse - then no issue. I never accept husband only suspecting wife, it also done by wife on husband. But feminist will never accept this kind of truth.

For the law and feminist if the wife sleeps with another guy, husband catch with some camera and show in front of the judge only she made adultery. But in real life love and affection with another person, dating with him unknowly / knowly also an adultery. DV and other case not only protecting wife it also encourage then to do more mistakes knowingly.

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