I shouted at my brother's wife. Police tried to arrest me on the bases of that.


Just an hour ago from posting this question, I had a quarrel with my brother's wife regarding laying down of food. In the morning I had just told the kaam waali baai to speak with me properly. I had a verbal fight with my brother's wife on that and just an hour ago in the night on the bases of that she said that she will not lay down the food for me. I said that on that note, I'll not bring her share of milk from the market in that case. Then she shouted at me and called me "Kutta" (dog). I got angry and shouted back at her and called her ugly, chusa hua aam like face and stuff like that in a loud voice and came close to her in anger to which she called the Noida Police (we reside in Noida).


When the police came they listened to her and then one of the constable grabbed my arm and asked me to come with them. I released myself and asked them, firstly, under which act, section and clause are they arresting me, and secondly, where is the warrant for the arrest. They called the chowki incharge and he said that it is not expected that literate people like us should do like this. After much effort from my side, he said that he will use the section 107 of IPC. I asked him to interpret and narrate to me the section but he changed the topic. 


After that, the two constables asked her to give a written complaint. Meanwhile, the constable, other than the sections and law, started teaching me that she is like my mother. The other constable started telling me that this is not the way to be done and you will land up in trouble. I again asked that under which section he is going to arrest me. He said that he is not talking about that in that note.


The first old constable then further said that God has given you a big house to live which you do not deserve and I replied to that saying that I am an atheist and I do not believe in God. I also said that men are being targeted with these gender biased laws as these constables do not have any evidence to authorize themselves to arrest me which they are claiming baselessly to which they replied that if they want then they can arrest me but they are not so doing so for some other purpose.


My questions are:

1.) Is the Noida Police authorized to arrest me without warrant and section?

2.) Am I guilty of any offense under IPC if I shouted at my brother's wife and called her ugly?

3.) Are there any remedies from the 'men's cell' and any other harrassed men's organization for action against those two constables? Those constables tried to arrest me without any proof which I am sure that you would agree.


P.S. : Mr./Ms. Sudhir Kumar and his/her supporters, pls refrain from answering as your answers have no bases and are not properly reasoned by quoting sections and laws. This is a legal platform and not a temple for irrational theists like you were you will quote irrational moral couplets instead of acts and sections.


1. first of all no police can arrest you without a written FIR. a written FIR means there is a complaint, section, offence etc. there might or might not be arrest warrent . yours is a perfectly petty case.


2.she might file a criminal defamation case with verbal abuse under section 504 IPC. the section is given below: http://indiankanoon.org/doc/555306/


3. go to here :http://mensrightsassociation.org/index.php/contact-us/helpline-numbers/


police in now a days becomes a gunda in uniform.  don't be afraid of them if you are innocent. they won't bend a hair of yours so long lawyers like me are here.

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