I need my wife

Dear Sirs.,

This is Mahesh Kumar. N aged about 33 Years. my Wife name Mrs. Jyothi das. we loved each together for two years and on 29-11-2013 we married in our parents opposition at one Temple with the presence of respectable persons. i arranged the marriage as per hindu tradition. after that we came to our home and we were living happily. after few days my wife's mom came and she invited her home so we went thr and thy asked to stay thr only but i didnt agreed, again we started live together but we had little misunderstandings about her parents so i was scolding her dont go more thr and dont speak more with them. On 05-09-2014 she went her mom home by taking her cloths. so on 06-09-2014 i begged her to come back and i said i never scold u again for life time so she got convinced and she said i cant convince my parents thy not willing to send back. later she said i wil come after pitrupaksha. wait for these 15 days. so i agreed for it and we chatting together a lot in what's APP but on 10-09-2014 til the noon she was texting me that i am getting scare about our future, something is happening. and tht day evening she called me and asked to give divorce, but she not giving genuine reason for it. her parents threatening her not to live with me. that day night she gave police complaint on me. so police called me but in police station she said i wont go with him. so police sent us back to our homes by giving one month time.

i cant leave my wife. am loving her lot. am ready to take any kind of punishment, am asking to give one chance to correct my fault. but she not agreeing for it.

so plz give me suggestion to get back my wife.

i cant live without her

swear i wont scold her again in my life time.

am ready hold her and her parents legs also. i do what ever they says.

someone said that her parents only threatening her.

she asking about divorce so plz i kindly request u people to help me.

i want to lead life with my wife only. so plz help me

Practicing Advocate

Take the help of some relatives who can talk to your wife and her parents and try to settle the dispute amicably. If not possible, then file a petition for restitution of conjugal rights in the court.

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my wife family members wont listens anyones words. coz the family background is not good.
her mom younger sister left her husband
her mom lost her husband and her mom sister lost her husband
so these family members wishing to keep her daughter as thy.
they threatening my wife tht if u goes to ur husband home then i wil die.
so my wife is innocent and now dedicating me her family sake.
they not giving mobile to her coz i will communicate her.
so my wife said i cant live with you.
swear madam i cant live without her. am ready do anything for her sake. i am to hold thr legs but thy not listening.
even police warning me that i should not call her and should not go her home.
thy gave one month time to convince her but i should not speak with her.
dear madam. i loves her lot and am ready to loose my live but not her.
am becoming mad without her. plz do favour for me. plz madam help me to live together.
i hope that u will helps me madam. plz madam i beg u. even i hold ur legs. plz

Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com)

Most of the Bengali girls are very idiot. (Not All).


If she does not wish then you should look for another girl.


Please don't call her. You have a high chance to incur in 498A.


Please immediately lodge complain against her and in-laws about their criminal conspiracy.


Please read each of my posts carefully in the following links.








she is not bengali

she is from karnataka.

she is very innocent and she loves me lot but for her parents sake she leaving me

Instructor @ Calcutta (rockysmith4calcutta@gmail.com)

Okay! Then also you should lodge complain against in-laws about their criminal criminal conspiracy.


120 IPC Concealing design to commit offence punishable with impris­onment.

120A IPC Definition of criminal conspiracy

506 IPC. Ciminal Intimidation.


34 IPC. Common Intention of Crime.


Please also follow the above links. There you will get sample petitions and other clues.


I hope your wife will reconcile. But please be ready to chase her and in-laws. All The Best !

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thanks rocky smith

but plz help me to get back my wife, coz she is my life


my wife is like a kid. i cant loose her. but am ready to loose my breath.

plz i cant leave her. i want to live with her

i need she. otherwise i wont live.

plz help me

consider me as ur kd, son, friend but help me plz i beg u.

i want her

from last seven days am not having food properly. feeling too much of tired, i dont know when i will die



No one knows when police will come knocking your door based on some false complaint by your wife. instead of thinking about her all time i suggest to get anticipatory/notice bail for your own safety. 

As rightly said by Rocky most of the girls lacks self thought process and can be easily manipulated by family members.

Please start thinking about yourself first and the rest will follow it.


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Do one thing....if she's asking for divorce.....u agree.... Ask her to do all paperwork and send it to you for verification and consent. Wait n watch......you need not give her divorce but play mind games. Wait till last but dont keep begging for her. Its diff to read a women's heart. Moment u agree for divorce..... She'll start thinking and give a second thought..... Then come back on this forum .... I bet ull win

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