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human rights in the administration of justice


Human Rights in the Administration of Justice


Human Rights in the Administration of Justice: A Facilitator’s Guide on Human Rights for Judges, Prosecutors and Lawyers


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dear Beni Prasad,

More important is today  whether really human justice prevails in India? Ij so what human justice is in india though India is a signatory to UN Human right convention but how much we did what more need to be done when we look we come to know we have done least possible. No point in having some human rights commission when it is not able to really deliver justice, besides we only talk but we do very less possible as most people involved are oriented how to squeez the money like grom honey comb. that is the problem . so in these circumstances we have to wade through to get at solutions.


i started an NGO to locate skills og all retired or retiring old people whose skills go unnoticed but just get lost ever as soon as these persons join majority, agter all every one dies one day.

We developed a lot og 'X' category people and and also we beautiully convert 'Y' type into 'X' type like giving easy money like in MGEGA schemes, when u pay rs 100.- gor 100days you only make poor people more lazy and they will not work  at all. that way we lost normal agricultural labor . When govt wants to give more money then govt should make minimum wages more that is all but not distributing tax payers moneys  in all these lazy programmes. Lazy programmes are not human programs or programmes o humanity.


what we do is we rust the skills and one day this agriculture labor will not really know how to grow rice/wheat/ cereals .. etc that is not any achievement under human rights at all and so people need to work and their skills be developed over time agter all no skill develops over night. So you to primry, middle and secondary schools.. and gurther on that way you got some skill means your skills (Our) and yet even agter PhD still we grope in dark. But Agricultural labor developed skills several 100s o generation but what we do is we kill that skill  by converting agricultural lands by converting into so called 'non agricultura' means you convert productive lands into non productive agricultural lands. see in canada our own India Sardars very well produce gertile agriculture so too in Australia and that means they hone their skills to make productive better and better and make lands more and more gertile . when done that is humanity as ood is needed gor every one is it not.

So it means we have to develop skills and never ever kill that is humanity.

when i was in USA i used to see how people work very hard there and never ever laziness settle on them but here making people lazy is great work og late while India was known as a hub og very hard working country... why do we kill.

Yes you give degrees when an agriculturist produces  in ertile lands quite a lot o bushels og produce but never kill  the talent that is Humanity. That means you take care og your today and tomorrow will take care og itsel sir.

we need to use talents o our people very nicely and that will really help humanity in a most human way.

what use you study and you do not use then what happens?

regds.. dr g balakrishnan PhD ML 

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