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Ram Singh (fsdffsdf)     26 February 2011

How to I can rmove my parents name from 498a FIR

My wife filed a false FIR 498a against me, my parents and my brother,brother's wife.

Presently i am living in Uttrakhand. My parents living in Rajasthan.

After my marriage i came to to uttrakhan with my wife.

my parents not live much more with my wife. only four or five days.

she moved UP after some dispute with me.


Brief Descripttions of my married life


1.      09/02/2010     My marriage date.  My in laws from Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh) but they came our native place Jaipur (Rajasthan). Dowry not given in marriage. There is not any evidences for dowry.

2.      14/02/2010   I came to Kashipur( Uttrakhand) with my wife. And join my duty.

3.      05/05/2010 My wife left my home when I was in my office.

4.      06/09/2010 I got a call for Kashipur( Uttrakhand) police station. Police office said me my wife send a complain application for me and my parents for dowry harassment. PO enquiry about the matter from neighbors and my Makan Malik  . Hence PO given FR on dated 17/09/2010. No dowry harassment.

5.      07/09/2010 My parents got a call for Jaipur (Rajasthan) police station my parents reached police station and meet to PO. PO enquiry the matter and examine with marriage mediator ( Who living near by our house and in law’s relative)& neighbors  find that My parents never see their daughter in law after marriage and they never move Kashipur for meet  son and son’s wife. Hence PO give FR on dated 20/10/2010.

6.      20/09/2010 I filed a case of RCR on dated in Kashipur court.

7.      In mean time I got many call from SP ( city ) Aligarh office . They told me that my in laws gave a complain letter. I was in fear about arresting and black mailing. So I send a application and attached  police FR of Kashipur, My wife matrimony bio data and RCR case copy on dated 18/10/2010

8.      19/10/2010 Aligarh police came to Kashipur for arrest me.

9.      21/10/2010 I moved to Aligarh and give an application for surrender. 01/11/2010 I got report from court  that I have no case ( No accused in any case) ( Report from SP city Aligarh)

10.  12/11/2010 police came to my office with an FIR of dated 17/10/10 in Aligarh , In Fir my wife statements is different from other two complain( Kashipur and jaipur). She mentioned that on Dated 11/09/2010 I and my parents beat her and take in Bolaro jeep and through at Aligarh from Kashipur

11.  24/11/2010 I got arrest stay from Allahabad High Court. And case transfer to mediation centre Allahabad.





1.      I was on Duty ( Office duty certificate)

2.      My father bank statement ( Transaction on date 12/09/2010 at  Sirohi ( Rajasthan) my town.

3.      My Brother’s wife admitted 10/09/2010 for patahri operation at Govt hospital Jaipur.

4.      My Brother was at hospital with her wife.

5.      Time-

                                                                          i.      Jaipur To Aligarh –            08 Hrs Journey

                                                                        ii.      Sirohi to Aligarh-               16 hrs Jurny

                                                                      iii.      Kashipur  to Aligarh-         07 hrs Jurny

6.      She not mentioned Time in complain letter.

7.      When two states are enquiry for the matter how to it is possible.

I want to remove my parents name and brothers name from FIR

what is the procedure

please help


 10 Replies

Shailendra prasad singh (Lawyer)     26 February 2011

Hello Mr. Ram singh
         Can you send me a scan copy of ur complaint or FIR. send me at
as u mentioned in ur post it is a fit case for  quashing. ur parents name can be remove but not your's.

adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     26 February 2011

If chargesheet is filed then file a discharge application along with the documents, if it is dismissed then approach the high court for discharge.  If chargesheet is not filed then challenge theFIR in the High court.

Advocate Anuj Anand (Advocate)     27 February 2011

Get anticipatory bail first. Go for quashing of FIR from High court u/s 482 Crpc

Ram Singh (fsdffsdf)     01 March 2011

I got arrest stay from HC allahabad and case tranfer to medation center.

My question is if medation faiied that what will happen ....again arresting ? or ?

will case tranfer to medation center ?

How to i can remve my parents name meanwhile? I ahve sufficent proof ?


Vijaymbhave (It Developer)     03 March 2011

Apply for 498a Discharge. You will find discharge citations in website. More than 300 judgements are posted on above website.

Advocate Anuj Anand (Advocate)     03 March 2011

No you will have to get ur bail again when the challan is presented. but its just a formailty. you can get the names of your parents deleted by going to HC and filing quahing u.s 482 CRpc. your parents may acquited after challan is presented (U/s 248 CrPc)

lingraj maradi (advocate)     05 March 2011


you file petition u/s 482 before the High Court and to seek quashing the FIR complaint filed by your wife

prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     07 March 2011

If the meditation failed,you have pray for bail from the court concern . Go to the H.C. U/s 482 for quashing 

F.I.R . Definately High court will provide you relief . Mean while cooprate the meditation center so that

the report come in favour of you . With the application of 482,file this report too .

Ram Singh (fsdffsdf)     21 March 2011

But  plaese tell me how to i can save my parents. Here is not any way to save my parents.

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