How long it takes to hear final verdict on false 498a

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My wife filed false 498A. I have all the proofs to prove that she filed false 498A case.

If I file counter case against false 498A, How long it takes to hear the final verdict from court.

And how much money (approximately) I need to spend for lawyers and for any other things?


Thanks in advance for your responses.

Lawyer at Supreme Court of India


You don't have to file a counter case, better contest the present case properly and once it will be proved that its a falls case, then you can do a lot many things against her i.e. Defamation, False Allegations case and  even you can seek divorce on the ground of cruelty against her.

Advocate Kapil Chandna



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Hi Sir,


My wife has given a written statement saying that I have given wrong info in FIR because I was angry at that time. Based on that written statement court has dismissed the case.

I got her written statement xerox copy from police station and also I got the copy of case dismissal from court.

By using these proofs if I file a counter case against false 498a case how long it take?

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I would advise you to not seek vengeance from your wife anymore. She may have done something rashly but she repented and gave her final statement discharging you and your family members from 498a! You don't know how much of a big headache's been saved of you!


Just let it go.


Speak with her politely, agree on an alimony and take divorce through Mutual Consent. Best way to move forward.


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Hi HariOm,

I understand what you are saying. But do you know how much damage she has done for me and for my family.

She put my sister and brother in laws names in FIR even though they never involved in these matters. If I leave her without giving punishment through court some other girl will do the same thing.

I wanted to file counter case against her and I wanted to publish this in all the news papers and TV channels. By looking at this news at least false complaints my reduce in future.

So please let me know how long it takes to hear final verdict if I file counter case against false 498A with all the proofs? Thanks in advance for your answers.

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It's a hard case to punish her when she hasn't lied under oath in the court!


Not that I am an advocate for 498a women, but you also need to appreciate that she has let you and your family off the hook! An FIR can't be her sole decision and naming everyone in the FIR is a standard practice advised by the lawyers only! They even draft the whole FIR so it attracts maximum possible sections.


Anyway, you are playing with fire! She's still your legally wedded wife and you are still not divorced. If she finds you vengeful, she may file MORE 498a against you! Yes you read it right, it's possible! And don't forget the DV and Maintenance cases.


Think about saving your house first rather than trying to find ways to burn her house down! Also, forgiveness is one of the best traits!

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Hi HariOm Sir,


She hasn't lied under oath in the court but she lied to the police (she has given false information to them which made them to arrest me and put in jail for 3 days). Giving false info to police officer comes under offense right? Why can't I file case based on this?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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What all she has said in her revised statement?


Who asked her to give a revised statement? Why she gave it? Usually, 498a never go to police station or courts once FIR is filed!

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Hi HariOm Sir,

Here is brief info of my case:

My wife filed false FIR in May 2013 saying that my husband is asking me to bring more money even though we had given 90 lacs as dowry during the marriage time (the truth is that I or my parents didn't take even a single rupee from them)

Police came to my house and took me to the station on Friday evening (on next Friday I suppose to fly to US) and they took my passport too.

I was in jail for until Monday afternoon. During these 3 days my relatives went to my wife's home and had discussions.

My parents agreed for their demands (one of her demand was to transfer our house on our son's name). They agreed upon all her demands.

On Monday afternoon before taking me to court my wife and her parents came to station and said that we want to withdraw case.

Police asked her to give her written statement. My wife has given a written statement saying that the info which I mentioned in FIR is false. I was in angry when I had given this statement.

Police release me from jail and gave my passport back and told me that since you have to go to US in next couple of day you may not be able to attend court. We will take care of that and complete the formalities.

Police asked one of my family members to come and collect the case closing documents and my family member collected it. Now we have case closing document, FIR and her written statement.

Please please advice me. Thank you Sir in advance.

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OK. The agreement between your parents and her parents, was it a written one or just oral?




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