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Sunil Kumar (IT)     08 April 2021

Hide lower caste identity !

Hi Experts,

I want to hide my lower caste identity. 

I don't want my children to go through the caste discrimination which I went through.

I don't want to use any of the reservations benefits. I just want my caste to go off me.

I live in a metro city.  How do I achieve this ? What should I tell my future generation about my caste.   

Thanks in advance.



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Amit Sathe   08 April 2021

Why do you want to hide your lower caste identity?
You must study your caste origin... You are hypnotized by the illusive greatness of higer castes. The higher caste claims that they are great in every aspect but you see in the present era it is only the capability which proves man's greatness and not his caste. If you have read Mahabharata you will come to know about Mahaveer Karna, he had been exploited and disgusted and held incapable being a Kshatriya....but you know what did he said... सूतो वा सूतपुत्रो वा यो वा को वा भवाम्यहम्।
दैवायत्तं कुले जन्म मदायत्तं तु पौरुषम्॥Whether I am a weaver or his son, whoever or whatever I am, the birth in this family was given by my Daiva or fate. But the prowess and power I have accomplished are by my own self.
Therefore brother believe yourself that you are born to do great things and also teach the same to your children. Birth is not in our hands but the prowess and power can be obtained by proving our abilities. Not to get distracted and disturbed by what other castes say walk on the path of strength (intellectual and moral) and they will respect you. and always remember one thing that ' You get what you deserve therefore always try to increase your deserving power so that you will get everything according to it. Thanks 👍🏻
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Sunil Kumar (IT)     08 April 2021

Thanks for the response Mr. Amit

Everything you said is 100 % correct. But the moment I say anyone that I belong to scheduled caste, my friends and colleagues perspective on me changes. They tired to avoid me and it’s a kind of modern caste discrimination. all I’m trying to do is.. my son doesn’t want to go thru this in his life.

caste is very much alive in modern India.. both in rural and urban India.. both among educated and uneducated. not sure when India will be free of caste

I’m trying to find a solution for this. I can change India.. but I’m trying to get rid of myself. 

jobstervijay   09 April 2021

if they avoid u then they dont deserve to be ur frnd

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     09 April 2021

When one post is running, it is against discipline to post the same issue again and again.

Sunil Kumar (IT)     09 April 2021

Dear G.L.N. Prasad,

I am not sure what is against discipline ?.

I have posted in two different categories one under family law and other under constitutional law. Hoping more experts to see and help me. 

If you have any suggestion to help me. I really appreciate.

Simply by saying my post is against discipline is not going to help me in any way. 




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