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A fighter (NA)     24 March 2017

Harrasment of family by filing fraud cases - dv, 498a,125(3)

False cases filed by my cousin brother's wife against entire family. Both stayed hardly for 3 months period and have no children. The cases filed are DV, 498(A), Maintainance case in family courts and now 125(3). Cases going on since Year 2011 but no releif to family. All cases are false and the sole intention is to grab money and brother's property, winthin us we all are sure she can not win in right way legally. My Brother left the house & has stopped attending any court proceeedings. Lower court has announced DV case result in Family's favor and all are acquitted, since brother did not attend the case, court asked him to pay maintainance of 5000/- . Wife has apealed in higher court in DV case to recover maintainance from father's pension in DV case. Recently since she is not able to extract a single penny from brother, she hatched the conspiracy - she filed a false police complaint against ailing mother & father (both are senior citizens) that they atttacked her in the court premises when they had come attend the date in DV case. Police filed FIR without any investigation and all of us had to rush for their bail. No arrest happen but it is strange that police without any investigation filed an FIR for such false complaint. Police station is just 200 mtrs away from court premises. So all this episode is just a nightmare to family. On the countarary she started doing LLB/Law couse from last 2-3 years and posing herself as lawyer in the court. In few hearings, she requested honerable judge that she is fighting her own case. Since no one from our family is much aware of Law, it is really stressful. Our lawyer is trying hard to settle the matter out of court but the lady is palying dirty tricks with them too. few weeks back, she filed an application in Lok Adalat for compromise, we all were happy to hear that and promptly went to court on that day, to our surprise, she did not attend the date itself. This is all become stressful to family from last 4-5 years and we are litterally not sure what will come next. Our only strugggle is that the family should not sufffer in such a way, where they have nothing to do with the caes. They have been dragged to such level that instead of living peaceful at such age, they have to attend court cases and face the society for none of their fault. Please provide whatever possible suggestions, inputs to our case. We are most worried of false police case she filed recently and extracting maintainance from father's pension.


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If you have completed degree, then you too join LLB course. Fight your own case. Thats option 1.  Option 2 is pay her money and take mutual divorce, no big deal all these cases gone in a second.  You free bird again. Indian Law favours people with money.  No money?  Roam court till you die.  Why I am telling to go 1 time settlement is, you married, why should your parents suffer because of your fault. Isnt it??

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A fighter (NA)     24 March 2017

Thannks for your reply. Yes, I agree with you and there is no point in fighting legal battle which will resolve after 10-15 years, and even if we are sure that nothing will happen to us, but by that time mother, father will be at age of 75+. We tried to reach to as many as possible people, including oposition lawyer, but we are not getting a feeling that they really want to end this soon. Father is being very emotional had been persueing for settlement on every date. He is very punctual and attends all the court proceeedings, with the hope that something positive will come out. Now these 2 new cases 1. Police FIR for falsely implicating about attack on her at court premises and 2. crpc 125 (3), of which notices coming on my brother's name - what should we do about these 2 cases? how 125(3) is affects for family members, if brother is not traceable?

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