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Harrasment by society owners

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I also have similar problem...I am also victim of passive smoking ...that's unacceptable air is not private property..

binay srivastava   28 December 2020

That's quite evident that's its a personal issue with smoking for both of you and hence very biased towards smokers.

Better wear a mask and protect yourself, your safety is in your hand and not to a responsibility of others. Let's the ciggrette get ban in india and then talk about these things.

If you have diabeties it's not a fault of the sweet maker but yours. So save yourself by not eating rather than banning on sweet making.

I can here for legal suggestions not moral. Anyways it's a public forum so everyone can express them democratically but I don't mean any disrespect. Apologies for any statement that may have hurt anyone.

SIVARAMAPRASAD KAPPAGANTU (Retired Manager)     28 December 2020

With this kind of intransigent attitude, no wonder you have problems with your neighbour. Be gappy with your bad habit.

I pity everybody who have to live in your vicinity.

binay srivastava   28 December 2020

I am glad you are not in my vicinity but am sad people like you are. It's so one sided, When things don't go your way then you people claim we have bad attitude? Are we not allowed to fight for our selves.

I pity that I could not get any logical conclusion with our conversations. 

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P. Venu (Advocate)     31 December 2020

Yes,  there is a real problem that Instead of focusing on real issues related to upkeep and maintenance of the apartment, the Society management/owners associations and its active members are more keen to meddle with private lives of the residents.


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If somebody's private life affecting my health...I have every right to raise my voice..no one has right to put others health in danger.. privatr life is no excuse.. if someone have alcoholsll and don't loose his mind after that that's ok but passive smoking is criminal offence and smoker should be put to justice for this irreresponible behaviour

samaresh sinha   16 April 2021

Bro, you can smoke in your balcony. If the neighbor does not like the smell or is allergic to smoke / smokers(really?) he can go inside his home for those few minutes as you are smoking. 

Tomorrow he may say "don't cook mutton or fish as I don't like the smell" 

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Rachana Prasad   30 August 2023

First of all i understand your concern. These societies and the owners do not publish all the rules when the tenant comes to see the house. They simply agree to everything. I am facing the same problem. I have rented a house in nerul navi mumbai. My first rental house. My husband and i have overall 3 two wheeler. We asked them for parking of Atleast 2 two wheeler. At that time everyone agreed to it. But now as we shifted. It is not even a week. They started torturing us saying you cannot keep you vehicle here and there. Adjust it somewhere else and all such nuisance. But before making up our mind to rent this place we also spoke with the chairman about it and he also said wherever you get place you can keep. Now they are saying all of this is owners parking so you cannot keep here. I never knew tenants are harassed this much. One more incidence in a day. We were just heading out for a stroll at around 12.30 on our scooty. The watchman told us i am closing the gate. You cannot come in now. Keep your vehicle outside. That means he wont open the gate. And how should we come in then. Should we sleep on the road.?? No right. We are paying the rent. We have some rights. This is just a normal society not even a big one to make such things. Even brand name societies watchman dont behave like this and such societies also dont have such stupid rules. And one owner just came when we were leaving. So when he is allowed inside at that time why aren't we. This is pure Harrashment. Let me know wht can we do if anyone knows anything. 

Dr. MPS RAMANI Ph.D.[Tech.] (Scientist/Engineer)     30 August 2023

The problem appears to be that Mr. Binay Srivastava is  a smoker and other residents of the building are objecting to his smoking in the balcony. Balconies are generally for upper floors. He has not stated anything about the architecture of the building and the balconies. Are his balacony and his neighbour's balcony open to each other through a window or a gap. If so his neighbour has the right to object to his smoking in the balcony. Society can ban smoking in the common areas of the building. Anyway if he has a grievance let him go to the court. The court will hear both sides and give a decision.

Generally in complaints like this the complainant gives only those facts which are favourable to him and suppress other facts.

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