harassment by family members


Need you kind suggestion on how to file a case regarding our family members harrassment issues. 

My grandfather has 3 sons & 4 daughers. I am his grandson (eldest of first son) . In 1976 my mother sets herself ablaze committed suicide leaving behind her 3 small kids(my elder sister, myself & my brother), due to harrassments by my father supported by grandmother & her daughters. Within 6 months after this incident my father married another women encouraged by his sisters , within one year my step mom also committed suicide, which is again due to the same issue (harrassment by my father in support with family members), whereas during this incident my father also died while he attempt to safeguard my step mother who sets herself ablaze (there were 2 sides of the story, one side my step mom sets ablaze and fell towards my father, the other side is that my father also sets himself ablaze by hugging her)

Since after that we 3 kids were raised at my grand fathers house who is dipression due to loss of his elder son, at that time his last son has taken up the responsibility of whole family who is still not married. As my grand father second son is drunkard such responsibility fallen on last son.

After few years my second aunt who dont have kids took me & my brother to town where she lives & taken up the responsibility in raising us. 

And a few years laters my grandfathers second son got married, as he wanted to live his life asked for his share which is under the posession of grand fathers last son. But his request was rejected exploiting that he is drunkard.

A year later my grand fathers last son got married to my first aunts daughter. Since then our family situations has become worst, as my aunts husband & his sons has taken full control of our family matters.

A few years later my grand fathers second son died in heart attack leaving behind his wife & 2 small kids. After 11th day ceremony his wife & 2 kids were sent to her native place & since then no responsiblity was taken on their behalf by my grand fathers last son & he neither settled their share at that time, he behaved very cruely with encouragement by his in-laws when someone on their behalf approaches for their property share.

One year later my grand father passed away.

Years passed away my brother during his college days went into dipression due to a love affair, during that phase my grand fathers last son has beaten him ruthlessly & kicked him out of the house, this incident happened during 1996, since he left the house, till date has not returned.

A few years later my grand fathers last son who was running a finance company went into losses, under such situation his in-law has taken up the responsibility of his family & since then grand fathers last son has become a pet to his in-law who is protecting his against all his crimes. This incident happened during 2000-2001

During this phase my grand mother passed away.

And now my wife & me are facing similar harrassment issues from them,

Sir, all these incidents are not due to Nature's fury but instead due to the cruel nature of my grand fathers last son who is encouraged by uncles, aunts & his in-laws

Kindly help me with the direction. More than the revenge we need a justification.


If have self acquired properties or having Ur wife father's side any support I e financial or Ur earning sufficiently u come out of that bad joint family house and file a suit for partition in civil court. And take Ur share .it may take time but don't loose hope. If u step to court they will also keep quiet because if once u step to court who knows their life span is how much.

Thank you sir, before getting into property matters I want to file criminal case against him & supporting members of the family.




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