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Anil chaudhary (Software Eng.)     01 September 2010

Happy Janmashtami

May the Natkhat Nandlal always give you
many reasones to be Happy and
you find peace in Krishne consciousness.
Happy Janmashtami..


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M.G.RAJESWRI (LAWYER)     01 September 2010

Hi Anil,

Wish you the same. Also i wish all our Law club members Happy Krishna Jayanthi.

Mugundhan (Lawyer)     01 September 2010

I wish all LCI members Happy Krishna Jayanthi

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     01 September 2010

Same to You and to Everyone.

Krishna at Goddesss Radharani's feet

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     02 September 2010

Happy Janmashtami To all of U

With this Picture,







Krishna,he steals clothes of the girls while they are bathing in the river---If you would do the same,u would be prosecuted.


Krishna,he had so many girlfriends,if U would have the same ,certainly U can not be considered a good person in our society.

Krishna,he liberarted 16000 queens from some demon,they were perhaps denied by their husbands,but instead of taking drastic steps to rehabilitate them with their husband's,Krishna chose the easy way,he married them all,today U would be put in jail if U marry more than one woman.

Krisna,his support towards Paandavas was totally biased.They were more Adhrmik than Kauravas.


" In those days only Eldest son of a king used be the next king, Pandu though not the eldest son yet was made king temporarily because Dhritrashtra was blind.

But he left the kingdom and went to the jungles and there he dies Dhritrashtra again sits on the throne. 

Now sons of Dhrit and Pandu both become young, the question was ---who should be made the next king?

It was the Suyodhana, who was the real successor being the eldest son of the present king and the original king----Dhritrashtra .( Pandu was just a temporary king for some time, who himself left the kingdom willingly.)

Yet Pandavas were given Khandavaprastha and Yudhishtra became king of Khandavaprastha------And U see no Adharma from Pandav side.

They invited Suyodhan and, Draupadi insulted him-----------------------And U see no Adharma from Pandav side.

Yudhishtra lost Draupadi, his brothers, his kingdom, himself in gambling---------------And U see no Adharma from Pandava side.

After losing all and everything, they started claiming that Shakuni cheated in the game of dice—if this was the case,why they did not stop playing dice when they smelled cheating.After losing every loser says that the winner has cheated---------And U see no Adharma from Pandava side.

After losing something in a game a loser does not have any right on that (Yudhishtra treated Draupadi also as a thing by putting her on a stake in the game of dice), yet they were getting angry on Kauravs because of their (Kauravs) so called misbehavior with Draupadi. They had no right to be angry with Kauravs on this issue as they had already lost Draupadi . Now she belonged to Kauravs not Pandavs---------And U see no Adharma from Pandavs side.

Krisna appeared from nowhere and went on increasing the lenghth of sari of draupadi to an unlimited extent,but he did not appeared when "Dharmaraaj Yudhishtra" was doing a great "dharmik job" of putting her on a stake in the game of dice against Suyodhana.

Similarly after losing their kingdom in gambling, they had no right to regain the kingdom, yet Krishna was trying to regain the lost kingdom for them---------------------And U see no Adharma in it.

They were given a chance of getting the lost kingdom after Vanvaas of 12 years and Ekaantavaas of 1 year --why they should be given a chance to regain that kingdom once they lost it--yet they were given a chance----------------------------And U see no Adharma in it.

Kurukshetra Yudha was to be fought under Dharama--called Dharmayudha,yet

Bhisma,Drona,Karna and even Suyodhan, all were killed breaking rules by Pandavas (Bhishma was arrowed by Arjun taking shield of Shikhandi before Abhimanyu was killed)----And U see no Adharma in it.

See carefully and U will easily find that Mahabharat was a fight between Adharma and Adharma--Not Dharma and Adharma--And Krishna and Pandava were more on the side of Adharma than Kaurvas."

AND Krisna supported Paandavas everywhere ignoring whether they were wrong or right.Actually he was too much shrewd ,if he felt from inside that Kauravas were totally wrong,then why he gave his total army to Suyodhana, actually this was his technique to keep "laddus" in both of his hands.

Please contribute.

A few of my videos related to this subject somehow.         --------Yudhishtra is AdharmRaj     ---Drona a teacher or a Cheater      -----Duryodhana was Suyodhana

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