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Hello Experts,

I would like to your opinion on the below matter.

Intruding into a hacker's computer or a network, without a wrong motive, to check/get back to stolen data is a crime or not? 

It is basically like a hacker hacked into our machine to steal some important financial data. We just hack him back to recover that information and to figure out the intensity of damage. 



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Well its like stealing from a thieve, or robbing from a robber or even cheating from a fraud person. Anyways i have enough examples but in the end, a crime is a crime. I understand you did it for getting your data back and probably have no ulterior motive but you have commit a crime . However since no complaint has been done against you then you are safe. Am sure you have masked you IP and subnet to hide your tracks so hacker may not find you but if not then he will hack your system again probably so take precautions.

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definitely its a crime... if you have doubt regarding that you can approach concern authority ... but to hack is a crime which attracts sec 66 of IT act...

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Hacking a hacker is a quite difficult and tough proposition for the exports of the net. The world of the cyber and college-paper.org reviews is envisaged for the terms for the field. Parts of the hacker are envisaged for the stuff and all ways for the minute services for the clients of the team.


I think it is much easier to prevent the hacking rather than fight those guys. What kind of computer do you have? I don't know why you have trouble with data leakage. Maybe your computer was virused after visiting some websites and now sends wrong signals. If you are using free antivirus software, get the uninstall avast secureline mac and uninstall it immediately. Buy a normal and safe antivirus. Clean your computer of any garbage. But in principle, no matter what they say, it should never give you any trouble. Ever. So this is the basic thing. 




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