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Ravindra Malve (Data Recovery Expert)     09 March 2012

Guardianship for 7 y son,case @ final me.

Dear Friends,

I am fighting for my son's custody with honesty and dignity.

Its been year and half that my son has been taken from my home FORCIBALY  to my wife's MAAIKA.

She took him at her parents home in mid of the academic year immediately after Deewali.

She changed his medium of studies w/o taking consent of either me or his old school.

But still I was waiting for her ,I tried to make her come back by atleast trying as many as 15 times by all means(through mediation of relatives,Family Court,personal meet),all efforts went in vain.I was thinking that she might seriously think abt her future, but it didn't happened.

After waiting atleast for 7 months finally I decided  to take help of the law,and hence filed for child custody.

From till date i am visiting my child regularly,on each time when i visit him new disclosures come which angers me.I am really against playing dirty tricks ,making children as a medium.She is enforcing all bad things about me upon him.In conrast whenever I meet him I tries to pacify him and tries to releive him from their stress.My father in law is a KINGPIN in this entire drama.My in laws dont have any son to take care of themselves in the old age.Thats why these stupid things are going on.They wanna keep my wife as a NAUKARANI and my dear boy asst. to her.

Any way,in as many as 8-10 meets I realised that she is abusing , harassing child.I tried to share his tiffin 2-3 times,and I really wept when i seen what she has given him to tiffin,once it was local FARSAAN and once it was roti and chatani,no sabji.How she pretend to look after him properly?

On 5th March ,My son Yash's birthday,I visited my law's home to meet him.These people were so idiots that they locked themselves insidely.I retalliated by answering them properly,They prevented me till I left them ,they didn't took initiative to meet me to my child.Both, my wife and her father were standing like a ROADBLOCK.They harassed me by making many dirty remarks and GAALI GALAUCH.I retalliated and got recorded entire incident on PEN CAM.They even threatened me of police,I said  "yes ,Call them let the world see your cruel and henious face" he didnt called.But after waiting for 1-2 hours finally I left them.

I have every single meet ,conversation with my son recorded on CAM,Which contains many shocking disclosures by Yash about my wife and in laws.

Please guide me to have my son back at my home.I really care a lot about him.I dont wanna see my child is getting spoiled.I am of this opinion that whatever happens in between adults ,its reflections should not come upon child.My wife tring very hardly to make him weapon against me by spoiling him.

Child hood is like a spring flowing through its path ,make them releived so they can do whatever they wish to.We should not enforce upon them.We should only guide them by sharing and applying universal teaching.

Now the Guardianship case is at its critical phase my cross examination is completed in last hearing.Now we both filed and affidvit and may be on next hearing my advocate is planning to take her cross examination.

These people are trying to DRAG the case by all possible means.

Guide me.All types of suggestions are welcomed.



 3 Replies

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     10 March 2012

What are the exact facts of the case in the pleadings.





Shonee Kapoor

seema (ADVOCATE)     11 March 2012

what  are the pleadings in the case ........... me also dealing with the same  case n mine case is pending for arguments on 17th of this month .. if u wan to discuss on phone thn  u can contact me on mob...09418038814

seema (ADVOCATE)     11 March 2012

plz tell the pleadings in the also dealing wid the same case ..........u can talk to me on mob 094180-38814

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