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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     22 November 2009




 I received an email yesterday and I would like to share it with the members of LCI. Please comment


I Have Checked in Google it is true. If you have the net connection please check it immediately.. 






This is Serious!

After the Chinese demands for Arun achal Pradesh, Google now has started FOOLING Indians as well!

Google shows different maps for US, Indians and Chinese.


In the Indian Version, it shows Arunachal Pradesh as Integral Part of India …

In the US Version, it shows Arunachal Pradesh as a Disputed region

In the Chinese Version, 
it is not even part of India…

Where as in the Chinese version, it shows Arun achal Pradesh as an INTEGRAL PART of CHINA ! 

Our bl**dy polititions have no will. Let us take it up..


I am attaching screen shots of the maps that i saw,



INDIAN VERSION (https://maps.google.co.in )










 21 Replies

Adinath@Avinash Patil (advocate)     22 November 2009


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     22 November 2009

Hey, This is a serious offence. Interested to know what cyber law experts have to say..

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Jithendra.H.J (Lawyer)     22 November 2009

thank s Archana for sharing this information.

i agree with Janarhdana reddy,

LCI members of Delhi should take some steps

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Rekha..... ( Practicing lawyer(B.Com LL.M in Business law ))     22 November 2009

I m not going to blame Google here.

Actually you know what Ma’am, V r just expressing and exchanging our views here. This is the responsibility of all citizens of India who came to know about this V r educated, cultured n civilized people should put high pressure on Our Govt and Opposite parties who r always very much well acquainted and very active with each other’s conflicts and blame games, to take immediate strong n concrete action against this China aggression one Kashmiri leader (leader of Hurriyat Conference) has also positively accepted the stand of Chaina publicly and made Arunachal as a disputed part of our country……what u say about this??? Our 60-80aged year’s political leaders can only have dialogs n requests. V can’t expect from them any aggressive stand.
In my opinion litigations will not work here. V hv to change the structure of our parliament standing on Corrupted and aged n criminals are the pillars of our parliament. Stop to elect these kind of people who r not taking the responsibility of our nation please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Adinath@Avinash Patil (advocate)     22 November 2009



Archana ji here is some clarification from Google spokesperson.


Google India maps shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese language and the map shows Arunachal’s southern boundary with Assam and northern boundary with China in broken lines, while the state’s eastern and western boundaries with Bhutan and Myanmar are shown in continuous white lines.

arunachal pradesh google maps

Google India Map Controversy - Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese Language


While the political circuit has started their speculative game, what’s really surprising in that Google has not yet rectified/apologized for the change.

‘The Chinese know how to time their statements ahead of a bilateral meeting. This map surfaced just when the two countries were to discuss the border dispute. Had Google changed the names of Chinese locations, Beijing would have summoned Google officials. India, too, should deal with it firmly,’ – BJP MP

What’s your take on this issue? Time India goes strict with such mistakes (Imagine what China would have done to Google!)? Every time something like this happens, Google organizes ‘Internet awareness’ campaigns (with govt. officials) in order to appease them and the matter is resolved ‘amicably’.

What’s your opinion?

Update: ISRO has launched Bhuvan, a competition to Google Earth

Earlier Google controversies:


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         About the author - Ashish Sinha is a Startup Mentor/Product Strategy Coach, and the founder/chief editor of pluGGd.in. He has launched/managed couple of products (consumer as well as enterprise) in US and India, and now consults with startups/small businesses on their product/media strategy. He can be reached at: ashish (at) pluGGd.in [+91 98452 06443]


17 Responses to "Whoa! Google shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese Language"

  1. (on behalf) Google spokesperson says:

    Earlier this week, as part of a routine update to Google Earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data .We are in the process of reverting the data to its previous state, and expect the change to be visible in the product shortly. We would like to clarify that this issue did not impact our depiction of international borders.

    Google spokesperson

    • ALi says:

      I am from Srinagar and you can see very clear that 99% of Kashmiri Hate India.. we dont like indian Govt. we Love to go with Pakistan … people are very happy in Pakistani Kashmir area… there is no army but in Indian kashmir there is army beating every where… we hate army !!! search on you tube what kashmir says against india…

  2. It was not our intention to get involved in an international border dispute. However, you must be aware that we are becoming a powerful corporation whose influence will soon eclipse the power of most national governments. At that time we will be “facilitating” the resolution global conflicts like these in the interest of the global community. Also, we strongly refute any suggestion that the ICBMs that we are developing will be pointed towards Baidu offices in China.

    Google Press Team.

  3. (on behalf) Google spokesperson says:

    Google admits ‘mistake’ of wrong depiction of AP’s areas.

    New Delhi, Aug 8 Search engine Google today admitted its”mistake”of wrong depiction of certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh as parts of China and said its maps would be rectified shortly.

    “Earlier, this week, as part of routine update to Google earth, we published new data for the Arunachal Pradesh region that changed the depiction of certain place names in the product. The change was a result of a mistake in our processing of new map data,”a spokesperson for the search giant said in a statement.

    The spokesperson was reacting after a media report which highlighted that Google map showed certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh as parts of China. The media report had raised suspicion about the search engine being hacked by Chinese considering that Beijing has been laying claim over entire Arunachal Pradesh, which India rejects.

    “We are in the process of reverting the data to its previous state and expect the change to be visible in the product shortly,”the spokesperson said.

    “We would like to clarify that this issue did not impact our depiction of international borders,”the statement said.

    Google Earth is a service of Google that lets users to view satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings. (Source: PTI)

  4. Indian says:

    Google Ditu (???? lit. “Google Maps”) was released to the public on February 9, 2007, and replaced the old Google Bendi (???? lit. “Google Local”). This is the Chinese localized version of Google Maps and Google Local services.
    There are some differences in frontier alignments between Google Ditu and Google Maps. On Google Maps, sections of the Chinese border with India and Pakistan are shown with dotted lines, indicating areas or frontiers in dispute. However, Google Ditu shows the Chinese frontier strictly according to Chinese claims with no dotted lines indicating the border with India and Pakistan. For example, the area now administered by India called Arunachal Pradesh (referred to as “South Tibet” by China) is shown inside the Chinese frontier by Google Ditu, with Indian highways ending abruptly at the Chinese claim line. Google Ditu also shows Taiwan and the South China Sea Islands as part of China. As of May 2009, Google Ditu’s street map coverage of Taiwan also omits major state organs, such as the Presidential Palace, the five Yuans, and the Supreme Court.
    There are some differences between ditu.google.cn and ditu.google.com. For example, the former does not feature My Maps. On the other hand, while the former displays virtually all text in Chinese, the latter displays most text (user-selectable real text as well as those on map) in English. Worthy of note is the oddity that this behavior of displaying English text is not consistent but intermittent – sometimes it is in English, sometimes it is in Chinese. The criteria for choosing which language is displayed is not known.

  5. marvin says:

    We expect Google to be very professional in this regard. Advisable, it is to keep your hands off all such international boundaries for ever… if you want to remain in business without raking up unnecessary issues to which anyways you have not control.


  6. -=A.R.N=- says:

    LOL at Politicians! :)

    Guys, I think we have more serious issues to discuss rather than fighting over who should take Google to court.

    Everyone knows politicians need to earn their daily bread too, so let them rake up the controversy…that’s their job.

    But the rest of us need to get back to work. Why are we so annoyed at technical glitches?
    Google Maps is not a political source of knowledge.

    • Sanjoy says:

      ARN, dont we all trust wikipedia for it’s information? Google maps/earth for info?
      There are better things to fight for..but these are also important areas to look at..
      Had it been China, they would have got Eric Schmidt to fly to China to apologize for this.
      Dont be a lazy ass that says ‘chalta hai’ in order to dodge responsibility.

      • -=A.R.N=- says:

        Dude, if you really trust wikipedia for serious information, you’ve got a lot of research to catch up on!
        Its true that we often look to the net for ‘instant’ information, but in the age of anyone-anonymous-can-say-or-do-anything-anywhere information, its not wise to debate over the validity of information over sources that can disappear overnight.
        (If Google for some reason decides to shut down Maps for good one fine day, can anyone still claim right to the information on it?)

        And about the “Had it been Chinapart, dude seriously! :)

        Its amazing how people tie politics into everything.
        It is not about China verses India here. Its about a company that goofed up – and if there’s any Google employee reading this – yes, you guys messed up!

        But in the meanwhile, like I said, we have work to do:
        Farmers to feed, terrorists to catch and diseases to eliminate.

        Let’s not get worked up about technical gliches.

        p.s. Oh, and this isn’t dodging responsibility; its about not over-reacting to a normal this-could-happen-to-anyone scenario.

        • Sanjoy says:

          Don’t you see the timing factor?
          Well, just because we have other things to solve, it doesn’t mean we do not take care of our borders.
          Google is an authority that people trust (esp. the not so tech savvy ones)…

          And no, this can’t happen to anyone scenario. What if tomm. google shows kashmir as part of Pakistan? You will just sit by and ’solve world hunger’? :D .. sometimes, ppl need to raise voice against authority who are taking things in an easy way.

  7. [...] a word, Yes. Indian bloggers and media this past Thursday noticed that many place names in Arunachal Pradesh had turned Chinese [...]

  8. -=A.R.N.=- says:

    No, I honestly DON’T see the timing factor. What does Google have to do with India-China bilateral talks anyway?
    Or are you suggesting that there was a (Chinese?) conspiracy behind this to cause data corruption at this “timely event”.
    Hmm, maybe there’s also a secret political wing at Google? :)

    What if Yahoo! suddenly develops a technical glich and displays News in Hebrew instead of Hindi?
    Would that then count as an assault against all Indian languages?

    I guess the biggest problem in our country is that we’re overly sensitive, and tend to get worked up about every tiny issue.

    Next thing you know, we’d have riots on the streets burning buses and breaking stores…now who benefits from any of this?

    Oh, and btw, the “non-techy” lot couldn’t be bothered with what’s on Google-Maps. We don’t see any chai-wallas or bank employees complaining…its only us tech-talk people who have made the internet our second home who have to raise voice to everything on it.


  9. Whoa, chinese language. And no one is complaining! What if tomorrow Microsoft decides to show some image in Bengali, India would be so devastated. Oh yeah those Google idiots are also showing Indian map in English language, when we have got rid of English slavery after so much effort.

    God oh god, some one please kill all translators, the travesty to humanity.

    Its against Indian culture to translate our words. Lets all convert to Islam and issue a fatwa against them.

  10. [...] Google shows parts of Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese language Leave a Comment [...]

  11. Indian says:


    Google considers Tibet which was annexed by china as part of chinese territory and its playing games with india.

    kashmir :part of china ..
    arunachal :part of china in chinese maps.

    Arunachal has been part of indian territory for last 1000 years

    I think it’s time indian government should take Action against Google.

  12. ALi says:

    well I am from Srinagar and you can see very clear that 99% of Kashmiri Hate India.. we dont like indian Govt. we Love to go with Pakistan … people are very happy in Pakistani Kashmir area… there is no army but in Indian kashmir there is army beating every where… we hate army !!! search on you tube what kashmir says against india ….

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Harshit Aggarwal (Student)     23 November 2009

A serious offence thanks Archana 4 sharing
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Rajan Salvi (Lawyer)     23 November 2009

Vigilant citizen. Zealous Advocate. Diehard Patriot. Irrepressible personality. Firebrand Lady.

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If it is true Indain Government they gave to kick out Google office from India immediatly.
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If it is true Indian Government they have to kick out Google office from India immediatly. Indian Government should not respect such type of American office in India.
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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     23 November 2009

 What would have China done to GOOGLE had Google done this with China's disputed territories for eg.  tibet. Isn't it worth considering What makes people so sure that India won't react or take any stringent action against such mischief and would react in its usual 'chalta hai' fashion. Why we are more than enough ' tolarant' ??

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What P.Sathya Prakash ji told is 100% correct. Just block the web site in India for 2 days. The top Google officials come down but this has to be down from the Defence side. Because in India Government servents and Ministers they leak what for the site was blocked. No need to give any type of explanation to this Ugly Americans.

Never treat any American or there web sites are true. Before Bill( BELL) Clinton step in India he thought that India is full of HUTS. When he visited he opened his full mouth and requested his mother in law please go and visit Taj Mahal. They are back word. If ask any American child where is India. First he look for Africa. They know only size. There are lot of examples.

Barak Obama told we must educate like Indians. With that we can estimate that Americans and their educational standards.

I am not saying that they are not devoloped they are well devoloped but you know like a chimpu. Chimpu can calulate small numbers.

Monkeys are clever it immitaes humans but Human is a Human like Indians.



MK Gandhi ji, you are perfectly said. Let our majority of Indians should know actually what USA stands for. Useless States of America.


If our country people work for our country to day we will be most super power nation in the world. No country dare to competite with our countrymen intelligensia.

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