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Kreamwichs (Salaried)     07 September 2011

Girl harrasing married man

Am a 28 yrs old guy from mumbai. I in my early teens along with my friends used to go to Dance Bars in mumbai where i met a girl with whom i liked and used to go there and had friendship with her. A few time si even met her outside the bar and with her consent had been physical too. we used to roam around for a couple of years. Later i got to know that she had affairs with other regular visitors of the bar so i started maintaining distance between us. i later never visited her home but was in contact with her on phone and even helped her monetarily in small amounts sometimes. whenever she needed help i used to give her some cash in small amount but that too on road side where we met for hardly 5-10 mins.

i was engaged in 2009 and got married in 2010 which as a friend I informed her. Later she used to harress me that she may come to my home and tell my mom and wife that i was into a relation with her as she had some photos of both and so due to fear used to talk to her on phone and she even demanded money which i gave.

Last year in December 2010 i told my mom and wife regarding this big mistake i had commited and also convinced them that i have not been into any phsical relation with this girl since last 5-6 years.

I changed my cell number on my mom and wifes saying so she came in my building in Feb 2011 which i got to know and filed an NC against her.

For past 5 months she didnt come but since last week she had come to my home 3-4 times and last time i was there at home and had a talk with her in front of my mom and friend. She was abusing us with vulgar talks. My mom told her not to come back as i was married since last 1.5 yrs and didnt wanna keep any friendship with her.

She abused us and later told us they she will regularly come and harrass us or else we should give Rs.20000 per month for her living. We argued as to why we should give such huge amount as she cant demand such money. She left and said that she will come back next week again.

Friends since my engagement with my wife i have never ever had any kind of physical relation with this or any other girl. I love my wife a lot and she is also supporting me against this torture.

Please help me to find a way out should i again file a complaint against her as she had been to my place 3-4 times and when am not at home i feel it unsafe for my family and she is also demanding money which i will not and cant give as she isnt wife or anything as such.

Request your urgent response.

Thanx in advance


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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     08 September 2011



You made a blunder by trusting a whore.... Earlier she showed nice heavens and now that she knows that no monetary benefits can be taken from you without threatening she is behaving like a whore would naturally behave...


The only thing that you did right in the events of happening is that you truely told your mother and wife. WELL DONE !!


Now that your mother and wife knows about this, I think it is right time that you approach police station with a complaint of harrassment. As you do not have any contact with her and do not even speak to her over phone, a case of blackmailing, threatening, attempt to defemation etc etc etc could easily be registered against her.


In my view, you approach police on your level. Talk to a reliable inspector to help you. Make a DD Entry but don't file FIR. Police would call that girl for investigation and would take a letter in writing from her that she wont harrass or disturb you anymore.


If she would, then all the sections shall apply and FIR can be registered..


All the best!




Kreamwichs (Salaried)     08 September 2011

Thanx Saurav i highly appreciate your view. Infact i have been going through mental torture because of this lady. When she came home my mom made her sit peacefully and my mom had a very polite talk with her but she was very vulgar in talking first she told my mom that she loves me and later demands money for which my mom refused as legally she isnt my wife and i think she cannot demand any sought of money from me.

Sanket Sharma (AM)     08 September 2011

Hi Saurabh,

What if as a counter, if she files rape & threatning case against him, what to do. as he said, she has all the photos, proof of having s***x. previous telepone call details. etc...

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     08 September 2011



I don't think you would have any issue in fighting legally here with this girl. As you frankly mentioned, she is a bar dancer or may be professional whore, it doesnt make sense to tolerate her threats.


Word of caution:

You should act wisely while approaching police and discussing with them. They are the real gold diggers and they may get hands-in-glove with the girl to extract money from you.


To safeguard yourself, you can write registered letter to the local Station House Officer (SHO) with a copy to "Commission of your State" so that the local police cannot get hand-in-glove with the lady and implicate you in a flase case.


Always remember police is here to help you and not to harrass. But in practice they to just opposite.





You have a valid and reasonable point.


The way you mentioned, any girl in India to file a case against anyone as and when she feels. And it gets easier to the girl when she is a whore as she is not worried about her reputation.


However, parallelly we should understand that filing a case is different but proving is totally different. In this case, the girl is not in touch with the boy since 1.5yrs and the s*xual contact with the boy existed before that only. So there cannot be any proof of s*x unless the girl can show the boy doing the actt by way of a video/photo. Also unless the girl cannot show some sms or email or letters etc which shows that boy wanted to marry the girl there is no case made out.


Filing bald statements would lead to immediate thought in the mind of te judge that it's only an afterthought that the girl is filing the case now.


The boy can always tell in defence that, "though the relationship existed (if he is sure that there could be proofs which shows his relation with the girl), it was over with mutual consent but the girl continued to blackmail him. And now when he is married and don't want to get more blackmailed or threatened and denied any monetary help to the girl, she has filed this false case.


I agree saying this woudl not help him much, as police would still have to register the case and even chargesheet might be filed, but the boy always have an opportunity to get the case quashed from High Court as this would clearly be misuse and abuse of provision of law. There are plenty of judgments on quash process by Apex Court.


If boys are to feel terrified only because at one unfortunate day he went to sleep with a whore and now she is threatening to file a flase case, then it would be end of world for innocent people........


If still there are more questions/doubts.....feel free to ask. I've done a detailed study in this secific law. I hope my above answers were helpful..




Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     08 September 2011

Also additionally, how is a case acceptabel after a delay of 1.5yr without any reasoning? However the boy's reasoning would gel with the situation that till date the girl did not filed any case because he was paying money for the blackmail by the girl and now when he has decided to stop it, she filed the case.




Kreamwichs (Salaried)     08 September 2011


I had a relation with that girl but have never clicked or made any pics or videos regarding physical relations and i havent any kind of physical relation with that girl since more than 4 years. Whenever i helped her monetarily i paid her cash on roadside and never visited her house or any other hotel or place i gave her money on road and left within 10 mins everytime i went to meet her.

Kreamwichs (Salaried)     08 September 2011

Hi I appreciate your help friends.

The girl has our photo but that was taken 6-7 years back and has no nudity in it. We had been out and then just clicked some photos. Earlier when i used to talk to her on phone the sim card was registered on my name which i got disconnected in Feb 2011 the day before i filed a NC against her and she doesnt even know to write english so no chance of emails being sent by me to her.

I suppose she lives in a rented home where she has put my name as her husband but i have NEVER COMMITTED or MARRIED her and have never ever signed any legal or other documents for her rented house.

Sanket Sharma (AM)     08 September 2011

@ Saurabh

Paying money  till filing the case means, It is accepted that he has ruined her personnel life, hence paying money.

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     08 September 2011



I think I should ask this question to you when you are being blackmailed by such a girl and ultimately you face of rape :)


Moreover such delay by the girl herself does not show anything about her character? Doesnt it indicate anything to you that till she was getting money she was quiet?




Sanket Sharma (AM)     08 September 2011

@ Saurabh

I completely agree with you, once the case is filed, it is a time consuming and mental harrasement. It takes years together to prove his innocence bcoz of such whore & polices

Kreamwichs (Salaried)     08 September 2011

So guys finally what you both suggest what should i do. File a case or is there any othere way out. I cant give her anymore money as being married there has been an increase in my household expenses and responsibilties towards my family. Earlier i hadnt told to my wife and fly so fearing i was giving her money now ehrn my family knows everything and is supporting me i wont give anything to her.

I learnt that if she files a case before i do i will get arrested and then the cops will just take a good amount as they get a point to earn.

Vijay Kamble (Advocate, Mumbai)     08 September 2011

Hey dear, dont think so much. if u hv chance thn why dont u go for vidieo recording whn she comes ur home. if possible try this, b4 u file case against her. it would b a strong proof of her offence and also wld help u  in thrten of rape case if she wish to file against u.

Sanket Sharma (AM)     08 September 2011

True, build evidence/ proofs without her knowledge, then file a case

Rajender Dahiya (Partner/Advocate)     08 September 2011

Hi Kreamwichs

i will suggest you way out, Pls call Rajender Dahiya, +91 9560900283

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