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Girl blackmailing

I am Pankaj  from Uttarakhand. One girl is blackmailing me and she forcing me to marry despite knowing all  that I know that she's in relation with someone else also  ,she used to blackmail me  as once i had physical relation with her and she always threaten me that she will tell all this matter to my parents which i never wanted .when i was avoiding her after knowing all reality about her  she come to my friends house in colony create nuisance , i left that place( leaving my bike there only ) as every body knows me there in colony , she broke my bike tried to burn it , snatched one gold chain of Rs 30,000 and one mobile of Rs 10,000

I  want help from your side , I will tell all details in truth , please give me guidance
what should i do.

My one of friend introduce me to a girl name Geetika , I got
close to her and we were in relation since 2 years and after 1 and
half years i got to know that she is cheating me and having her
physical relations with someone else prior to meet me and also when
she was  in relation with me. As I am working  in oil field and she
was trying to marry me . once i had physical relation with her  in her home prior
to knowing these all and when i got all about her past and current , I
  was trying to ignore her and was avoiding her.whenever i picked her call
she used to blackmail me that i got pregnant and i will tell all to
your parents ,her mother also knows all this and supporting her.I know
that she is not pregnant just trying to keep me in threat and used to
blank call to my parents phone when i not pick her day she
come to one of my friend house and call me there that i am outside
your friend's home and tried to create nuisance there and to prevent
this infront of my friend house I go away from that colony in my
friends bike leaving my bike there only where she broke all my bike
and tried to burn it . Than I with my friend went to her house to ask
her why she broke all my bike than her mom call me inside where her
mom after making door close tried to beat me, she snatches my gold
chain , my mobile.

Sir , I am in very tension because of all this,I am not that type
guy,my family is very decent and never wanted to go to police
station.Sir this all things happen 6-7 month ago.I told all this to my
cousin and when he call her to give back her mobile and chain she abused
her and says very wrong words for me.

I am in very tension ,I have not tell this all to anybody can u guide
me what should i do.


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Kumar (Family CEO)     11 April 2012


Case brief


Guy ( "Drilling Engineer") meets girl. Both develop a relationship. Oil engineer drills the girl. Either or both had hope/promises of marriage.Guy suspects girl of cheating. Guy starts avoiding girl. Girl pursues guy for marriage. Girl claims she is pregnent. Girl is enraged- destroys guys property. (Guy claims)Girls mother beat up guy, snatched his gold chain and cell phone worth Rs 40K. All this happened 6-7 months back- guy is now in tension( after 6-7 months).

Apparent violations ( by Girl)



1. Creating nuisance

2. Destruction of property

3. Slander and Libel

Apparent violations ( by Guy)


1. Cheating - Promised to marry or gave hopes of marriage - drilled her and now tries to cut loose from the relationship. ?

2. Getting a women pregnent and abandoning her and the child( assuming the girl is pregnent)

Case law



Section reserved for licensed attorneys and lawyers.



( Assuming the story is true and not one sided)

- The guy should file police complains of property destruction, public defamation and obtain a civil restraining or protective order.

- Guy should reach out to the girl and settle the matter. If girls is in fact pregnent, guy should be willing to either marry or compensate girl. 

- Guy should request for proof of pregnency and support girl in her pregnency.

-Guy should retain counsel for immidiate protection.

(If the story is cooked up - one sided), some questions

- What took so long for the guy to post to LCI. What was he doing for 6-7 months ? Is it possible that she is pregnent and the pregnency has started showing in 7 months and guy is scared.

- Guy took advantage of the girl ( guilty of rape )

- Guy had fun and girl is pregnent

- Guy had fun - girl not pregnent

"Legal advice"


Before you drill, please study the soil, do some prelimanary testing, be patient. Dont be in a rush to drill just because there is so much ground available and when you finally do decide to drill, take all precautions. 

( Finally, you work in the oil industry - must be making at least Rs 1-2 lakh per month. Girl sees you as suitable groom but due to her nature, she has a side kick. If girl is willing to break away from other relationships and be committed to you, then you should continue the relationship and not run away like a coward - you should face the "other man" by your love and good deeds. Men have killed other men in history to gain their women - its your turn to put Darwins theory to test. The fittest survivie and women have their own instincts of which mate will be suitable for them. Dont run !!!

~~~~~~Session is open~~~~~~~~


I am feared only because once i had s*x with her and she taking advantage.I never promise her for marriage .We were just friend and sometime gifted something and also she’s having  friendly photographs of ours which she snapped  when we went to some place on our holidays and on based on those things she threatening  me always that she will tell to my parents or  will go to police.

She is not pregnant i know 100% and she  just taking advantage of being a girl. and I was quiet  and was not in contact with her because on that night only my younger brother was expired and i did’t wanted to involve my parents in  this matter.

I did’t cooked up all these things all i am in worry only because of that i once had physical with her and she’s not a good girl her character is not good at all that i can marry her .She will also make her relation with another  person when i will outside my home and there nobody else in her family expect her  mother to talk .


Please guide me , make me out of this trouble.plz help

Vishwa (translator)     12 April 2012

Dear Pankaj,

It seems strange that learned lawyers should equate love and human relations to "drilling" and "soil investigation. It is no crime to develop friendship or consensual physical relations with persons of opposite or even same gender. And if you want to stop and not continue with such relations, that is also your right. Do not let anyone bully you into believing otherwise.

You seem to belong to Dehradun. You can contact me via private message for face to face discussion.

Best of luck


bhagwan (owner)     12 April 2012

hi, if new amendment of property goes in favour of women, certainlyy all the door will beopened for womens and those days are not far when we will heard that everyday 100 of mens are suiciding due to the harrasement by wife and inlaws...GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 July 2013

havge you resigstered case o fburgulary and arson against her.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     24 July 2013

have you resigstered case of burgulary and arson against her.

shriks........... (healyhcare)     24 July 2013

1. boss file a complaint first and keep 1000bucks for upar ki kamai to the karmacharis.....

2. let her come to not go alone.......take some one who is used to ps......

3. else compensate for you passion and try to settle now .......bcos if it goes high........later you might regret........
here we assume she not faithful.......if you trying to dispose her off thats bad......

4. lessons to learn:
keep strawberries before your passion flares
but before that....think once if not twice......about always bounces back smtimes or later.......

Gaurav (Agent)     25 July 2013

HI Dude,

As per my advise, i would say there is nothing to do with Legal Aid.

You should talk to your parents and tell them the truth if needed do some manupulation is your statment and tell everythng to your parents.

Somewhere, you are at fault but no worries..  Apne bache ki galti hoti bhi hai tau parents do thapad maar kar maaf kar dete hai.....

Parents se do thappad kha aur dil se dar nikal de.....

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