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Gender Biased & Discriminated Laws in India

Page no : 2

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     07 January 2013

Here no one says no strict law for offenders. What is required to check the misuse of law and implicating innocent using these sections. Moreover, if you have not heard any incident, it does not mean that it has not happened or has not been happening. 

rajiv_lodha (zz)     08 January 2013

Nobody says that strict laws shudnt be made, but problem is twosom:

1) These shud be gender neutral

2) False complaints shud be striclty dealt with

See this latest:


Moga police cancels rape case after probe
Tribune News Service

Faridkot, January 4
The Nihal Singh Wala police in Moga cancelled a rape case, 24 hours after it was registered.

On Thursday, a 22-year-old woman made a complaint to the police stating that her tenant, a famous kabaddi player, allegedly raped her for the last eight months. Taking prompt action, the police registered a case under Section 376 of the IPC but a SP-level officer was deputed to conduct an inquiry into the allegation, said Moga SSP Surjit Singh Grewal, adding that the inquiry revealed that the complaint was false.

It was learnt that Harpal Singh, the accused, was a tenant in the complainant's house and the latter wanted to go abroad after marrying him.

But some days ago, she came to know that Harpal got married with some other woman. Following this, she made a complaint to the police accusing him of physically exploiting her, said SSP.

The complainant woman could not provide any evidence in support of her allegation, said the SSP.

After finding the allegation false, the police cancelled the case as per the law, he said.

"The woman was pressurising and blackmailing Harpal. A case would be registered against the woman under Section 182," he added.


save Family System (fdf)     27 February 2013

Problems with Law and women is:-

1) if 1% men or families harrased 1% women,  then why give biased laws and power to rest 99% women to harras rest 99% Men and families?


2)  I believe Laws must be flexble enough and gender neutral, and if Law is giving protection to Women, then there should be equal punishment for women and her family in case they misutlize it.  As they are not only harrasing husband family but also making mockery of whole Legal system.

3) Marriage should be forced equally on women and Men, its forced on Men only.

Why Law dont force 50% share in Father property for Ladies, why its forced on husbands, this is most rubbish law I think. If some marriage ends in 1 year, why women shold get money?

4) Laws mostly are doing wife empowerment and not Women empowerment

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save Family System (fdf)     03 March 2013

If 1% wrong people[Men or Women] from a Nation harrases other 1% People [Men or Women],  It does not qualify rest 98% innocent People [Men or Women]  to be harrased by gender biased Laws. 

I am ashmaed of our leaders that they really cant handle situations.

Dowry is considered a bad tradition, Laws and Law makers could not eradicate from root, Ask me what they did ??

They reversed direction of dowry whcih is forced by Law also  in the form of ailmony or maintenence, NO?

Dowry is a crime doen by society people.

Ailmony or maintenence even bigger crime done by society and supported by Laws, WOW!!

Rani, Vera, those 98% includes your families also may be.  Do u think making rules for 98% innocent people will qualify each of them to harras each other?  I think so, biased laws will tend whole society to fatherless one day.

Also I think if u see many laws in India are immoral and unbalanced, like reservation, property laws  if You are a person who worked hard and achieved success by your hard work, definitely you wont agree with those rules.

Why Laws dont force 50% right in property of women father ?

Why only husbands are forced ?




Abdul   07 March 2020

Originally posted by : Suresh A

great observation



Male Suicides


Female Suicides







The Ratio of Males Committing Suicides is almost Double then that of Women and These are official Figures... now the women organisation will JUMP to MANIPULATE these Figures !!!!

The issue is not about Men or Women... Its Gender Biased and Discriminated Laws

We all (including you VERA) need to create awareness for encouraging and promoting Gender Neutral Laws in the Society... 


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