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This is Santosh  From Mumbai   &  I’m a mechanical Engineer. Recently My parents joined some Trust  . The aim of Trust is to solve problems of  people  &  Help them .One day  the president of trust   said My parents  I have  employed some needful peoples in government jobs . If u say then I can employ ur son in Indian railways too  as a motorman. but for that u should give me some money  …The amount was 4 Lacs  He said that u have to give 3 lacs first den  remaining after getting job & Joining letter will be issued to you  after 3 Months. My parents got ready to pay that amount   we payed him 3 lacs in some steps .we inquired him  after 3 Months . when we makes him call he says that  procedure is going  on & I will be get back to u  . Now 1 year passed but I didn’t get any job one day parents called him & told him To give our money back . He said come to my Office  & take  but when we had gone to his  office there were no any kind of office of this person. We asked some people abt him they said that he is great fraud Person & the Trust  is also fake  So we lodged FIR against dat person in police station . Police have made some  inquiry  on him but he says that “ I have not taken any money “ after that court put  him in custody for 7 days  but he is not accepting that he has taken ours money . So Now he is leaved by Court on “JAMEEN”

Evidence we have:

v     Letter head (Fraud person ) In which  clearly Mentioned  that he has taken our money with his signature & stamp

v      Audio Recording Of calls

v     Fake Press  Identity cards  Of his Trust

v     Cases against him in some police station


 Now what action we can  take  against this fraud person  & get our money back.

Awaiting for your Response


Regards ,



Dy Director

basically they approached him as a tout for Govt job, Is'nt it?


Dear Sir,

 Firstly  Thanking You for ur suggestion . But Fraud person  is the president of  that  trust  & he had shown us  ID cards that he is an Employee of Indian railways. On that base my parents had given him money for my job.  I m only not the sufferer But there are many peoples  who are suffering this . Some of them have lodged case against him . but he escapes frm all  that on the basis of Zameen.  In Mumbai  Polce Station There are Five cases against him.  In our Case  also he is been escaped on the basis of ZAMEEN .now police said that they will be  Filing Chargesheet in 2-3 days  against him   .

Some Question

  • The chargesheet will filed in front of us or wht.....?
  • What section we can apply on him.
  •  After chargesheet wht  is the  procedure .
  • In how many dayz we will get justice


Thanking You




Dy Director

He has shown you the I Card and you jumped in to get your son enrolled in railways without any examination?


Have you not used him as a bribe tout?

Dy Director

Why you did not like to fill form of RRB and get a railway job like millions of railmen.?


How could you believe that there can by any NGO which will help to get Govt job without advertisement and without recruitment procedure?

You are lucky that police did not include you name in FIR.




Dear sir,

             I dont think that  I have given any bribe Bcoz my son is  well qualified for dat post & He is a Mechanical Engineer & only mistake I made  dat I trusted on that  fraud person & I have not murdered anyone  dat the police will registered an FIR against Me. 

He has not only done fraud with me  but there are many people who r sufferer  for some other Reasons(Money Double, Homes , Govt job etc) &   Some sufferer Dont have sufficient evidence against him .  So the fraud person thinks dat (Koi kuch nahi bigad payega mera) But  I have evidence against  him dat he has taken our money & I will Prove It .... I will Teach him a lesson .

 Now if u think dat with me those who r sufferer  will get justice den u will help me ........


Thanking you




Dy Director

whether he is dgree holder engineer or diploma holder.


if diploma holder why he did not apply for the JE post when advsrtised


if dgree holder then coul d he not have appeared in UPSC Engineering Service Exam if inteested in Gazetted Govt post.

Dy Director

if you did nor pay him bribe then why did you pay him?


was the entire money meant for supply of office equpt?

how much qty of what item was ordered and how much supplied?


what was relevant of his claim to be know to the Minister for giving him money?


All these questions you will encounter.




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