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framing rti questions


I am falsely trapped in dowry case....can any one please tell me in framing rti qestions

. Please provide the certified response copies which was submitted by Mr.xxxxxxxxx to the concern department to offer his comments on Violation of ............organization CCS Conduct Rules ( CCS Dowry Prohibition Act 1961 for giving dowry ) .

ANSWER I GOT: NO RESPONSE COMMENTS RECIEVED FROM XXX IN RESPONSE TO MEMO DATED 29.10.2010......its been more than 2 months what should i need to do in this...

3. Provide me the certified copies of Action taken report on my application
and this RTI by your department till date. If no action taken report held, please mention the reasons for that?

ANSWER I GOT: no such information or report is held;as the mater is still under process...

4. If it is a punishable crime under Sec 182 to give false information to police/Hon’ble Court and whether the ............organization officials required to inform the concerned police station/officer/ Hon’ble Court if it finds that false information is given to police/court by their employee? If not, why?

ANSWER I GOT: Information defined in RTI doesnot include answers to such questions, for which no information is held as on date..

5. If ...........organization Employee gives false information to Hon’ble court/Police officer against the organization records/memos/comments of the employee, what kind of action will be taken on that employee?

ANSWER I GOT: Information defined in RTI doesnot include answers to such questions, for which no information is held as on date..

6. Whether Mr. xxxx has informed to xxxxx in any manner that what expenditure was incurred by him on the marriage of his daughter in xxxx and disclosed the source of fund? If yes, kindly furnish the photocopy of such document. If NO, what are the departmental action you are entitled to take against such employees who do not disclose their immediate family member's marriages expenditure..

ANSWER I GOT:information not held

7. Provide me the details in how many cases they have received any information of giving dowry?.

information not held

ANSWER I GOT:information not held, PIO is not the component authority

8. In how many cases public information officer have initiated action. for giving dowry by their employees? if not, reasons as on record for not initiating action?.

ANSWER I GOT:information not held, PIO is not the component authority

10. What is the provision of punishment for not following CCS conduct rules.?

answer i got : rule avialable on Ministry Of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

3. according to various .organizations aws,guidelines,rules,procedures,manuals etc., in how much time should an investigation be completed after receipt of complaint. please provide copies of such guidelines, which prescribed time limits for various stages from receipt of complaint up to filing of action taken report?

answer i got :no information held

Kindly provide the each and every movement details of this RTI application till its disposal.

any suggestions from clean corruption,right and all other members in formatting my RTI ..Looking for desperate help.....Right said and clean corruption can u please share ur RTI that would be great help...

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@ Author,

Your questions are answered by concerned Department PIO and since your questions are not framed rightly to that particular Department which I can see and to the right PIO the information you are getting are not clear from the PIO of your FIL's concerned Dept.

I am aware of your extraction of such RTI question and probably you forgot which que. to ask to which authority that is why you are waiting 2 months to get on a plate all right answers to frame your FIL ! Right ?

Consult the same person who gave you these questions and now send to right authorities.

All the best.


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If      the     question s     relate     to    other   Department,   he    is    bound   to    send   a     copy     to    the   concerned   PIO     under   sub-section( 3 )  of   section 6    of     the   RTI  Act,2005.




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