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mystery   26 February 2015

Forced marriage

Dear All,

We were in a relationship for the past 7 years. We faced a lot of ups and downs during this period and decided to spend our lives with each other. Last year, her (my gf's) family engaged her with a boy and i was aware about it. But she told that it was not a very big issue, as it was just a formality of customs.

One month ago, she got married with that boy and I was informed after 5 days of marriage. Now, she is saying that she is not happy as her in laws family is very greedy and she also missed me. But she's also saying that whether she is happy or not, she has to stay with them and compromise, as her parents respect is related to it. She is not sure whether she will take any step or not?

They ( In laws family) demanded a car as dowry, after marriage (within 15 days) again demanded for some jewellery and also took all her salary. She has to suffer for a small amount of money. Her husband also is a greedy person and didnot support him. As, only one month of marriage had passed, what we can do legally?

As, it is not possible for me to see she's living like a hell. If she was ok, then I have no objection and I 'll not interfear into her life.

I have some questions, if any of you please help me out, then, I shall be thankful.

Q1 Is it possible to get divorcee or annulment, because it was a forced marriage by her parents?

Q2 If yes, then by which method?

Q3 How much time it will take?

Q4 Does court or indian law understands the relationship which is seven years long and we have videos in which we celebrated Diwali etc by proper way of worship (puja etc, as a husband and wife does)

Please help.


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Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     26 February 2015

Dear,, Yes she can file a suit for annulment of marriage on the ground of force.... But that will take sometime for her get the decree for annulment of marriage .... Kapil Chandna Adv 9899011450

Manpreet (Manager)     26 February 2015

Dear Mystry,

7 years+, Really  meaningfulltime and you were informed after 5 days of her marriage ? What a strong relation. You have also informed she is working.

Please understand the girl may be making story. Just think

1. If she really liked you she could have resisted the marriage. When she married then she could have tried to adjust or mould her husband or inlaws with dedication.withing one she shared all the details with you??

2. Infact you must admit that initialy she was confused about your relation. Thats the reason she entered into the marriage.Now probably she she is finding probably you were better,which is quite obvious. She knows she have a standby,thats the reason she is making these stories.

3. I think you forgot to mention that donot have any physical relation (Normally these stories is supported by the husband being impotent,drunker....)

Now if she donot  want to continue the marriage, the best way is MCD for which the husband should be ready and it requires one year completion of marriage.

Rest is your luck

FightForCause (Businessman)     27 February 2015


What a one sided love you have.

Girl gets Engaged...Marries and then informs you she is not happy and she respects her parents etc etc

Friend : You may have known her for 7 years but they do not say " Aurrat ko samjhna mushkil hai " just for sake of it.

Stay away from her life and focus on your life. She did not cared for 7 years relationship and you expect her to do justice to 1 month marriage.

Even if her condition is becoz she loves you and cannot marry you...she had no right to destroy that other fellow life. Dowry and other allegations may be false to gain sympathy.


If she is really troubled...she should only contact her FAMILY and discuss...any relationship and closeness with you after marriage is bound to bring more trouble......REST IS FOR U TO GAUGE.

mystery   28 February 2015

Dear Frds Thanks for ur suggestions. But, one fact which i forgot to mention is that she resisted alot for this marriage. One year ago, I met her parents. Her mother was ready but her father was not ready. He threaten me that she will kill the girl and he threaten her daughter many times that he will kill me if she will not ready for marriage. I knew she fought alot for us. Therefore, these type of allegations that she didnot care for 7 yrs long relationship is incorrect. May be she is trying to adjust bcoz this is india nd she is a indian girl and it is very very hard to think about getting out of a 1 month old marriage. So, I decided to give time to her and to myself believing that time ll give all answers and may be with passage of time either she will be happy with her current family or she ll come back to me. Rest is my luck nd god's decision.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     02 March 2015

If she feels that the marriage was forced upon her without her consent, she can very well file a petition for annulment of marriage but it will take years to get disposed if the other side decides to contest and fight it out tooth and nail. My opinion is that since she has went out of your life, why don't you allow her to live her own life, let she decide what is to be done on it, you may help her once she is coming back to you.  Nothing forbids her to live with you during the pendency of her annulment petition.

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