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Saumya (saumya)     23 October 2012

Filing false charges against in-laws,what should i do now?


my name is Saumya and i am here for your advice.I was married by my parents wishes an arranged marriage and we lived very happily with my husband,inlaws and my sister and brother in laws were very nice with me.I lived with my husband and his parents at his parents place.

One day i had a small quarrel with my husband and i left to my parents home as i was angry but this was not forever.I stayed with my parents for a week and one day my dad and one of his friend came to me and said how dare my husband can say anything to me and we should teach him a lesson which i did not take serious.

My dad wanted me sign some papers and said leave things to him and he will do what he wants and i signed on those papers.Now i came to know from one of my friend that my husband,in-laws and even my brother and sister in laws were arrested and they had big trouble.I came to know that my dad was filing lot of false charges against them which i also don't know.One of my friend told me that my marriage can never be recovered after filing charges.I later came to know that one of my dads friend who is a lawyer and some women working with womens organizations were doing all these.

I don't understand what these people got by destroying my life.My dad says if i say anything then it will be against him so i also don't want that my dad be in any trouble and now i should do what he says.

What should i do now ?


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stanley (Freedom)     23 October 2012

The marriage is over its a case of 498 A and cannot be reconciled .

subhranshu (Manager)     23 October 2012

There are several ways you can save your in laws's life.

but be sure that your father may face some legal challanges. Resubmit an application to withdraw the charges. Explain the detals why you want to withdraw. detailed what you can.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 October 2012

Nothing should be done!

Let the evidence stage come and then you will be called, state the evidences as per you what you think actually happened. The whole cases whose special knowledge only your father has as you say will come flat and start getting dismissed one by one.

When each and every case gets dismissed and say if your father has also filed divorce case on your behalf then accept your divorce and live a life being papas little angel. Rationally I mean why complain now being adult educated person with perfect commas and perfect grammar in your thread post testing what the forum will now react as!

This is a legal portal site not TOI’s agony aunt column that a adult educated female person does not know what to do when she signs affidavit of false cases as per her own admission!!!

[Happens when 2 Lac metro women exactly do that. With LCI’s Beta test site live yours is a Beta test thread query J]

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stanley (Freedom)     23 October 2012

Originally posted by : Tajobsindia

This is a legal portal site not TOI’s agony aunt column that a adult educated female person does not know what to do when she signs affidavit of false cases as per her own admission!!!

[Happens when 2 Lac metro women exactly do that. With LCI’s Beta test site live yours is a Beta test thread query J]


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Praveen Kumar (Intern Lawyer)     23 October 2012

Dear Saumya,

What you want now? Can you feel the pain of your innocent husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and other family members? If the the resiprocal of the case would be with you i mean you and your parents will have to face the problem of custody they may realise what you did.

Sorry but how can you sign on a paper without read. Either you are involved and making fool to us to take the help for save your married life or you are really blind who forgetted the love and affection of your husband. It is quite difficult to save your married life as your husband and in-laws will also filled some counter case against you and your family. If you are really honest towards your husband and have feeling and love only for your husband then go and meet him individually and apologies  for whatever you did by mistake. Also go and apologies to your in-laws and request them to forgive you. You need to withdraw the case on immediate basis so your husband and in-laws can get bail otherwise no one would be able to save your married life. The life of your husband and your good self will be ruined within the court and its procedure. Its my suggestion to leave your parents and join your husband.

May I request with God to forgive you for this mistake and your married life will make happier.

Thanks & Regards,

Praveen Kumar Sharma

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Never Give Up (Fighter)     23 October 2012

Unbelievable story...


Educated person signed on papers without even reading what is written on it ..


You sound ekjjately like my wife in law and father in law..they still keep on saying that we dont know what was written inside, its all lawyer cooked up story. We never told these things to our lawyers and bla bla bla...


Now face the trial , if your husband is manly material he will never accept you back.  Better part ways with good note.




Do you know the meaning of 498a? It is criminal case. You have made whole family criminal in the eyes of society.

You (or lets assume your father, if you are saying truth) have dragged a family dispute into court.

My wife has also deserted like you did but has not filed any case but has she done that I would have taught her (and her family) a life time lesson (in court or out of court).

I am carrying respect for my wife till she want to be respected.

I am 100% sure that your husband might be feeling the same about you. Your marriage should be over by this act of yours and let me make you assure that nowadays, with people are getting aware of such missuse of laws, you and your family will see the consequence in coming years.

Have said that, the only action that can save your marriage is go back to your husband (with some elders of your family) and say him the truth and apologize and let him decide how to proceed further.

Please understand, if you really want to save your marriage and live a respectable life then there is no harm in bowing down and accepting your faults.


498 A fighter (Advocate)     23 October 2012

fight_with_498a is 100% correct, in your house such a consipiracy against your husband is going on, and you dont know after all your father and brother must made have some points which are not absurd as they are also know the law, i mean to say witout your consent they are not able to line a single false alegation, and you cant hide it that if you said a very samll thinng like your husband show you sketch of snake , your father made it husband put real snake on you but idea of snake is given by you , as your advocate also might told them that allegation should be near to realty , if you told your husband touch your cheeks then definitely you told he hit me on and in allegation it is made that he hit badly 1000 times.

so you are surly present behind the scene, now you know why you just simply blaming to your fahter and mother.

but if you reunite also then your ego comes anytime and if you say to your husband n jokeway also that how i teach  you a lesson?the situation become worst, so by considering all you move ahead now?

soon you withdraw cases sooner your life become smooth,498a is taken by both consent you apply in HC, otherwise after some time your in laws never forgive you as they have to go to attend the hearing every time and this is very tourtures for them. and also if you will not get united then also end this so you both can depart peacefully and never interfere in each otheres life.other wise law game will be played from both side and time /money /peace all ruins.

Saumya (saumya)     23 October 2012

I know it is now too late and neither my husband nor my in laws will accept me after they been to jail.

My dad is saying that i am young and can get married again so i should respect him and if i take back the case then he will loose his respect in society.The lawyer said that he can settle the case for 80lacs and i also get divorce.Is that really possible for the lawyer to get 80lacs ?




you seem to be  piece of sh*t, nothing else.

Just because now you feel that they won' accept you, you want to extract 80 lakh ?

If not, why did not you slap your lawyer for such bit*hy comment?

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vijay kumar (--)     23 October 2012

  1. You may get 80 lacs and this case may be settled. But it is not that easy to forget all the things and live rest of your life happily.  Better try all possibilities to apologize your husband.  You can approach them through family mediators or common relatives. Convince your father first and come with a middle solution which will not damage your father's image and your life. But please never say false in court against your husband for the sake of your dad's image. You will never be regretted for that.  
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Javed (CA)     23 October 2012

There are many husbands and their families in India comitting suicide after they go to jail on such 498a false cases.All their respect is lost in the society only because of a stupid girls complaint which our law gives so much importance.

If the husband is smart enough then by spending quarter of those 80 lacs he can easily get a Supari for your entire family and he along with the public here will watch it on Crime report.

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wonderful reply

498 A fighter (Advocate)     23 October 2012

instead of making life easier , smoother you are worrying about society what society think? great !

now you want money also, if you get money then society will appreciate, i also want to join such society.

if you remaary and other lawyer say he will just make to get 2 crore then you again do this for second husband, more for 3rd and more for 4th and 5th and so on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

and your and your father get high respect..................

you are hiding some facts thats why you are not able to appologise in front of your husband.

you are also in some fault, may be its ego problem at one hand you dont want to loose and on other hand you want to harrase them , madam they are on bail they had seen all their worst now they are mentally set , now they will just give money like a bone throw in front of dog, to get peace,

now their days are over when you can demand more and more......

for get all better bow down and continue your life in decent way........little hard but if you wish you can do it easily....only the thing you have to surrender and keep your ego away...

young does not mean that you keep on changing husband better to change yourself.

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