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Saurav   21 December 2020

Fed up with wife,need to know how to protect myself

I am fed up with my wife's behavior. She is extremely irrational and nagging. I wanted an educated wife, even if she does not work it was acceptable to me. I was told she is an MA in Sanskrit, but she cannot even read the language. I accepted this lie. She has no interest in anything except cooking basic food, but she constantly nags me about how much work she does in the house. (we have a maid also) During fights she threatens suicide and clearly says that she will blame the suicide on me. She has even threatened to send me to jail. She has misbehaved with my parents as well. I am totally fed up, but I want to know what can I do.


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Anubhav Tyagi   21 December 2020

Mr Saurav,

You must firstly decide what do you want. Do you want a divorce or do you want to continue your marital life with her. Things can sometimes be sorted out and be solved by mutual understanding and you may continue your happy married life. However, if you do not wish to continue your married life then you may divorce your wife. If your wife also wants a divorce then it would be much simple and less time consuming. If you file a one sided divorce it would take a longer time to get the divorce. At the same time you can also file a criminal case against your wife as she has bluffed you about her as educational qualifications and married you.

Saurav   21 December 2020

Thank you,

Is it possible to protect myself against a false cases of dowry and harresement against women. Please note that my wife does have a degree with her, it is just that she knows nothing. The degree is real, but it is like someone else went to the classes and passed the exam for her, so i dont know how i will be able to prove that she lied to me about her education. 

I am trying to sort out things as much as possible but I am also mindful of the false cases which women and their family file these days. So i want to protect myself and my parents.

Isaac Gabriel (Advocate)     21 December 2020

Consult lawyer about filing divorce.

Shashi Dhara   21 December 2020

First collect or record her threatening for proof of evidence.when they told she has ma in Sanskrit you  would be aware of it  i

Samayeta Bal   21 December 2020

Hello there,

You can go through the following articles below in order to understand all remedies you have and also have a holistic understanding of what you would want to do. 3365.asp


There are also many others going through the same situation as yours, you can thus take the help of the expert answers provided to them through the following links. members-143868.asp


I Hope, I could help you.

With regards,

Samayeta Bal 

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Saurav   21 December 2020

Thank you all... I will refer these.

P. Venu (Advocate)     22 December 2020

The facts posted are too general to suggest any remedy other than divorce by mutual consent.

giri raj (other)     31 December 2020

Manage and File a criminal cases against her, mention that she is threatening u that she will misuse law with False charges.

Give her a taste of her own strategy by filing criminal cases against her.

And throw her from your life.

She will not understand you n ur family.

Also if u feel, she realised her mistake and apologies to u, then make a note at police station that she will not repeat above instances.

Keep that nicely framing on wall and enjoy your marriage life with her.

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rajeshkhana   20 January 2021

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