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Benidict benidict (Abcd)     10 April 2020



Let me tell me the whole things happened in my life. Iam 32 married. When I was study school. I loved a girl and she also loved me. But her mother played a game and we were separated. I was sent to another far away city which i cant contact her anymore. So life moves on. I got married to another girl and have a kid. I were in contact with my ex lover after 15years. Through facebook we were chating. She said everything what happened as soon as i left. She wait for me to return back. But i never came back. She was emotionally forced for her marriage with no options , she has to accept it. But her husband family is not good. There was so many tortures   And tortures for dowry. She was not happy with his husband. She want to leave. She have 1 daughter 5 year old. She adjusting her life for 6 years with this painfull life. She was not allowed to meet her parents also. There were so many restrictions. So in that time We came into contact through facebook. We fell in love again. But we both know, that we cant get married, because we have children. So we decided to talk about good and bad happening in her life. I was her moral support. We were chating like a husband and wife. She liked me so much. But she is clear , that we cant get married. So she is happy with me. One day I planned to meet her in house. We met each other. She emotionally cried and i also cried. Because we love that much in school days. So we share our feelings. We took selfies photos. So after someday her husband came to know all these things. He saw all our chats , photos, voice messages everything. Then there was a lot of physical violence. This was happening during this corona time , whole country is lockdown. She cant come out for help. So everyday her husband beat her. He will call me , i will be hearing sound. I asked him to stop beating. I asked him sorry and forgiveness. But he beat her everyday and also her mother in law beat her too. Then they informed to her mother. And I informed only to my father. So they both call to my ex girl - mother in law , they asked sorry. But they were not stoping the physical violence. He is threatening his wife that, he will leak all our photos and chats in facebook. So whatever he ask to do, she should do. She is under his control . We were helpless. Her mother said that , she dont want this chat and photos to come in public. She wants to solve this silently. Also she want her daughter back in her home. Also she wants to divorce him. But her mother don’t want these selfie photos to come in public. Now we dont know what to do and we dont know how to recover her daughter . Please advice.


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     11 April 2020

You have already done more than needed, and please keep a distance from their family and do not take the trouble of guiding them yourself by obtaining legal guidance from the open forum.  So many persons are involved in the episode. and complicating her personal issues.  Nowadays, every person can take care of his/her issues with enough maturity and at that age, no one likes outside interference.

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Kishor Mehta (CEO)     11 April 2020

If the story is true, ask her to approach police authority and file an FIR under 498A.
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Free Legal Help India   11 April 2020


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