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False dv case and 498a

i was married 2 years ago I live in USA with US passport. Wife lived only 5 months and left me without any major reason. She is loner and has 0 social skills. after landing in india waited for 15 days and lodged 498a, parents on bail and i am in USA. Lot on settlement pressure in PS on me but dint agree for any. case is in FIR still. Now after 10 month lodges a DV Case with is sent in a post to me but i did not accept. Parents accepted summons and waiting for the date. 

My unscrupulos wife recorded my voice when i called her to convince her that I did do small arguments and also agreed for things that I did not do just to make her convince and be peacefull in my relations without knowing that is doing all this to capture my voice as proof. Now she is using that recording everywhere and lodging cases on my for simple arguments we had. 


where do i stand in this unauthorised recording.!!??


dont go to any body first try to settle that police by pressure not give money other wise they will demand more,

give application to varous officers , in councelling cell soon,

higher an adovacate for AB read how to fihgt 498A and DV cases read the post of suffering people read my post also .



Hire a seasoned advocate.

Don't worry so much.Next time be careful.Don't say such words over phone or sms or mail.

First time Court will give Protection order  if she is able to prove that you have done any violence to her.If you violate the order then you will get punishment.So next time be careful.


My Wife is surely not after Protection order. She is after my money. How much penality can a district court penalise me for petty aruments with wife??


depends upon how much you have caused loss to have to compensate.


will they ask me to pay all marriage costs, here 3 months salary that we spent together and everything she brought to me so far???

Secunderabad/Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294

offence punishable under Section 498A of the IPC is not compoundable, in appropriate cases, if the parties are willing and if it appears to the criminal court that there exists elements of settlement, it should direct the parties to explore the possibility of settlement through mediation," 


1) your wife has filed DV case against you . file reply to the allegations made in DV case and in respect of reliefs claimed by her . 

2) as far as 498A case is concerned your wife will have to prove  the allegations of dowry harrasment . 

3) as far as audio recordings are concerned it merely shows that some arguments had taken place between you and your wife and you wanted a amicable settlement . 

4) for petty arguments there is no penalty . 


In dv case does my wife has to prove the allegations made by her or I have to prove them as lies??

I am sure she will claim my whole property as relief but where do i stand in proving them. She has no proof other than

those recordings and I have photos, chatting history where she forced me to take dowry for our marriage.

Funny is that protection officer did not call my parents and investigated, he just sent summons??? why would he do that?



Sir I would like to bring to your notice that I stay with my family in ahmedabad

And got married on 2nd March,2008 at Mohali. Sir my wife jaspreet kaur anand

Daughter of Dawinder singh anand resident of House no.253, Phase 1, Mohali, Punjab

Has cheated me and my family by hiding the fact that my wife has squint eye and very low

Vision in her left eye since birth. My wife,her parents and her relatives  hided this fact to

get her married to me because this is physical deformity. My wife and her parents also hided

the fact that she went through squint eye operation at PGI, Chandigarh in 1993.

Sir if I or my family would have known that my wife jaspreet kaur had squint eye problem, low vision

And also that she will never get her vision back in her life time.

Sir my marriage was done on 2nd march,2008 at mohali and we got back to my house at ahmedabad on 5th march, 2008 where we found out that my wife had squint eye problem.

When I asked my wife about this cheating she said that her parents and her uncle told not to say this fact before marriage till the groom family finds out. When I called my father-in-law and his brother tajinder singh they said they will get my wife operation done as it is minor squint in left eye.

They also warned and threatened me that if I try to do my wife eye operation in ahmedabad then they file a legal case against me and my family. So I could not do anything except to wait till my wife parents came to ahmedabad and did my wife operation.

Sir my wife parents or their relatives never came to ahmedabad until 10th july,2009 after 16 months of marriage when I went to a eye surgeon on 6th july,2009 and found out that my wife had squint and low eye vision since birth and also that my wife had undergone eye operation in childhood as doctor could see the stitches. I also took my wife to Civil hospital for eye check up where they confirmed the previous doctor report and I also took operation date on 14th july,2009 which was later on cancelled as my father-in-law and my wife promised to get her eye operated in Chandigarh on their own.

Sir I would also like to bring to your notice that since 5th march,2008 my wife has not allowed for physical relation when I came to know about the cheating done. My wife put a pre-condition after speaking to her parents that first I should transfer the property in her name. This conspiracy was designed by my wife, my wife parents, tajinder singh [uncle], arvinder kaur[aunty], baby masi, navpreet singh, preeti[sister of jaspreet ], jasjit[preeti husband, and amrit kaur [grand mother of jaspreet[ to get property transferred first, because once property is transferred satinder singh anand and his family would not be able to take any legal action against my wife, her parents and her relatives.

Sir they are lingering on this case since march 2008.

Sir my wife left for her parental home mohali as she had cousin engagement and a marriage occasion in her family, so I went to delhi to drop her , where her father dawinder singh anand came to pick up at gurudwara sheesh ganj sahib, delhi on 14th march,2012. Before leaving my wife came to my mom and showed that she is taking 2 gold sets, 8 gold bangles, 2 diamond rings and 1 gold ring and 1 gold chain with her on engagement and marriage occasion, but actually that was just game plan, she carried all the gold given by us and my relatives and her parents and also took my mother gold which was kept in her locker and keys use to be with her.

I have got the entire video of her taking gold as a proof.

Sir I have tickets to prove and I took the entire video of conversation where my wife and her father confessed that they had not told me or my family about my wife jaspreet kaur squint eye before marriage.

My father-in-law also promised to get her squint eye operated and also to teach her manners.

My father-in-law in that video confessed that they don’t have any problem with me. My wife confessed that I have never abused, beaten or said anything wrong to her till that date, and she also confirmed that I have never taken dowry or demanded dowry.

She also said that I am very hard working boy and I am excellent guy.

My wife has not returned till date as on 1st April,2013 at her matrimonial home inspite of thousand of calls, around 500 messages 2 personal meetings with her parents at delhi on 26th sept,2012.


Sir my wife is demanding that I transfer the property in her name and second should discontinue all relations with my parents and send to their relatives, which was turned down by me.

Sir my wife had filed a false on 12th Dec,2012 after 9months  separation from me, of 498a case against me and my family and my sister[who is married and stays at delhi] . My wife filed this case at P S Motar, woman cell, sector 71, phase 1, mohali.

Sir I have been present at Woman cell on all 4 dates but the complaintant my wife jaspreet kaur had not come to woman cell on 2dates 16th Jan,2013 and 4th feb,2013.  I filed a complaint to SHO woman cell, mohali, SSP-mohali, Deputy chief minister-punjab that my wife as filed false complaint and she herself is not coming to  woman cell.

Sir I have given all video and audio recording proofs, messages proofs send to my wife by me, letters written by me to my wife to come back, but no reponse from her. I have also submitted the gold bills, clothes bills, my bank statement of 4 years, my credit card statement, my marriage bills and also a cheque copy of Rs,38,000 which was sent by my father-in-law in 2010 against the amount of Rs.88,000 which I lended to him to do the marriage in respectful way.

My goodness is that I did not clear the cheque because of my father-in-law poor financial condition.

I have also asked for help from SAVE INDIA FAMILY ORGANISATION and to look in to my matter and save me and my family from this false case of 498a and domestic violence.

Sir I got all the proofs to prove my innocence still nobody is there to help me.

Sir please look in to this matter and help me and my family, before I commit suicide.



Sir i have 2 hearings on 27th may,2013 for domestic violence and  maintenance. Sir what preparations should i do to ensure that all domestic violence case is false.

I have an audio and video recording of my wife and her father, stating that i have never torchered , beaten, harassed or demanded dowry.

both agreed in video and audio recently before filing the FIR .

please suggest me documents which i need for maintenance and domestic violence.

what Should i do and what i should not do?

please guide me





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