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ybpravi (organiser)     01 December 2014

False dv case 125 crp

Respected sir,

The petition to be considered before the Minister of Home affairs,   


PraveenKumar. y.b husband for Sheela Devadasan , Cheruthalakal puthen veedu,   Andoorkonam , Kunnathukal village , Karakonam.P.o, Trivandrum.


B.Devadasan, ‘PARADISE’,  karakonam, karakonam. P.O, Trivandrum,Kerala

Subject matter: The petition submitted to release my wife Sheela Devadasan from the house custody under the control of her father B. Devadasn.

Police station:Vellarada


I married Sheela Devadasan who is his younger daughter of my respondent dated 11/04/2013 at karakonam C.S.I church with the customs of Christian marriage conducted by respected. Ex. C.S.I Bishop Rtd. Mesiaha Das Keseria. In continuance with the marriage we both signed in the marriage register book of CSI norms and became husband and wife. We both signed as an agreement with the norms and conditions of Christian marriage act and church .After the marriage we together lived in my house.

When we together lived in my house after the marriage her parents had made no inclination to understand about our welfare towards us .According to the interest of my wife I oftenly visited in her house. At the same marriage day in the night when we opened suitcase which was brought from her house we could see enough capsules and oilments .It was printed the name Dr.Yogiraj Centure for Dermatology and cosmetology Pattom-4.I asked her wife why all this capsules to use but my wife replied that this medicine was to remove the scars on the skin. So I believed it that it was true. In many days my wife talked to me with contradictions and thereby she did not talk with anybody else for hours without eating food. So I informed through telephonic contact about this problem to her parents. When she lived with us she has no problem it was replay of her parents. They tried to believe me that it was the separation of living and it will be changed after two days .Thus they told with the same voice to me .Due to the irregularities of taking capsule my wife started showing abnormalities in her character. So I put her with the compulsion of her parents at Karakonam CSI Medical College for the treatment. Later I came to understand that actually she was a real mental patient from the Doctors.

The history of Treatment for Sheela Devadasan:-

Now I understood about her treatment as inpatient from 01/07/2003 to 08/07/2003 at Trivandrum G.G. Hospital, from 21/02/2006 to 08/03/2006 at Trivandrum Medical College and 28/08/2008 to 08/07/2008 at Trivandrum G.G hospital. After my enquiry I could understand that she was the patient of ‘Schizophrenia’, a kind of mental disease for the last eleven years. Since her child hood she was affected this disease which is undergoing for the treatment at Trivandrum Medical College. The symptom of this disease has been seen before twenty years. Since that time the treatment has been continuing but yet there was no change .They did not give better treatment for her. Being this disease the long treatment when it becomes a serious mental disorder and she cries be due to fearness their parents giving treatment in different hospitals. Her parents conducted marriage for me without the notice of this disease. I made in my present enquiry that they admitted my wife secretly at karakonam medical college before marriage. Her parents did not reveal any knowledge or consent of my wife about the real facts and correct information’s to be included. They did not consider me as a real husband even in the hospital and in the society. They ridiculed to insult and tortured me enormously. With the help of her the fathers inspiration my wife Sheela Devadasan happened to change from my house. She had admitted at karakonam CSI medical college for one month for treatment with the suggestion of Doctor who told me that this disease will cure. When she became normal she had lived with me my residence. When I asked about the history of treatment for my wife to respondents for the better treatment to be shown at Trivandrum medical college in the presence of renowned Doctors, they did not keep any documents and escaped from that situation.

When my mother went to my sister’s house for her ministration of delivery at kattakada .I took my wife at her father’s house dated 16/02/2014 on Sunday evening at 4pm.After my job in the evenings, I have been visiting in her house. As usual after my job dated 28/02/2014 when I came to see my wife, I could understand the house was locked. After my enquiry at the next house I understood that she was admitted at karakonam medical college in the psychiatry department when I reached at medical college her father Devadasn did not allow me to see her. After my serious enquiry she was a mental patient and will take one month treatment with the interaction of the Doctor. Actually her father instructed the doctor not to allow me. Once my sister visited to see her at the hospital she used her mobile phone to contact me and to live with me stubbornly. But her parents removed sim card from the mobile phone which I purchased for my wife to call me. I strongly demanded to discharge from karakonam medical college for getting good treatment, they did not consider it as face value what I told and there was no result for the last twenty years of treatment in the hospitals. The best treatment is necessary for my wife. Otherwise it will be affected her life.

She was admitted in the hospital for the consideration and facilities of her parents, giving money to influence doctors, secret treatment given by her father without seeing me, the real facts of this disease only known by Doctor Anoop raveendran and the parents of my wife were the major issues. Her parents did not inform either me or my parents about the information of this disease. When I insisted to get more details from the Doctors I could understand that she was in ‘scizophrenia’and for the remaining facts Dr.Anoop Raveendran angrily told through internet.  

When I searched through internet it happened as hereditary from her parents. I learned that she has a feeling that others make trouble, doubt, absence of confidence, disinterest to interfere with others the style of activities of children were the behavior of my wife. On strictly asking about all this issues her parents voluntarily discharged from the hospital and made her under their house custody. Her parents did not inform anything about this disease after my marriage or not showing any interest to inform me.

Regarding information of Job:  I am a trained graduate I made some meager income through tuitions, program coordinator from computer work for my personal expenses and the needs of marriage after education. Now I have been tried to become a Govt. teacher. But my mother-in-law directly filed a suit in the court to misuse the section of Domestic violence act in the house and misinterpretation to my wife is another cheating. The important reason to be given for this case is to hide the society from the shame of doing this marriage. Why Mr. Devadasan whose relative Adv. Haridas made sameness with wrong attitude where her elder daughter working in the same court, even though the police station is near?

They are giving more importance of their proud than her own daughter’s life. Though all knew in the society I believe disappointment that she was a mental patient. I cannot reject my wife whom I married my family comprised five sisters including myself and my parents. My father is a Rtd. Govt teacher my sisters got married my parents are staying with me their protection is in my hand but my wife is separate and blocked her in house custody .She was admitted at karakonam medical college without any reason later 26/02/2014 her father forcefully registered a case at Neyyattinkara Judicial Magistrate Court by her mother without the knowledge of sheela devadasan .On 5/4/2014 I contacted directly at hospital with the help of police officials. When I talked about this case she told me that she did not register any case and was taking treatment in the hospital. She did not know about petition what her mother filed in the court I my self-talked about this case and it was not a case but it is to be separated. What she told before me I recorded in the mobile own asking from court I will produce this statement. But in the same day itself 5/04/2014 my wife was discharged and brought her house from karakonam medical college.

 At the time of the marriage they gave as gift amount 5000 rupees only. They gave 80 gram gold. Now they are telling 160 gram gold that they gave. It is absolutely wrong. She took 1 lakh rupees from her account for hospital expenses. Her parents her elder sister and her children are living in this house. We came to understand that her elder daughter husband is not good touch with the family. He didn’t ask house and property till now. They will be handed over their belongings after their life for his daughters. They never discussed anything about dowry. They gave some home appliances at the time of marriage which I kept in my house. All certificates about education are still in their hands and their allegation about certificates is totally wrong. Dr.Anoop Raveendran stated that he was discussed about the disease of my wife with my parents in the discharge summary but this statement is wrong and he never seen my parents. It is only from the inspiration of her father which is against medical ethics. Thus they made discharge summary as falls statement to get interim order from the court so karakonam Pvt medical college should take action against Dr.Anoop Raveendran.This interim order is reluctantly prepared with conscious approach for not becoming husband wife life together.

On 19/06/2014 for mediation my wife sheela Devadasan her mother sumangala her Advocate, Gumasthan and My advocate were presented .I was also presented in the mediation. My wife Sheela Devadasan was unconscious.Medaitor asked some questions to my wife through mediation, but she could in give proper replay. Instead of  Sheela Devadasan her mother’s advocate Haridas shade some facts on their own interest but I insisted that she was a schizophrenia patient and as much as possible she was to take from karakonam medical college for further treatment from Trivandrum medical college through mediator. She used medicine in an improper manner so it is possible to affect her life. I asked specially to include me for further treatment of my wife in all dealings. But the mediator tried to separate our relationship through mediation without listening what I told. I rejected the demand of sumangala Advocate to stay at Trivandrum at rented basis it seemed. If I stay at city it will not be a good protection as for as the situation my wife is concerned. They allowed only one minute talking each other from that discussion she prepared to come with me but the said mediator, her mother and Advocate together stopped this attempt.

So I and my wife have taken B.Ed Degree .We together lived only eight months after the marriage. Her parents misinterpreted about myself and prejudiced to her. There was no domestic violence happened in my house for her. I never harassed to my wife either mental or physical.

question no 1-how can defend in this case?

2,Mother in law filed petition without the present of my wife to get interim protection order support of false medical certificate then she discharged my wife to house custody how can i defend in court?

3,My wife elder sister working in this court in clerical session .how can affect that case .

4.Father in law creat all matters regarding this case?

Now they get  false Fitness certificate in pvt hospital i object/


 3 Replies

Sandy (AST)     01 December 2014

What u want? Do u want her back?...

ybpravi (organiser)     01 December 2014

my wife loving me but her father opposed he is a igoist person.he have two daughter.he says that both husbands are not entering his house.wife admitted In hospital mother in law filed Dv against me under the pressure of father in law .that time i know my wife real disease.After get  interim Protection order they present my wife in court but she dontn know what is going.I asked mediation but in mediation time my wife is unconsiouss mediator catched by her avct.My doesnt filed case .i want my wife .wht can do next 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     05 December 2014

As a husband it becomes your duty to take care of your wife including giving her proper treatment for ailments.  In the said conditions your wife is not mentally fit as well, needs proper treatment which if you prove and establish that your parents in law will not be able to provide her and are holding her in illegal custody, you may file a petition before high court to produce her and establish the facts before the court and take her back with you by the order of court, take the help of a prudent and an expertise lawyer and handle this sensitive case properly lest you tend to lose not only your case your wife too.

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