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esdeeesdee (business)     16 August 2009


Sirs , I feel  I Have done a suicidal mistake , I had created facebook ,wikiworldbook , orkut, linkedin, etc profiles with status as SINGLE ,and disclosing my secret Profession , the printouts of them have been submitted to the divorce court by the woman.

ON the basis of the printouts the woman wants maintenance and prove me in bad light ,the woman has no other proofs against me whatsoever AND moreover she has become very weak in the divorce case (filed my me) in all aspects ,and so therefore is getting into silly arguements of how can I PORTRAY MYSELF AS SINGLE EVEN BEFORE DIVORCE.

Kindly suggest me some strong explanation to give in court to justify my above mentioned innocent mistake.


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Raman ( )     16 August 2009

By the woman or by a woman? If that woman is your wife then why wouldn't you clearly say so? Your story line is little confusing!

esdeeesdee (business)     16 August 2009



By the woman or by a woman?

read the post properly ,clearly mentioned ''by the woman ''

If that woman is your wife then why wouldn't you clearly say so?

because, I refuse to accept her .

Your story line is little confusing!

if you feel so then should have not bothered to reply !!!!

Raman ( )     16 August 2009

Cool it :)  Now it's clear to me what you are asking in your thread ! The websites that you have mentioned are not even related to any matrimonial sites. Unless the content that you have posted in the websites prove that you are committing with another woman, this lady has no valid ground to bring you down before Judge in anyway! Let us also hear from our respectable members what they say ! Have a great day!

Yogesh Patel (Business)     16 August 2009

I may have a good one...a very good one indeed

but somehow your tone is V V agressive to people who may want to help .

Therefore just tone down first and talk.

"SINGLE ,and disclosing my secret Profession ,.."

and what would that be...just be clear about it all , rather than give vague outlines. I want to make sure I am REALLY helping a man in dispair and there is no  b**t**h here in a sheeps clothing for its a female trend more often to convey themselves as single even while married 'happily' or 'unhappily'. ( 'happily' or 'unhappily' wrt to the woman not man )

so get back and we can talk .


Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     16 August 2009

dear such sites does not set out ur legal status.


even the court know most of the content which has been posted on such websites is either false or exaggerated material.


dont worry, unless and until the things are proved against u qua ur profession nothing is going to affect ur case.


u have committed no offence by writing ur self single....neither u ve committed adultery nor having entered second dont worry on this issue.

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esdeeesdee (business)     17 August 2009



i feel very sorry for the bitter experience of yours ,which you have shared regarding the womEn in your life . anyways friend dont be so negative regarding women , search some woman from your patel community (my experience with patel women says so).

Dharmesh Manjeshwar (Advocate/Lawyer)     17 August 2009

Can anyone create such profiles in ur name in all those sites ????? ' Yes ' one can do such a thing.

Do u put ur signatures to such sites ?????  ' No '  no one signs ..... So what is the proof that U have created those profiles ....

If U have posted ur photographs .... then maybe someone got hold of ur PC or laptop and misused it.

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Raman ( )     17 August 2009


They are legitimate questions however one can normally track the person by his IP address. Tracing an IP address is actually pretty straightforward, and even though it's not always possible to track down a specific individual, you can get enough information to take action and file a complaint. Those websites the asker mentioned here are well protected applications that one can not easily hack into them to tinker someone's information. Also the websites do register computer details while signing in & out and hence refresh its cookies accordingly, especially by smart Google search engine!
It seems, this person had created those accounts long time ago as per his story, therefore he would have received the confirmation mails to his email address too.
Suppose one never signed up with those websites then any inquisitive person of such would immediately react to the mails to see who opened these accounts on his behalf and take appropriate action against that culprit. If one denies that he never had such emailID, he can still be caught without any great effort by seeing whom he mailed or chatted with etc. Isn't it? 

I am just contemplating on what he said as ".. innocent mistake..". But, one of his responses says "..I refuse to accept her.." Therefore, how can it be an innocent mistake? Though it may not seem that big of a deal, he may want to be aware of it while talking to the Judge. If I am missing anything here, please correct me.  

esdeeesdee (business)     24 August 2009

it seems as though RAMAN HAS HIS FATHER IN LAW working for one of the mentioned websites, that is why he says it is easy to track an IP address pretty straightforward .


Kiran Kumar (Lawyer)     24 August 2009

pls dont be offensive against Raman, he is an IT expert and having healthy knowledge of law as well.


let his advise be taken is all upon the litigant to decide how to proceed.

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