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Dear Sirs,

I have been arrested by police as soon as i landed in mumbai from business trip.  The reason was BEST (Bombay Electric Supply & Transport) has lodged an FIR for theft of Power Supply.  My bills are getting paid regularly through ECS and its amount varies as usage.  My Electricity Meter was cut and my children and infant were left with no light.  


I was released on Bail by paying 30,000/- for BEST and 10,000/- to local lawyer.  the electricity was restored after paying 50,000/- to BEST.  They have made a total claim of 1,50,000/-


I do not understand why I was arrested, they could have imposed fine if i was guilty. but the case is I was out of station for a week, I am very much sad as my name is in arrested list, I am an Engineer by Profession and have been paying my bills regularly.

The meter is placed 15 meters away from our house in common meter box, we won't even come to know if somebody plays with it due to enemity and then tip the vigilance of BEST knowing I was out.


It was very much embarassing when the Police kept me in custody for 24 hours and then Hand Chained me and took to remand court as I am a big Killer.  Then I was taken to session court as the judge refuse to accept the case.  I was granted bail in Session court.  This incident took place on 17th Jan and I got bail on 18th but tiill date I did not receive any letter from Court or Police or BEST.   My power consuption is max 60 - 90 units per month which is approx Rs. 200/- to 250/-. as I am using solar lights and CFL lamps


Please help me to get my dignity back as I cannot live with such defame, in everybody's eyes I am a thief which is not true,   Please let me know how I should get my money back from the false claim levied on me 




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Advocate Rohit (Advocate)     12 March 2013

if you have monthly bill of Rs. 200/ to Rs. 250/- then how come you had to pay Rs. 1,50,000/-?????


you need to write to the BEST for meter checking, if the meter is fine then you need to serve a legal notice to the BEST for recovery of excess money claimed by them. Else, you need to file a case against them.



Advocate Rohit Dalmia


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 June 2014

it is not such a simple case. 



The fine is not charged on the electricity one consumes and pays .  It is charged on the electricity suspected to be consumed and not paid.


It is a normal practice national wide that electricity  deptt given opportunity to spot payment of dues and without this opportunity they neither disconnect meter nor do they file FIR.  when fine is not paid they have no option but to do so. nothing new in your case.


Living in Mumbai you got bail without depositing single penny of demanded amount.  In Delhi none gives bail unless 50% of the demanded dues are deposited.

if you bill is so low then how do you manage household. There is something wrong in meter. Action of BEST does not appear to be fully wrong at least as per given facts.


You are not disclosing contents of FIR in any of your thread on the subject.


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     19 June 2014

another thread

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