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shivangi sharma (none)     19 August 2011

Double marraige


i have a big complication in my life. me and my partner were in relationship for 4 years we were trying to convince our parents for the same. earlier the boy's parents were agreed for our marriage but suddenly they changed and forced my partner to marry another girl they pressurised him by coersion and undue influence.

because of which he had to get married 7 months ago but we still love each other. is there any option for us now. we want to marry each other. if we'll get married now and register our marriage will it be legal because his first marriage is not yet registered. will it be treated as his first legal marriage in the eyes of law.

please suggest me a way through.


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BALAGURURAJ (ADVOCATE)     19 August 2011

if you marry him your lover may be sentenced for bigamy.

dont try this in this way.

Vinav K Mishra (Lawyer)     19 August 2011

if there is a second marriage it is void from the begining.

i know i should not be comenting on it but i am also married so plz move on...

Adv. Samar (Advocate)     19 August 2011

Ask your lover to get seperated from his 1st wife by mutual divorce only then marry... otherwise your marriage will be null and void....

akash kapoor (*************)     19 August 2011


samuel devasagayam (advocate)     19 August 2011

Ask your partner to explain the way you were forced to get marry with his wife and ask him a concent letter from his wife which must be certified by a notory public . With thi document you can go head for re-marriage. (Pl Note that this way only for speedy marriage anticipating no trouble/claim from wife side after giving the consent letter otherwise this second marriage will not stand in law of court)

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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     19 August 2011

The marriage is not legal.

It is void ab-initio (from the very beginning void - no marriage existing in the eyes of law)


To avoid future complications have a relook at your relationship and decide accordingly

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Ravikant Soni (LAWYER IN JAIPUR)     19 August 2011

Legal consequences of second marriage are worse. 

He cant abandon his first wife before elapse of one year time stipulated time. Moreover he must prove certain grounds for divorce the first lady.

Aishwarya (Teacher)     19 August 2011

this is no concerned for the first wife , her life is going to get ruined with no fault of her..

I would say that your guy should have been more courageous and if he was so weak then why at all he fell in love at the first place when the parents he knew would never agree.

.now its not apt for him or you to develop or build ur relation at the expense of her life.

she will be stigmatised and doomed for no good reason..

 I would suggest you be more strong and let go its really hard i know i have no right to say this to you ..

but you have all the means you are unmarried and can go ahead but there his family, the girls family and the girl would be ruined..plz emapthise .this is purely being selfish iam being harsh but think of it with a cool mind how this one move can affect her..

you can come over all this trust me.

here people are getting over several years of marriage and divorce your's is still love unfurled..

you help him too to get over things and continue his married life ..

it wil be in peace for all ..

am sorry i know somethings might have hurted you but plz dear think about it in lines of future and for the sake of other people..


The boy has married another girl under pressure means that to him there are things more important than you...this the the case not only with you but with many others...

You are still not being able to accept the truth...

Please move ahead in life...and try to be rational and not will rise...

If you have really loved may not choose to marry ever..if you love is strong enough...just move along..have other goals in life...make a career....enjoy life.....plan to buy a BMW..whatever..rule the world...

But if you remain stuck with this story in your head...and keep feeling the will ruin yourself..

Just move ahead



shivangi sharma (none)     20 August 2011

but we both love each other and we both wanna marry each other.................... he also cant live widout me..............

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     20 August 2011



Then why are you even thinking about consequences?


Visit a psychatrist you need some sane advise. What happens to first wife, kids, other family members?

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shivangi sharma (none)     20 August 2011

@ aishwarya.

he told his wife evrything abt me before marriage.. dis is her fault if she wanted she could have easily avoid ol dis... but no she married him inspite of knowing that he only loves me he dont want to marry her... 

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     20 August 2011



And why did the guy get married? If he loved you? Both parties say "I DO" before marriage can be solemnized.

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shivangi sharma (none)     20 August 2011

because der was family pressure on him.. he got married just 2 save me and my family from any kind of mis-happening.....

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