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Anju   04 March 2021

Does college matter?

Everyone thinks that if you are qualified from NLU then you will become the best lawyer. Does the college really play such a great role?


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Kamakhaya Bhattacharyya   04 March 2021

yes it does. its the only way that you can break the chacha bhatija nexus of lawyers. NLU helps you start a career else lawer chacha only allows his/her sons and daughters like in bollywood. sorry to sound crass but thats the way it is. However no guarantee when the nepotism breaches NLU TOO
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Ankita Kar   04 March 2021

No ! All you need is strong intention , Dedication and slight Luck to become an established lawyer. Post pandemic there are multiple online platforms which provides remarkable legal knowledge as well. An average college with good experienced faculty will be okay if you are willing to work hard throughout all semesters. Brand name of college is an add on but ultimately every organization looks for practical knowledge mostly.
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nalini kant (advocate)     04 March 2021

It's not the college rather knowledge matters. U need to know and understand the law. No doubt if have been fortunate to study under best faculty they may make difference

Mars and Mars Legal Advisors L   04 March 2021

Law should come out of the umbrella of individual progeny system. it should be open to all even in Judges selection.

Annu Soman   05 March 2021

College doesn't actually matters, after LLB completion all get same degree but what matter is practice and practical knowledge. Get into practice as earlier as possible so that you know the in and out of profession.

Adv.Shukla (advocate )     07 March 2021

They provide you the good environment to study law with lots of moot courts , projects and assignment and you learn from best of the professors too. After L.L.B as far as govt. job and law firms recruitment is concerned it is a plus point in your resume.however if you want to go for litigation only your knowledge and practical experience during internship will matter the most. Best of luck.  

Tanishq Tandon   22 April 2021

When considering a career in the field of Law, it's crucial to consider how you want to spend your days. Some people aim to practice law on their own whereas, some people wish to work in the corporate world. So, college choice depends on how you want to lead your career! 


A.  If you wish to work as a Trial or Appellate Advocate in future-

  • First Generation Lawyer- While choosing a college, go through its placement report thoroughly and confirm that they have good contacts with the district/high court. It doesn't matter whether it is NLU or not! For instance, if we talk about Delhi NCR, Symbiosis Noida have better placements in Delhi High Court than NLU Delhi (according to the college's placement reports and also verified by placed students). And, check college's academic reviews as right education leads to a bright future.
  • Learners having leading generation- If your father/ mother is a lawyer, it is going to be easier for you to practice in court. So, while selecting the college, your main focus should be on academics. Gaining knowledge and regular practice should be your number one priority. Choose the college which provides opportunities like moot court and debating workshops. 


 B.   If you aim to work in the corporate world

First of all, prefer choosing the course which provides you with exposure to the working of the corporate world. If you are opting for a 5-year law degree, prefer BBA LLB instead of BA LLB. Subjects like accountancy, business studies, marketing management, economics etc. help to set a base for a student who wishes to work in the corporate sector. It has been observed that Companies prefer people who have a basic knowledge of such subjects as this shorten the training part. Secondly, look at the placements of the college. Don't chase the tag of NLU, chase a good law school, that provides good placement opportunities. First of all, try to get into tier-I NLUs which are- NLSIU (Bangalore), NALSAR (Hyderabad), WBNUJS (Kolkata), NLIU (Bhopal), NLUJ (Jodhpur), and NLU Delhi. The reasoning is that these colleges on average offer the best placement (refer to their respective websites), 'expert' faculty in the true sense, exposure regarding the moot courts and competitions with universities which includes Harvard University and Yale University. Other NLUs besides the ones mentioned are in my opinion not worth it. I would strongly suggest going for a good private college rather than a tier 2 or 3 NLU. There are many good law schools like Symbiosis OP Jindal which are way better than Tier 2 NLUs. They provide proper exposure to the corporate world and have the best in class faculty. So, prefer a law school that provides proper internship opportunities, proper exposure and a good percentage of placement.


C.  Not sure about the area of law in which you want to work

First of all, have a look at the curriculum of the college. In colleges like B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, you have to choose a specialization( like- criminal law, corporate law, taxation law etc.). If you are unsure about the area in which you want to work, don't take a risk by going into such colleges. Besides this, choose a law school with experienced and expert mentors(they will help you figure out the sector in which you can expertise).


  Preparing for the judiciary or other competitive exams

Besides college work, you also have to focus on preparation for your competitive exam. So, choose a college that doesn't overburden you with unnecessary events and have good faculty which could help you prepare for your exam.


Note- Everything written above is either factual or experienced by a majority number of people


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