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RAMKUMAR   25 June 2015

Divorce under cruelty ground


I have completed my 2nd hearing for divorce case. In 1st hearing, I was asked to visit counsellor along with opposition party. However the 2nd hearing was supposed to be about wheter counter file/ counselling. I said contest but opposite party said counselling and the judge is a lady so she, didnot even consider my opinion and direclty counselled both of us in front of all. Now judge has asked my opposite party to counter file case after 50 days! And then date of contesting will be decided. I am very frustrated with this judgement. Can you please help me how should I proceed with this case that I convince judge to give me divorce. I am very frustrated because everyone believes a female and not me.

Please help me on this.



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Adv Shrikiran.B (Advocate)     25 June 2015

Hello Ramkumar,

As a direction to your wife to file her written statement has already been given by the judge, you cannot do anything now just to wait for your wife to file the same. Then, in your rejoinder, you can allege whatever you want against your wife's cruelty against and thereafter produce evidence against her cruelty or whatever grounds you have mentioned in your petition. If you did not engage a lawyer yet, it is advised that you engage one now. Fighting divorce cases in person is very difficult as you proceed with your case. It is not that everybody believes a woman. It is just starting stage for your case. Do not get disheartened over a single direction. There's a lot to do. Engage a good lawyer immediately.          

RAMKUMAR   25 June 2015

Thankyou Srikiran Sir. I have engaged a lawyer but when I had my case yesterday as 2nd hearing, he told me to handle all by myself! So I got a bit scared coz he never told me this before. Also, can you suggest me as how should I make my case more stronger in a way that my divorce appeal is considered becuase really Sir, I cannot leav with this woman, she is so vilent that she even noce pointed the knife at me with such a anger that If I had not apologized she would have definatel done something to me. Also Sir, my opposite party has some good contacts in court, so I feel that they may use contacts to manuplate my case which I am msote scared of. Thats why I want to add strong allegations. The way judge spoke to me yesterday was as if she was biasing and taking side of opposite party. Hence I am more concerned of how to conduct this contest aggressively. Can you help me with some tips sir?


do NOT worry ramkumar

judges are biased bcoz those men against look panicked/ stressed

but if u stood firm & fight PIP then u youself can change the scenario.

i suggest to go without any lawyer to a civil court (even the family court act does NOT have provision for a lawyer)

if u go PIP then ur case will look strong too which will help in sec-24 also


if at anytime u feel like complaining against a judge then the proper path is reg vig / hc

victimoffraud   29 June 2015

some strong allegations are- she is not consenting or co-operating properly in s*x. she does not like to do household chores. she asks for money all the time to buy expensive stuff. she insults you and your parents. she has some ocd/anxiety/psycho disorder but not coming to doc.she threatened to  file false cases against you.she threatened to complain against you at your workplace. she does not care about you. etc. if she is not living with you she left on her own.

Amol Kende (No)     29 June 2015

you can show reason like She is Lunatic some times when the attack cames she always attack you for kill by any think like knief or what ever available in hand if she more stay with you she definately kill you hence and this think not communicated to you about her illness no medicines are started till now hence required divorce this migh be the correct ground for divorce

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