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Divorce mediation

Respected Experts.....i want to know something related to mediation.....i was thrown out of my matrimonial home....then  i filed dv act case.....but no criminal women cell dirty cases...later my hubby filed divorce case....i dont want to give under divorce the end of the counselling..... counsellor told me "tum divorce dedo apney husband ko.....kyunki agar tum apney matrimonial home wapas gayi toh tumhare husband ke relatives/friends kahenge..dekha lagta hai ladki ki akal thikaaney aa gayi....kitni besharam hai jo wapas aa gayi....." i wanted to know is that right ? if i patch up with my hubby toh kya meri insult hai ismein ??


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Adv. Nikhil Seth (legal consultant (9867264707))     14 September 2012


Dear Shalini,

There is nothing like insult  as you have file dv case as there any update on the same case . You can go to back to your husband home . Do you think your husband will take you back in given circumstances as he has thrown you out of your house and filed for divorce. On what grounds he has filed for divorce. This also matters whether those grounds are tenable or not.

ADVOCATE Prem Joshi (Advocate/ Legal Consultant)     14 September 2012

It is depand on yours relationship but before that think twice that Are u happy there or yours husband & his family accept you again.
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Ranee....... (NA)     14 September 2012

Dear Shalini, if you don't want divorce then dont agree with them.Talks during mediation is not recorded.Only listen to your heart, not mediators, they can't force you, but will motivate you which you can deny.

But I will suggest you think of a new life after divorce, dont athink of you will loose your valuable time here!

only u can take right decision about what you want and aboutr your life.

kumar sachin (lawyer)     14 September 2012

no absolutely not

koi insult nahi hai

the only thing is ki you will be happy with him or not and he wants to live with you or not

it is better u discuss it with your family and  husband of course than listening to the comments of other persons

it is your life, you can decide better

you may express your views to the court also which may mediate thereupon

i have seen many marriages getting dissolved on smaller issues and have also seen many marriages again resumed successfully after a big dispute

many a times it is communication gap which is the main reason of widening of the dispute between husband and wife


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v.sreenivas sivaram (senior civil judge CUM ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER)     15 September 2012

Mediator in the first place has no business to express his views or give some sort of suggestions or what people think.  As an adult you are empowered to take your own decision in mediation . The job of the mediator is to help both the parties to reconcile their dispute by letting both the parties to arrive at a consensus /understanding out of their own will and volition. Iam very doubtful about the nature of the proceedings you have mentioned, it may be some sort of counselling, generally the mediators are taught not to give any suggestions or analysis of the circumstances in a case.  Its time you understood that you cant stop all the people from commenting or saying some gibberish, its you who have to take a decision as you are the best judge of the circumstances around you.  in case iam wrong about counselling even if its mediation you can call of the mediation just by saying iam not intrested and ask for a new mediator . Now I feel what you want is peace of mind, for that go through a book called " oh mind relax please " by swami sukhbodhananda  , even though its by a swami it does not speak about religion but it will help you to stand up on your own , for the book you can use this link

in the left side of the webpage click the PDF tab you can get the book in pdf form

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tarun (software engineer)     30 January 2013

mediation will not frustrate the preferences of such litigants; indeed, their right to trial will be preserved. read the article: Mediation In Divorce

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rajoo (exec)     30 January 2013 u think that by forcefully going into the house you will be happy, will there be happiness existing between you and ur husband? if he has filed for divorce, it means he wants an end to the marriage, divorce is a very thoughtful consideration which is normally done and not at the heat of the moment, the moment the divorce is filed, it signals the end of marriage from the heart, and the only marriage left is that on paper and in the eyes of law, any fight against a divorce case is useless as the person has thrown you out from his heart, and opposing a divorce case will only give you more bitterness..better move on in life and find someone who will give you happiness in life, rather than greying your hair in court battles, rest up to of luck

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