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Divorce law amendment

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bhima balla (none)     18 May 2012

Visitation is a joke! A cruel joke at that!

Ranee....... (NA)     18 May 2012

Through surrogacy society has placed a price on woman's pregancy and birth!



yet people are marrying!!!!!!

rajiv_lodha (zz)     18 May 2012

Excess of everything is bad

Now the gender-tilt is excess, it has crossed all limits. It will see an increase in MATIMONIAL-CRIME!

bhima balla (none)     18 May 2012

Originally posted by :Ranee.......
Through surrogacy society has placed a price on woman's pregancy and birth!



yet people are marrying!!!!!!

 How long since surrogacy started? What is its acceptance rate yet? The marriage law amendemnts and ther misuse takes time to seep through. Ofcourse families do not talk about their problems-hence they bear misuse and try to fight them alone. But this will change as more and more get affected. It will be easy to talk, exchange views and coordinate. Then the movement can grow. Money is another factor. Women's organizations are flush with money-both national and international.

Not marrying will be a considered option in the future. Once the consequences of children becomes more and more obvious there will be actions in that direction as well.

All is NOT well (Harrased by Biased Laws)     19 May 2012

Y u ladies forget that u hv brahmastra of 498 and DV act. Misuse it anytime (as 99% of so called abla and evil women does),blackmail ur better half for full share (not only half) in his and his parents hard earned property... just do it ladies....u all r well eypert in this and its free!!! Husband and his famly harrasement guaranteed 4 NO reason...!!!

CS Raghav (individual)     19 May 2012

our so called political representatives are becoming the representatives of our lives and liberty, breath and soul, thoughts and emotions, history and future-to conclude, the god, the almighty-who decides our destiny. Its funny, and dangerous too, to play with the nature. A handfull of people, not necessarily ture representatives of the population of entire country in all aspects of life, decide our destiny, but still we are forced to say that our constitution gives us right to life and liberty- Is it not funny?.

This is what is happening in case of marriage acts and amendment bills. Nothings were so wrong in the Hindu marriage system which could have not been dealt under existing provisions of justice and punishment in Indian constitution, but they brought the act-a failure to tackle the problems of hindu marriage systems. Instead of strengthening the bonds of marriage it has weaken the bonds. Instead of giving happiness and satisfaction out of marriage it has given agonies and dissatisfaction and finally instead of decreasing the rate of divorces from rare before independence to more than 40% in 2012. So who gained what from this act ? did the women got benefitted or the man benefitted? The answer is none. Just think, when a family breaks who gains what ?  each and every member of family is looser. The real winners are these politicians who create a poisonous hype in the society and divide husbands and wives and their families on the name of their respective rights which none of them actually get  ever.  The marriages are made in heaven and would continue to be made in heaven.  Under pressure of acts and amendments we just make contracts, convert husband and wife into two parties of that contract and force them to comply the conditions laid down therein.

The relation of husband and wife is based on trust and faith which once broken cannot be revived by any external forces, except their own realizations. It is based on mutual respect and sacrifice for each other. No law can join two broken hearts. Instead of making acts and bills for nearly 65 years of our independence, had the government done something to conserve and grow the ethnic good virtues of hindu marriage system by educating people and creating such environment in Indian society that the family bond are naturally strengthen rather than weaken, the rate of divorce and marriage discords could not have been increased to 40%  in 2012 from almost negligible in pre-independence period. If this approach of govt is continued, a day is not far when both, the boys and girls would fear to marry and search loopholes of law to get satisfaction of life by playing with each other.  Of course why to marry and mortgage your whole life to the courts when everything of a marriage is available without marriage. You can have s*x, you can have fun, you can have kids, you can have love and care at cheaper rates, what you cannot have is the long lasting flavor of an ethnically married life, which is not guaranteed by the Indian constitution also, so that way govt is also free from any guilty conscience that it could not give its countrymen “the family and its inherent virtues to its members”, because it has given you your rights which you were running after.

Sundari (Sr.Executive)     13 June 2012

This judgement should not be passed. It gives undue advantage for the ladies who are very greedy. Getting married for the sake of money and forcing for divorce.

This can be passed with the condition that if the lady be in the family for more than 10 years and done some upliftment for the family. Just getting married and divorce within 1 or 2 years and seeking this sort of rights are too much.


Govt should think before passing this sort of bills. Because whoever may be it is hard earned before marriage and the contribution by others would be very inevitable.

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