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If one spouse is suffering from premature ejaculation, whether the wife can seek divorce on this ground under impotency?


 13 Replies

Shaulabh Shah (advocate)     10 July 2011


I belive that if concern doctor give the certificate of  Impotency , then It is a good case for divorce...

Reply by: Shaulabh Shah Advocate


pawanniti (noida)     11 July 2011

kya hamaare savidhan mai one side divorce hai,

meri date aane wali hai august mai aur first montion bhe ho chuka hai agar second party nahe aati hai to kya mair a divorce nahe ho sakegaa kya 

Shaulabh Shah (advocate)     11 July 2011


I just amend my reply you may get the divorce by declaring your marriage voidable....

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No it would not called impotency as it is stress related disorder which as per study majority of male has been suffering from

Kindly see winikipedia

Hari (pp)     11 July 2011

Daer Anonymous

It seems that you are not yet matured...

If you are asking divorce for premature ejaculation, then what should  the husbands ask  if their wife deos not cooperate for s*x. Is there a ground for divorce for this..


Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     11 July 2011

No provision of divorce for your problem. You can go to some doctor if this is the only problem otherwise.

Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     11 July 2011

Mr. Shah only certificate from the doctor is not sufficient for this purpose. Don't make the person happy by showing rosy gardens

Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     11 July 2011

Mr. Hari there is always a ground for divorce if wife is not cooperating in SEX. Update your knowledge.

yogesh (will tell you later)     12 July 2011

I could not understand from the query who is seeking divorce Anonymous(husband/wife) or his/her wife/husband


Well doctor can award the certificate on the basis of the clinical examination such as blood/semen testand give report on the basis of the same such as count is not with in the range

premature ejaculation is differnt from erectle dysfunction in which latter amounts to impotency

while the former is calcuable in terms of mean duration time which ranges form individual to individual for the donor and also for the receipent

Hari (pp)     12 July 2011

Dear Ananymous,

Better you go a doctor first...I dont understand why do you post a question and then why do you give the answer for the same question. Something is wrong with you. If I am not wrong you are a women..

triambika   12 January 2018

Hi, I want to share something personaly here and i need some clarifications how to resolve the problem. i got married and my husband he was not at all interested even to sit and talk to me. i was wondering what is his problem? i asked him several times but he gives thousands for reason like office work etc... and he often degrades me you are not mature enough. Basicaly i born and brought up in chennai and i completed BSC.Psychology and MBA.HR. My parents are very strict to me from childhood days and i'm a normal girl dont like to disturb anyone if they are not ok. I started feeling embarasing, irritated and emotionally very much depressed and anxiety. Due to my family culture i was kept quiet with my husband because when ever i rise question he fight with me. very often he scold me and my family members. he critize all my friends and family members to me but when he talk to my parents or my relatives he talks very well in a good manner but he complains about me to them always like not cooking, cleaning etc... But unfortunately i'm not a girl to eat in hotels frequently and i'm a pure vegetarian and i cook daily and serve him 3 times properly per day and snacks and cofee etc. I dont know what was the problem? i'm having a kid and myself, husband and my kid went to abroad and i thought ok atleast he will change but he never changed. in abroad he wont take us out and he wont sit and talk with us and i will keep on crying each and every day. I dont know what is the problem going on. He lies much and he keep on changing his words. I thought i could change him so i tried to the core. When i eat rice he tells me eat quietly and he wont give money to go out also. i returned from abroad and i stayed with my parents main reason i couldn't tolerate my tears and pain. it was like a jail i felt with him. But i didnt fight and come i stayed with my parents normally because if my parents come to know my pain they cant tolerate and after my brother marriage i cant stay in parents home according to our culture so i stayed alone with my daughter in a rented house with a deal of fixing camera inside hall and then later after all these hurdels in 4.5 years of my marriage i got chest pain and my hand got slight paralysis and i decided to quit from this marriage life and then i took him to psychiatrist for counseling and after counseling doctor asked me questioned what about your s*x life and i said he is not at all interested doctor and he told to doctor she is not keeping home clean and she is having some affair so only she is complaining one me. same thing he told to my parents. I was vexed and i came to know that he is have some s*xual problem like premature ejaculation. one more problem he has is he is black may be his complexion, etc.. i have sent notice but he is not ready to divorce me. Major problem he is trying to revenge on me. I dont know how to solve this issue in court. If anyone knows how to deal this situation please help me. Thanks for reading. Never marry without knowing about real faces of an individual. Marriage is a relationship between 2 characters so please take care of life.



Kays Ayurveda   17 July 2023

In many jurisdictions, including India, laws regarding divorce and the grounds for divorce can vary. Premature ejaculation alone may not be considered a valid ground for divorce based on impotency. Impotency, in legal terms, typically refers to the inability to engage in s*xual intercourse due to physical or psychological reasons.

In some jurisdictions, including India, grounds for divorce may include "mental cruelty" or "irretrievable breakdown of marriage." However, it's essential to consult with a qualified family lawyer in India to understand the specific laws and regulations related to divorce in that country.

It's crucial to remember that marriage involves complex emotional and legal considerations, and seeking a divorce should always be a last resort. Communication, understanding, and seeking professional help, such as couples counseling or medical advice, can often be valuable steps to address and resolve issues within a marriage.

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