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R C Nigam (xxxxxxxxx)     18 May 2011


Home minister chidambaram was questioned about the list of 50 most wanted culprits, that was handed over to Pakistan. His reply was: I DID NOT PREPARE THE LIST. He was shamelessly laughing, while answering the query regarding the matter that has made our country a laughing stock in the whole world.

Thanks to the UPA, its icons-Sonia & Man mohan, who have brought the administration to the lowest ebb. There can be nothing more disgusting than the present scenario.


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Raju Ramparag Gupta (Advocate)     18 May 2011

These stupid government feel that they have the only rights to govern the economy and may do whatever they feel like to since people have voted them and they are at centre.

they should not forget that elections will held again and soon they will be crying foul.

this Italian lady - Sonia Gandhi and his stupid boy Rahul Gandhi thinks that they have the absolute right to take any decision they like to. they should not be in such impression any more.

we should have right to call option in our election procedure.

hema (law officer)     18 May 2011

you are totally correct.  but what option, we have?  the BJP is also shamelessly supporting yadiyurappa, who is totally corrupt and ran the state for the last six months by making mockery of the constitution and leading a minority government.  he and his family is thriving on reddy brothers' donation.  bjp is also soft towards corrupt people.  when they were in power they distributed the prime lands to RSS people and gave petrol pump licenses to RSS people. all upa and nda are corrupt and support the corrupt and criminals like JMM leader like shibu soren.  these political outfits, both NDA and UPA support madhu koda.  upa runs corrupt government at centre and its governments at the state are totally corrupt.  the nda is in race in excelling in corruption, whereever they have power.  the rigional shatraps, DMK, AIADMK, Mulayam's S.P.,Lalu's party, ram vilas's party, Mayawati's BSP, telugu desam, Nitish's , Biju Patnaike's  all are corrupt.  if we want to change this and to elect clean people, where we have to go?  do not say about baba ramdev etc. I know he denies even minimum wages to his factory workers, where his medicines are prepared and it has come to light some prohibited steroids are being used in his medicines. he also rubs shoulders to all the corrupt chief ministers starting with Haryana, Punjab, M.P. etc. and share stage with them.  we are totally helpless and want an honest alternative.

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surya kaliyamoorthi (Assistant Legal Manager)     19 May 2011

Dear hema,


Your political view on NDA, UPA and other party belong to various states is tramendous....

Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     19 May 2011

this Italian lady - Sonia Gandhi and his stupid boy Rahul Gandhi thinks



R C Nigam (xxxxxxxxx)     19 May 2011

Yes! Hema's views r not incorrect, but what about Sardar Patel, Babu Rajendra Prasad...................., Miss Mamta Banerji a congresite till yester years, and Adwani, Narendra Modi, Sushil Modi, V Naidu, Sunder Singh Bhandari, Uma Bharati, Kushabhau Thakre, K N Govindacharya (my class fellow), and E M S Namboodripad (who stayed with us in Broacha Hostel in 1953 or 54 for one night)....................... to whom we are indebted for their exemplary selfless service.

Hope, the Law Officer, Ms Hema taking the cue, amend her blanket observation. I also hope Master Raju would pay heed to Mr Arup's sane observation of restrain, which will help dear Raju in his profession as well.

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hema (law officer)     19 May 2011

how mr. nigam?  in your first post, only congress leaders names you mentioned by whom you got disgusted.  in your latter response after my post, only to console us, you dished out only two congress leaders babu rajendra prasad and sardar patel (he is half congress half rss) and one mamata banerjee, who is no more with congress and created her own identity by TMC  and one cpi (m) leader e.m.s. namboodripad, to say that in other parties also honest people were there. it appears you give credit only to the departed souls of the other political outfits, where as you give credit of the existing leadership of bjp and rss.  i have got a democratic right to disagree with you about all those names under rss/bjp category you mentioned as honest and are involved in selfless services for the nation.

that is the problem with all of us.  if we have inclination towards certain ideology, we start to say that our people are honest and other ideology people are dishonest.  our party is honest and dedicated to nation building and other party people are corrupt and are in business of politics for minting money.  every night we see on TV manish tiwari and jayanti natarajan and abhishek manu shinghvi saying about corrupt bjp and on the other hand we see shiv shankar prasad, rajiv pratap rudy, ms. sitaraman talking nothing but corruption in congress. same is the story with other political outfits - sp vs. bsp, JDU vs. RJD, TDP Vs. Congress, dmk vs. aiadmk, LDF vs. UDF.  every one says other party is corrupt.

the thing is in every party there are a few honest and dedicated individuals.  but individual traits of a few leaders will not help to cleanse the party and system.  just by being honest, mr. manmohan singh cannot say that he is leading the corruption free govt. similarlly, just by being honest, mr. advani cannot claim that bjp is corrption free and criminal free and communal free.  the political party's character comprises of the character of the maximum people of that political party.  if that is so, both bjp and congress, which claim national party are filled with corrupt, criminal and communal minded people.  there is no difference of character between these two parties.  they are two sides of the same coin. 

that is why, in the coming days, we will see that both these parties very strongly support the cause of two party system so that for every five year term one party can loot the nation as much as possible and give the other party the chance of looting the nation to its hilt.  turn by turn they loot.

we are hopeless sitting ducks having no option except waiting for one more shahid bhagat singh.


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ShriGopal Soni

 views about corruption is very imp.


He said,"

Arguing with the corrupt india  is like wrestling with a pig in mud,

after sometime u realize that u r getting dirty and the pig enjoying."

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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     19 May 2011

What a statements Kushan Vyas, I do appreciate it. The Indian politisians knows only to Rule not to Govern with a touch of humnity. In fact they are too timid to lose power and the greatest fear is fear of losing power and to retain it they will do anything even..................... you all know it.

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     19 May 2011

Hema and Kushan Vyas, I have noted your thred and thanks for the same.

R C Nigam (xxxxxxxxx)     19 May 2011

I don't contest Ms Hema's outburst.

The laughing facade of our HM, Chidambram, while answering query about the "MOST WANTEDs", which had made our country a laughing stock, had brought my reaction under DISGUSTING. I had only commented upon one person only  Mr Chi (and not leaders of Congress), who happens to be a congress person now a days.

To the list of honests, I may add Rajarshi P. D. Tandon & Mr Kidwai, Master Nanaji Deshmukh, Sri Deendayal Upadhyaay. Members r invited to add more.

Waiting 4 Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah, C S Azad or Netaji (who can b termed the only real neta), is not the solution.

With due apology, I may cite what Sri Guruji (M S Golwalker) used 2 say on YADA YADA HI DHARMASY................., if the Lord comes down He will punish us only, who r not following their RASHTR DHARM. Only u will have to establish the glory of DHARM.

I may also b allowed 2 recall what Dr S P Mukherji used 2 say about corrupt leadership: Leader of corrupt masses shall always b super corrupt.

So, as exhorted by the great saint, Swami Vivekanand, the need of the day is Awake, Arise and March ahead, the call of the VEDAS-CHARAIVETI CHARAIVETI.

Hope, myself to b exonerated of the charges.

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zimmerzapper (student)     19 May 2011

what is happening in our country? everyone getting jobs in every institution in our country seem to be doing it to just get their livelihood only and not to discharge their duties. doesn't any communication exist between state agencies and central agencies? pakistan will have a nice hearty laugh over this. when our own intelligence is this bad, can we really blame pakistan?








N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     19 May 2011

I dont understand what you all are talking about it, as from political corruption now shifting to Pakistan. But one thing I know for sure is that, we all being from Political Democracy, we all have had our own political mentor from childhood like me. Do you know what I told to my political mentor? As I grew up with Him and became politically matured, I realized too late that my mentor was not in the right directions, and I got frustrated and some what became a drunkard, and when one fine morning He repriminded  me of my drinking habit, I told Him " yes, I am  drunkard and drink like like a fish, but one thing is for sure, I dont suck blood like a Vampire like You" and from there we cut off our relationship. If we want strong India let us not fear to take the right directions for India.

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RC Nigam, this is indeed one of the most blatant examples, thousands of Indians bombed to death or fired mercilessly, and these people are LAUGHING??

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