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Abhishek Mawle (x)     16 July 2016

Direct democracy

Please support my petition to make this country corruption free and have effective governance below is mentioned the link



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Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     16 July 2016



The post there involves some thoughts that need attention, is broadly welcome but NOT AT ALL sufficient to address a wide variety of needs, especially the big nation that we are. Please look at the size of the Constitution-I. The proposal should address all those aspects & newer aspects & their dimensions as well. Thus, the petition (a good beginning) is not everything. Next, that petition is on a blog on '' & seems to need Facebook registration etc & is not clear what will happen after that. It is not even clear if Secretary General, UN need be approached for the change. It is not even clear if a Petition will cause the requisite. The innumerable doubts need be sorted out first.


All said & done, the section that caught immediate attention is the one in the 2ND letter addressed to the PM ( in the opening para):

"....The advent of Electronic Voting Machine, Internet, Mobile phones etc. We can easily bring direct consensus democracy through Electronic Voting Machine / Internet / Mobile Phone etc to India as is done in Switzerland successfully for the past several decades since 1890....."


It will be nice if LCI itself is used. The LCI has provision for voting.

Sh. P Suresh (For To By Green Kindness Perpetuity Selfsustainability Always)     16 July 2016


Voluminous task. Can't be done in one sitting & better appreciated in parts.


The document has touched on one aspect of job. Issues pertaining placing people on rolls is not addressed: Regularisaton/Absorption Influence, Corruption, Nepotism, political interference, Choice candidates, students being favored by employees etc. The ways for basic needs, support etc should be as easy (& transaperent, accountable); but jobs be given only in one way irrespective of who, level etc across India.


Next, equality in all aspects & nill preferences on uncontrollable factors need be incorporated aptly.


The document has not defined 'Democracy'.


Self sustainibility need be the hall mark of the Gvt. The system should generate money on ingenuity, labor etc & not by formulating bills that denude forests (even trees), water bodies, mountains or defines creature as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats etc & work up science to enable that definition. There be clear definition on a series of things & the topmost being: Wealth, job, food, happiness. The percepts in Article 48 & 48 A in Constituion-I be worked up in greater details.

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