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Correction of name in degree certificate

 I did my B.Tech from Uttar pradesh technical university (UPTU) during 2006-2010.I got all the original marksheets from first year to fourth year.When i went to receive my B.Tech degree to the college in October 2012,i saw that my name was incorrectly written in Hindi.I immediately returned the degree with an application for correction and i was told by the director that it would take around 2 months to get the degree after correction.Till now,i haven't got my corrected degree.I am working in a reputed MNC in Bangalore and now facing a lot of problems since i don't have my B.Tech degree.My career is in trouble because of this.When i called the college authorities,the concerned person said he is not sure when i am going to get my degree.Further,i called them many times but i am not getting any response from anyone.It has been more than 3 years since i completed my graduation and still i am not able to get my degree certificate.

I want to know what can be done in this case .

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I hope you have provisional certificate before getting degree certificate. Provisional certificate is valid as degree certificate. 


Sir,thank you for your quick response.Yes,i have taken my provisional degree as well as acknowledgement letter for correction in degree but i'm not getting proper response from college and university authorities. I've filed online RTI for the same but it shows Pending since long. Degree is necessary for getting VISA. That's why i'm much worried. Is there anything else that can be done ?


Sir,thank you for your quick response.Yes,i have taken my provisional degree and the acknowledgement letter for correction in degree.I am not getting proper response from the college and university authorities but i am not getting proper response from college and university authorities.I have filed RTI for the same but it shows pending since long.


If you want to quick relief, file a Writ Petition before your High Court and get direction against your University, where the said Certificate is required to be corrected in  your name on the certificate. 

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Hi Nikhil,

I did my B.Tech from UPTU during 2008-2012 and i had the same problem in my degree for name correction. I submitted my degree to the college the day i received it but have not got any response from college or university. I called them multiple times but they replied it all depends on university.

Could you tell me if you have received your degree , if not, what can be done to get the degree.



Hi Sachi,

I went to the university (UPTU Lucknow) in Nov 2013. I had a terrible experience there. I saw a lot of student s at the reception and a guard preventing those students to enter the room where the registrar sits. 

The authorities didn't allow me to go inside and talk to anyone on the first day. On the second day, i went to the guard and told him that i want to meet Mr. <XYZ> who was working on some higher post in the university (i didn't know him i just heard his name on the first day). The guard allowed me and i saw the registrar himself telling the guards that "None of the students should come upstairs". I spoke to a clerk there and he said it will take another couple of months to get my Degree. Then i saw a bundle of degree certificates lying there in dust. I asked him to check those and while he was looking at those degrees, i saw my degree which had "Incorrect" name over it. I took that one only.

Sachi, let me tell you, you have to go to the university to get your degree. Calling them over the phone is not going to work. Moreover, get one affidavit from your college confirming you were a student there and the university people can handover the degree to you in person. With these documents, you can go to university campus (sitapur road, lucknow). Honestly, i do not think they are going to help you but it's worth trying once or twice. 

I hope you have collected all your semester marksheets and provisional certificate. These documents atleast prove that you have done B.Tech.

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Thanx nikhil for your reply. But this is strange that the university is not even replying to the RTI. I was thinking to file an RTI but with your experience it also seems to be of no use.

Sachi, i too filed an RTI before i personally went to the university. In fact, the university have got notice about it since i too got the copy of the RTI notice by post. This will not help! 

Those useless university people are least bothered about any student. Collect your supporting documents and go the university. This might even help.


@Nikhil finally did you get your final degree? actually i have faced same problem because my Hindi name has printed अविनाश कुमार सिंह instead of अवनीश कुमार सिंह....



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